• How to solve the problems of DDoS and vulnerability encountered by the website?


    Nowadays, with the progress of the Internet era to the rise of the Internet of things, people’s life, transportation and work are inseparable from online shopping, which is closely related to the goods are inseparable from various websites. Therefore, in a very fierce competition in various industries, it often happens that peers employ hackers to […]

  • What are the effective defense measures that enterprises should take when encountering SSL DDoS?


    Now, the first requirement for many users to choose DDoS security company is convenient access, low price, professional technology, 24-hour service and so on. As a result, there are more and more security protection companies, whose existence means that fierce competition has been opened, so that users can find better, faster and more professional technical […]

  • Details of bitmap’s memory cache and disk cache


    The original was launched on wechat public account: jzman blog, welcome to pay attention to communication! The use of cache in Android is quite common. Using the corresponding cache strategy can reduce the consumption of traffic and improve the performance of the application to a certain extent. For example, when loading network pictures, you should […]

  • Roaming adventure of a piece of data


    Alimei’s Guide:Database storage engine is a historical technology, after decades of development, there have been many excellent and mature products. The paper “x-engine: an optimized storage engine for large-scale e-commerce transaction processing” written by Alibaba’s x-engine team detailed the original work of the team on the database storage engine, which was received by SIGMOD’19 industrial […]

  • Tencent bright eyes fast HD upgrade 2.0, helping Korean super HD 5g live broadcast


    Recently, Tencent cloud, cudo Communication Research Institute of South Korea and Intel launched tile style video port streaming service coding, which has officially passed the test. At that time, the latest 5g network in South Korea will be based on Tencent’s bright eyes – high speed HD 2.0 and Tencent’s cloud live product capabilities, taking […]

  • HTTP cache summary


    In order to optimize performance, using cache is a common method. So how to implement cache and how to avoid cache are the topics to be discussed. It can be divided into three parts: http cache, cookie and localstorage & sessionstorage to focus on the principle, process and implementation of cache. Due to the length, […]

  • [redis (1)] installation and startup


    brief introduction Remote dictionary server (redis) is a key value storage system written by Salvatore Sanfilippo (the father of redis).Redis provides a number of rich data structures, including lists, sets, ordered sets, hashes and strings like memcached.Redis also includes rich operations on these data structures. In short, it has the following characteristics: Rich data structure […]

  • 01 Cache – What is Cache


    Preface: For me with only one year’s work experience, writing this article is a little hard, and I feel that some understanding is not thorough enough, but I still want to nibble on the hard bone of caching. Caching is the only way to optimize performance. It can be said that with the use of […]

  • Read the source code with Dabin – Redis 2 – How does the server respond to client requests? (1)


    Last time we asked, “What did the program do to start the server?” , with the source code, I have a deep understanding of the startup process of redis server. Now that the Redis server is started, we need to connect to the Redis service to do something. Here we can pass the redis-cli test. […]

  • Windows Server 2003 Setup Timing Automatic Restart and View Server Restart Log Tutorial


    Tasks: Set the server to restart automatically at 4:00 a.m. every day through bat batch file Check the server log the next day to see if the server is automatically restarted as scheduled Windows Server 2003 Server Settings Timing Automatic Restart C Disk – New Text ArchivesOpen the text document, write to it and save […]

  • When we talk about authentication codes, what are we talking about?


    Preface: Nowadays, it is more and more common to login with mobile phone authentication code. Although it will increase the cost, it will be helpful to improve the user experience. So, when the product manager tells the developer to sign in with a SMS authentication code according to the prototype. What should we think about […]

  • Follow DBB’s source code – Redis 4 – what is the meaning of event driven server?


    As we all know, the Redis server is an event driver. What does event driven mean for Redis? How to implement event-driven in source code? Today, let’s get to know the event drivers of Redis servers. For Redis, the server needs to handle the following two types of events: File eventRedis server connects with client […]