• Caffeine(1): A modern cache design


    A modern cache design solution Original address: Design Of A Modern CacheTranslation address: Modern cache design Caching is a common way to improve performance, and most cache implementations today use classic techniques. In this article, we will discoverCaffeineThe modern implementation method in . Caffeine is an open source Java cache library that provides high hit […]

  • Caffeine(2): In-depth decryption from future caches


    In-depth decryption from future cache – Caffeine 1 Introduction Before reading this article, I hope you can read carefully:The History of Cache Evolution You Should KnowandHow to design and use cache elegantly?. These two articles mainly introduce how to use the cache from some actual combat. In these two articles, I recommend Caffeine, a local […]

  • How to solve the consistency problem of database and cache


    Cache is a powerful tool in high-concurrency system architecture. By using cache, the system can easily handle thousands of concurrent access requests. However, while enjoying the convenience brought by the cache, how to ensure the data consistency between the database and the cache? It has always been a difficult problem. In this article, we share […]

  • [Experience sharing] GPU CUDA uses memory padding to avoid bank conflict


      Welcome to pay attention to my public account [Jizhi Vision], reply 001 to get Google programming specifications   O_o   >_<   o_O   O_o   ~_~   o_O This article talks about how to use memory padding in GPU CUDA programming to avoid bank conflict. 1、Shared memory Shared memory is a small, low-latency on-chip […]

  • web technology sharing | LRU cache elimination algorithm


    Before understanding LRU, we should understand cache. Everyone knows that computers have cache memory, which can temporarily store the most commonly used data. When the cache data exceeds a certain size, the system will recycle it to free up space to cache new data, but The cost of retrieving data from the system is relatively […]

  • CPU cache knowledge related to programmers, a very hardcore article!


    No matter what kind of code you write, it will be handed over to the CPU for execution, so if you want to write high-performance code, the techniques mentioned in this article are still worth learning. In addition, don’t think that these things are useless, these things are very useful. It was this knowledge that […]

  • Redis installation package (compressed package) download address for each version of Windows operating system


    Note: This article was first published inCode Friends Network–《Redis installation package (compressed package) download address for each version of Windows operating system》 overview In today’s program development, whether it is .NET program development, .NET Core program development, .NET 5 program development or Java, Go or other development languages, middleware technology has become increasingly mature, and […]

  • Frontier Sharing|Wang Ruo (Bairun), Senior Technical Expert of Alibaba Cloud: Best Practices in the Database Game Industry


    Introduction:In the development and operation of games, there are many usage scenarios of databases. Faced with the pressure of game access, game server integration scenarios, and game rankings, Alibaba Cloud provides users with the best solution. This article introduces the best practices in the database game industry from three aspects: Application and Requirement Analysis of […]

  • How to use cache (Cache) for front-end performance optimization?


    1. What is cache? Caching is a technology that saves a copy of a resource and uses that copy directly the next time it is requested, reducing waiting time and network traffic, and significantly improving website performance. 1. Common cache Private cache: can only be used by individual users, such as browser cache; Shared cache: […]

  • Guava cache expiration scheme practice


    expiration mechanism As long as it is a cache, there must be an expiration mechanism. Guava cache expiration is divided into the following three types: expireAfterAccess: If the data is not accessed (read or written) within the specified time, it is considered expired data. When there is no data or expired data is read, only […]

  • Introductory knowledge of redis Part 2 – installation and testing of redis


    1 Overview In my last note, I introducedredissome basic concepts. In this article, we will installredislearning environment. We will install the redis service in the Linux environment. If you do not have a Linux environment, you can refer to the method of building a Linux virtual machine environment through this link:Use Multipass to quickly create […]

  • Related operations of memcached


    1. Connect memcached: 2. View cached items: 3. Check the key according to the slab id (the number behind the items) 4. View the content according to the key: