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  • ISP Foundation (05): lens shadow correction LSC


    1、Lens Shading Lens shading refers to the dark angle formed by the lack of incident light at the four corners of the picture. At the same time, due to the different refractive index of light at different frequencies, color shading is caused. Therefore, lens shading correction is needed. There are two kinds of lens shading: […]

  • Introduction and use of windows 10 magnifier


    Link to the original text:https://xiaoheidiannao.com/articles/Magnifier.htmlMore computer skills can be found athttps://xiaoheidiannao.com/articles/Magnifier.htmlCheck it out! The magnifying glass is built into windows 10SoftwareIt can zoom in anywhere on the screen. If you think some text is too small or want to highlight a certain range of content on the screen, you can use a magnifying glass. This […]

  • [knowledge popularization] common terms for cameras (Part 1)


    What is the focal length of a lens? A: in terms of optical principle, the focal length is the distance from the focus to the center of the lens. The focal length. For example, “F = 8-24mm,” means that the focal length of the lens is 8-24mm. What is the meaning of CCTV? A: CCTV […]

  • Summer jobs earned billions of 3-year-old children, to the cloud!


    This summer vacation, I believe many students have painted “the devil child of Nezha”, which is destined to be included in the history of Chinese animation film. Nezha has also become the most “gold sucking” three-year-old ever: the second in the box office of Chinese film history with a score of 4.679 billion yuan. But […]

  • Cocos creator 3D


    Shoot with your thumb! Can you hit the bull’s eye? Effect preview Configuration environment: cocos creator 3d v1.0.0 How to play: Long press the screen, drag and aim, let go of the launch. Wind direction, gravity and distance affect the final result! The closer to the center, the higher the score! Top 10! Realization principle […]