• Browser cache


    Preface In front-end development, cache is conducive to speed up the loading speed of web pages, and cache can be reused, so it can reduce the overhead of traffic and bandwidth. There are many types of cache, such as CDN cache, database cache, proxy cache and browser cache. This article will talk about browser caching […]

  • Node.js + websocket to create a simple chat room


    Introduction to websocket Websocket is actually a new content in HTML. Its essence is a network communication protocol. Here are some characteristics of websocket: (1) because the connection is created on port 80 (WS) or 443 (WSS), almost all firewalls will not block websocket links, which is the same as the port used by HTTP […]

  • Thank you for “you” —— socket.io


    I have posted an article about how to use node.js + websocket to build a simple multi person chat room. Interested friends can pay attention to my technology Inn, Taotao technology inn. Today, I learned a framework of websocket — socket.io. I feel refreshed and relieved from endless callback functions. Today, I will continue to […]

  • Cache caching mechanism


    On how to define a front-end engineer. I read an article the day before yesterday. The author called the front-end siege lion the most “craftsman spirit” among all the siege lions. From the most intuitive point of view is the visual aspect, which not only needs to restore the design draft (static and dynamic interaction), […]

  • On the display process of mobile view


    Author: seven Android Development Engineers With the development of science and technology, all kinds of mobile terminals have become an indispensable part of people’s daily life. People use mobile products to work, socialize and entertain The fluency of mobile interface has become one of the important factors that affect user experience. Have you ever thought […]

  • [springboot series] springboot integrates independent module redis to cache


    Project GitHub address: https://github.com/5-ason/asoSpecific to see./db/db-redisand./db/db-cacheTwo modules //Before todo integrates redis, you need to configure the redis environment locally. Later, you need to download and install redis under Linux This paper mainly realizes the integration of independent modules for data operation. For details, please refer to another blog post:[technical talks] independent modularization of data operation […]

  • Add? V = version number after JS or CSS to prevent browser from caching


    Copy code The code is as follows: < span style = “font size: 14px;” > CSS and JS with parameters (such as. CSS? V = and. JS? V = or. CSS? Version = and. JS? Version =)<script type=”text/javascript” src=”jb51.js?version=1.2.6″></script> <link rel=’stylesheet’ href=’base.css?version=2.3.3′ type=’text/css’ /> There are two possibilities for using parameters: First, the script does […]

  • CentOS 7 install squid proxy


    Squid, a high-performance proxy cache server, supports FTP, gopher and HTTP protocols. Squid, a software that caches Internet data, receives the user’s download request (as a proxy server), automatically processes the downloaded data and returns it to the customer. When a user wants to download a home page (such as Mipu Technology: https://mimvp.com), he / […]

  • [reading notes] architecture design and practice of large distributed website. Distributed cache


    This book is a popular science book about related technologies involved in distributed system architecture. Because it is difficult to be used as a reference for development, we can only ask for understanding. So read the whole article and get a general understanding of the distributed system. Because it’s very good, it’s very interesting, and […]

  • Design of short link system


    Reference:How is the short URL system designed? Iammutex’s answer What is short link Represents a shorter URL (is that bullshit? … Why short links are needed Different browsers have different restrictions on the length of the URL. When the length of the URL exceeds the limit, it may not be able to get services or […]

  • Thinking about browser caching mechanism produced by memorycache and diskcache


    During the optimization of the project today, the network using the chrome developer tool found the details: Although both seem to be read from the cache, there are some differences! Classification of WebKit resources The resource classification of WebKit is mainly divided into two categories: main resource and derived resource HTTP status code 200 from […]

  • Summary of windows manual operation to clean redis cache


    Redis cache knowledge points: I. cache penetration Cache penetration refers to querying data that does not exist in a cache or database. Because most of the cache policies are passively loaded, and for fault tolerance considerations, if the data cannot be found from the storage layer, it will not be written to the cache, which […]