• Custom dot style and message box on Baidu map


    Custom dot style and custom message graph on Baidu mapThe results are as follows thinking At first, I wanted to modify the infowindow style, but I found it very difficult, so I considered using marker to directly overlay the custom map and canvas map on the map. Because the content with wide message is changeable, […]

  • Python uses Matplotlib toolkit to map the world


    The text and pictures of this article are from the Internet, only for learning and communication, and do not have any commercial use. If you have any questions, please contact us in time. The following article is from Python practical dictionary, written by ckend Introduction to Python data analysis https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV18f4y1i7q9/     Python is so […]

  • Small program canvas to write a simple picture application


    I have long wanted to write a small picture app on the mobile terminal. Recently, I just closed down at home, so I took time to realize my little idea Application display screenshot Online preview demand Since it is a small application, we hope that the final product will have a bright futureApplicable scenariosAnd it […]

  • Fun canvas – clock plug-in based on CSS3 and canvas


    Learn from the latest tiktok clock platform and HUAWEI’s popular theme of the cool clock H5 made of a Online address:http://www.ooo0o.com/2019/fas… JS package has been released to NPM(https://www.npmjs.com/package… npm i fashionclock //Vue project introduction method 1: // const fashionclock = require(‘fashionclock’) // Vue.prototype.fashionclock =fashionclock //Vue project introduction mode 2: import fashionclock from ‘fashionclock’ Vue.prototype.fashionclock =fashionclock […]

  • Fun canvas – audio dynamic effect based on CSS3, audioapi and canvas


    Learn from other people’s code, using canvas and sound API to do a music playing dynamic effect Online address:http://www.ooo0o.com/2019/fas… JS package has been released to NPM(https://www.npmjs.com/package… npm i fashion_music_cvs //Vue project introduction method 1: // const fashion_music_cvs = require(‘fashion_music_cvs’) // Vue.prototype.cvsgetready =fashion_music_cvs //Vue project introduction mode 2: import fashion_music_cvs from ‘fashion_music_cvs’ Vue.prototype.cvsgetready = fashion_music_cvs //// […]

  • Implementation of a mobile image editor based on canvas


    Project address:https://github.com/xiaosu95/canvas_mobile_drag Click to view demo (view on mobile terminal) The plug-in is a mobile image editor which is separated from JQ. It can be used in mobile H5 page or wechat applet. The function of the plug-in is to initialize the loading of pictures in the page, manually add pictures in the mobile phone […]

  • Drawing large screen project effect of rail transit with canvas shadow function and double line technique


    Drawing large screen project effect of rail transit with canvas shadow function and double line technique preface Recently, the company received a demand for a track system, which needs to display the real-time location of subway lines and trains on the large screen. Since it is a large screen project, the visual effect is of […]

  • How to dynamically modify some pictures in Lottie animation?


    The effect of dynamic effect is that the head, ear and arm of the microphone are moving. This video can’t be transmitted. The general picture is shown below It is difficult to realize this dynamic effect close to the front-end CSS, so Lottie is adopted. Later, I learned that the product wanted the little monkey’s […]

  • Realization of obtaining the first frame of video thumbnail by canvas


    Record a question. Recently, I’m looking at canvas again and doing some demo. It’s written on November 5, 2019. If there is no such problem in the future, according to the standard updated by W3C, this is just a problem encountered when trying to display the first frame of video in canvas: in Chrome, using […]

  • Calling camera with jQuery webcam plugin


    Welcome to personal website brief introduction The original project encountered a call to the camera function, PHP white encountered this situation immediately to the Internet search, the final usehttps://www.helloweba.com/vie…, too bad, the author did not say how to use, if you use the framework development is very troublesome Today, I found a more flexible plug-in […]

  • Learn canvas animation, draw a dynamic ball


    1. New canvas First of all, canvas is blank. First, we set the width and height of canvas and find therendering context <body>     <! — new canvas element — >     <canvas id=”canvas”></canvas>   </body> window.onload = () => { //Get canvasdom const canvas = document.getElementById(“canvas”); //Manually set width and height canvas.width = 800; canvas.height = 800; //Get context const ctx = canvas.getContext(“2d”); }; 2. Draw border At this point, the canvas […]

  • Fuzzy processing of canvas drawing


    scene When the mobile terminal draws the chart through the canvas tag of H5, the chart without any processing will look a little fuzzy compared with other elements. order Let’s first look at a group of circles under the high-resolution screen. The upper part is the circle “drawn” by ordinary div elements, and the lower […]