• Redis interview summary


    1、 Why is the thread redis so fast? Single thread Multiplex I / O multiplexing Efficient data structure Is redis single threaded or multi-threaded? How to understand single thread? (important) The threading model adopted by different versions of redis is different. In redis4 The single thread model was used before version 4.0, and multithreading support […]

  • Redis (IV) — redis advanced


    catalogue 1、 Redis transaction 1. What is a transaction 2. Commands for transaction operations 3. Implementation of transaction 2、 Persistence 1. Persistence overview 2. Persistence mode RDB mode Aof mode 3、 Master-slave replication 1. Master slave replication — read write separation 2. High availability sentinel sentry 4、 Security settings 1. Set password 2. Modify default […]

  • The main database is hung up. How to provide uninterrupted service? (sentinel mechanism)


    In the master-slave cluster mode, if the slave library fails, the client can continue to send requests to the master library or other slave libraries for relevant operations; However, if the master database hangs, it will directly affect the synchronization of the slave database, because there is no corresponding master database for data replication. If […]

  • Major changes in Django version 4.0! Which version are you still using?


    Django 4.0 has been officially released in December 2021, marking Django 4.0 The advent of the X era. As loyal fans of Django, are you ready for exciting changes in the new version? Last year was very busy. Please forgive this late article. Python compatibility Django 4.0 will support Python 3.8, 3.9, and 3.10. Django […]

  • [redis] Why is redis so fast? Redis6. Became multithreaded after 0?


    catalogue 1. Why is redis so fast 1. Completely based on memory 2. Simple data structure 3. Adopt single thread (no CPU context switching, no lock operation) 4. Use multiplex I / O multiplexing model (important) 1. What are the system call functions involved 2. Q: what is the multiplex I / O multiplexing model? […]

  • What happens when redis runs out of memory


    1. Memory recycling When using redis, we need to set the validity period for some key value pairs. In redis, we can set the expiration time for a key value through four independent commands: (1) Expire key TTL: set the expiration time of the key to TTL seconds (2) Pexpire key TTL: set the expiration […]

  • Redisinsight visualizer installation


    Redis official visualization toolRedisInsight: The best Redis GUI’Let’s see how useful it is. Redis official website visualization tool installation 1. Introduction to other free versions 2. Redisinsight version 2.0 installation 3. Use of version 2.0 4. Shortcomings of version 2.0 5. Version 1.11.1 1. Introduction to other free versions Were many friends still using it […]

  • Data consistency between redis and MySQL


    Causes of data consistency problems In the high concurrency scenario, if you need to access the database every request, the performance must be low, because the database is stored in the disk, and the IO operation of the disk is relatively slow;Therefore, the cache technology appears. Because the memory IO is much faster than the […]

  • Redis persistence — RDB — AOF


    Creator in Java field: Saburo Koizumi, creates every day. RDB — AOF first acquaintance: comments in the comment area that you can’t understand. Note: the article uses redis for windows, and Linux is similar to windows. catalogue What is data persistence How is redis persistent? What is RDB? What are RDB files like? What is […]

  • Day3. My roommate watched a lol live broadcast. I finished redis special data types


    Hello, I’m a bird. If the article is not well written, please forgive me. I’ll continue to learn and summarize. If you can, give me some attention, praise and support Xiaobian. Thank you Recommended reading: Day1. My sister learned the basic knowledge of redis by playing a QQ flying car Day2. My roommate beat the […]

  • Method for win11 system to obtain administrator authority


    Method for win11 system to obtain administrator authority After many people upgrade the win11 system, they may not be able to use administrator privileges.We can solve it in the following ways method: 1. First press the “Win + R” combination key on the keyboard to open the operation. 2. Then enter in the pop-up operation […]

  • Redis core technology and practice – learning notes (XV): message queue (redis solution)


    I Message queue Message queue:distributed system A necessary basic software, which can support the rapid reading and writing of component communication messages Redis itself supports fast data access and meets the read-write performance requirements of message queues II Is redis suitable for message queuing? Message access requirements of message queue The process of accessing messages […]