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  • C + + Basics: C + + judgment


    A function is a set of statements that perform a task together. Every C + + program has at least one function, the main function  main() , All simple programs can define additional functions. You can divide the code into different functions. It’s up to you to divide the code into different functions, but logically, the […]

  • Functions of ES6 +: discrimination of VaR, let and const keywords


    Discrimination of VaR, let and const keywordsvar Variables with the same name can be defined repeatedly var name=’Bob’; var name=’Tom’; console.log(name) //Tom Variable promotion exists //JavaScript can promote variables a = 2 console.log(a); //2 var a //However, initialized variables cannot be promoted console.log(b); //undefined var b=3; No block level scope let arr=[]; for(var i=0;i<2;i++){ arr[i]=function(){ […]

  • Letter and symbol before golang import package


    Letter and symbol before golang import package prefix explain example cb Alias of the package to be referenced later (conflict prevention) cb “github.com/hyperledger/fabric/protos/common” _ Only call the init function in the package. Cannot call another function in the package. _ “github.com/hyperledger/fabric/protos/common” . You can omit the package name when calling a function This work adoptsCC […]

  • Python functions of Python ensemble


    1. Formal parameters and actual parameters When using functions, formal parameters and actual parameters are often used. They are both called parameters. The difference between them will be explained through the function of formal parameters and actual parameters. The differences between formal parameters and actual parameters are as follows Formal parameters: when defining a function, […]

  • C language advanced


    Advanced course of C language programming (Longshu)   For students with intermediate programming ability Key points of error avoidance and debugging (debugger and debugging strategy) Software development: learn development tools for managing large software.   Stack memory:  PlanThe computer’s memory is programmed Address valueThe relationship is right. The origin of variables: early creationIdentifierIt refers to the […]

  • JavaScript advanced (3)


    Three styles of creating functions 1. Common function declared by function (named function)2. Function expression (anonymous function)3.new Function() Var FN = new function (‘parameter 1 ‘,’parameter 2’,…,’function body ‘); The parameters in function () are in string format The third way is less efficient and inconvenient to write, so it is less used All functions […]

  • An alternative to ES6 module


    Module is a new feature of ES6, which is very convenient for large projects to call modular functions.But in the use of found that if only a simple call HTML5 do not use node.js There will be cross domain problems.As an alternative, it can be simply edited lib.js Just encapsulate it instead of using the […]

  • Function analysis of mobile bar log page


    Because of the complexity between functions and the code changes with the business, first analyze the written function and then analyze the business The ID of the log management button is load log IDThe ID of the display area is “maincontentid” Starter page functionWrite a function (reusable)analysis Register click events for buttons with incoming IDs […]

  • Method of calling parent component by Alipay applet sub component


    In fact, it is a very simple requirement. When using a custom component, sometimes the child component needs to call the method of the parent component to perform some operations, such as updating dataBut the official document is not very clear, so you can record it for the next time //Subcomponent.axml < button OnTap = […]

  • Two ways to create custom functions


    1. Use function keywords to create function named function Function fn () {/ / FN is a keyword } fn();   2. Creation of anonymous function – function expression Var FN = function (Num) {/ / FN is a variable name, not a function name //Functions are stored in FN, while values are stored in […]

  • Write flip array with native JS


    Method 1 (user defined function) /*Steps: 1. Declare named function (formal parameter array) 2. Variable storage = new array 3. For sets the body of the loop 4. Counter down traversal 5. Return return value 6. Variable storage = call function (argument) 7. Console print variable output*/ function reverse(printArr) { var newArr = []; for […]

  • Go custom type to implement enumeration type restriction


    Today, I found a problem using iota. When defining the alias type, call the function to report an error. No more nonsense. Let’s take a look at an example package main import “fmt” Type aliasint // define the alias of int as aliasint const ( AA aliasint = iota // initialize 0 BB // 1 […]