• Visualization brings you into the “real” virtual world


    With the rapid development of information technology in recent years, new technologies such as Internet of things, cloud computing, big data and BIM are also maturing, and the concept and application of 3D visualization have been greatly developed. Various information tools are also constantly applied in the industry. With the help of visualization, we can […]

  • Safe campus security system solution


    As an important part of national public security, campus security has always been paid special attention. In the past two years, the state and local governments have successively issued a number of policies, regulations, standards and norms to strengthen campus safety management, and proposed to continuously improve the school’s civil air defense, material defense and […]

  • Campus API


    I used to write something at the invitation of others, but they said they couldn’t understand it. So I’ll send it here. In my mind, the ideal campus should be a large laboratory in which students and teachers learn all kinds of knowledge, practice and try all kinds of innovative ideas. In this era when […]

  • The Internet of things enables digital education!


    We firmly believe that education is the fundamental plan of our country.——Tao Xingzhi Education is indispensable in the annual government report, including education popularization, double first class construction, scientific and technological innovation, etc. Among them, “China will continue to promote the construction of educational informatization, actively develop” Internet plus education “, accelerate the construction of […]

  • New skills of campus love: Assistant Manual of smart piano room


    “The most beautiful is not a rainy day, but the eaves that once escaped the rain with you…” these days, this song has been echoing in my mind. I remember that Jay Chou was attracted by the piano music played by GUI lunmei, and finally pushed the door in, with four eyes opposite… This is […]

  • A good place to be alone: no one study room, one’s paradise


    Current market challenges and demands Recently, I went back to the campus to “send warmth” to my silly brother who was preparing for the postgraduate entrance examination. Finally, I found him in their library. Looking back, I have been away from campus for four or five years. We were afraid to leave our seats halfway […]

  • That’s right!


    In the near future, I received some resumes from some friends. Let me check them preliminarily. After reading several resumes, I would like to say something and tell you my opinions on resumes. Resume should focus on the key points, be accurate, have substance and target. How to highlight the key points, campus recruitment can […]