• Online maximum common factor calculator


    Online maximum common factor calculator Online maximum common factor calculator The tool can calculate the maximum common factor of 2 given numbers, which is calculated by pure client. The greatest common factor, also known as the greatest common divisor and the greatest common factor, refers to the largest of the common divisors of two or […]

  • The MAC uses a calculator to quickly convert between two currencies


    Some Mac users are engaged in the foreign trade industry, or often need to contact foreign exchange, so how can they quickly convert between the two currencies? Now let Xiaobian teach you a way. resolvent: Open the calculator (in the application folder) and calculate the currency you need to convert in the calculator 2.0 then […]

  • Five commands for using calculator in Linux command line


    When using Linux, we sometimes need to do some calculations, so we may need to use calculators. In the Linux command line, there are many calculator tools. These command line calculators can let us perform scientific calculations, financial calculations or some simple calculations. Of course, we can also use these commands in shell scripts to […]

  • C language to achieve simple calculator function (1)


    This paper shares the specific methods of realizing the function of simple calculator in C language for your reference. The specific contents are as follows I’ve been learning control statements these days. After learning if, switch and loop statements, I want to give students a simple calculator program in order to consolidate what I’ve learned. […]

  • C language to achieve simple calculator function (2)


    This paper continues with the previous C language to realize the function of simple calculator (1) continue to learn. Previously, I completed the function of a simple calculator with switch statement. Next, I will use if statement and while loop statement to realize the programming of a simple calculator. requirement: Implement a simple calculator. The […]

  • C language to achieve a simple calculator program


    I’ve been watching a calculator program written in C language for the past two days. I’ve done a lot of work. I’ve followed the author’s step-by-step improvement and learned a lot of details. I’ll make a summary here to deepen my impression of the program. The calculator program can perform addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, […]

  • Calculator function of C language course ending design


    This example shares the specific code of C language calculator for your reference. The specific contents are as follows /*===============================================*\ **Design purpose: a simple calculator to calculate the expression value of 10 * (20.2-30.6) + 5.0/2 **Brief principle: infix type to inverse Polish type (suffix type) ** IDE:Dev-Cpp **Note: brackets must be in English […]

  • C # realize the function of simple calculator (with source code)


    This example shares the specific code of c# realizing the function of simple calculator for your reference. The specific contents are as follows analyse: 1. First, design the layout of the interface (button and text box (one display formula and one display result))2. Click the button to display its corresponding content in the text box3. […]

  • Using Spy + + to eradicate advertising software


    Found this today:Of course, the point fork will reappear in a few minutes. useWinFinderDrag over and find:exlorer.exe, not directly in the task managerkillsolve.Open vs and enterSpy++, drag in.get intoProcessPage, pointProcess ID。Synchronization, get:Hexadecimal in a calculatorProcess IDConvert to decimal.stayProcessHackerFound in17864Process, decisiveTerminate。Delete, end.

  • How can a computer quickly call up a calculator? Four ways for computers to open calculators


    Calculator is a tool often used in our daily study and work. It is mainly used for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of numbers. Many practical gadgets are built in the computer system, including calculator, but many users don’t know where the calculator comes with the computer, so the following editor will teach you how […]

  • JS implementation of Web calculator


    How to use the knowledge of HTML, CSS and JS to make a simple web calculator? A computer has: Computer overall frame Input box Input button Overall computer frame: /*Set div style*/ #showdiv{ border: solid 1px; border-radius: 5px; width: 350px; height: 400px; text-align: center; margin: auto;/* Set center*/ margin-top: 50x; background-color: rgb(214, 219, 190); } […]

  • Implementation of mathematical calculator with Linux BC command


    Bash shell has built-in support for integer operation, but does not support floating-point operation. Linux BC command can easily carry out floating-point operation. Of course, integer operation is no longer required. BC can even be called a programming language. It supports basic programming elements such as variables, arrays, input and output, branch structure, loop structure […]