• Text out of ellipsis type


    1、 CSS text beyond hide and show ellipsis (one line) overflow:hidden; //Text hiding beyond text- overflow:ellipsis; //Overflow is shown with an ellipsis white- space:nowrap; //Overflow without line feed 2、 CSS text is hidden and ellipsis is displayed (two lines) overflow: hidden; text-overflow: ellipsis; display:-webkit-box; //It is shown as a flexible box model. -webkit-box- orient:vertical; //Set […]

  • Raft algorithm election process and scenario analysis


    Raft algorithm is divided into two stages Leader election Three roles Follower, candidate, leader (in order)The three roles cannot be overstepped, that is, leader can only degenerate to follower, follower can only be upgraded to candidate, candidate can be degenerated to follower, or elected as leader. How to convert it? Will term and timeout change […]

  • Raft algorithm for leader election


    Original address: https://qeesung.github.io/202…Raft paper address: https://ramcloud.atlassian.ne… Raft’s paper is divided into three parts Leadership election Log replication Security This paper mainly introducesLeader election Node state in raft Nodes in raft have three states: Leader status:Leader Follower status:Follower Candidate status:Candidate Each node is a state machine. Raft will transfer the state according to the current heartbeat, […]

  • My interview criteria: 1. Able to work; 2. Good foundation of Java; 3. Familiar with distributed framework


    This article is authorized to be reproduced from: https://www.cnblogs.com/javaa Awesome Java: https://github.com/snaillimb My interview criteria Last week, I interviewed a number of Java backend candidates intensively, with work experience of 3 to 5 years. My criteria are not complicated: First can work; The second is Java; Third, it is better to be familiar with the […]

  • Three years front end, interview thinking (twitter offer)


    background After 16 years of general bachelor degree, I went to Beijing and worked in a start-up company. I have three years of front-end development experience. Working in the same company for three years, the environment is gradually comfortable, whether in technology or business, it has reached a bottleneck period, so there is this job […]

  • Source code parsing for context initialization process based on Spring annotations (2)


    After reading the code of the register method in the last article, continue to follow the code The refresh method is executed later, and the code listing is as follows: public void refresh() throws BeansException, IllegalStateException { synchronized (this.startupShutdownMonitor) { // Prepare this context for refreshing. /** * Prepare to refresh the context, set its […]