• OkHttp Cache Usage Guide


    HTTP Cache In Http protocol, the control of caching is controlled by Cache-Control in the first part. By setting Cache-Control, different caching strategies can be realized. Cache-Control, like other header fields, uses the key: value structure, while value can have multiple values, separated by values (see HTTP for more details). Cache-Control is a common header […]

  • Choice of Caching Mode for Lodash Source Analysis


    Everyone has a fire in his heart. Passers-by only see smoke. —— “Love Van Gogh the Mystery of the Stars” In order to read the eighth article of lodash source code, follow-up articles will be updated to this warehouse. Welcome star: pocket-lodash Gitbook also synchronizes warehouse updates, gitbook address: pocket-lodash Preface In “Hash Cache of […]

  • Cache Source Parsing of Laravel


    Last-Modified: 10 May 2019 14:17:34 Preface Laravel supports multiple caching systems and provides a unified API interface. (Laravel 5.5) Storage drivers supported by default include the following: File (default) apc Array (array, test) Database (relational database) memcached redis The default cache configuration file is inconfig/cache.php Reference link: https://learnku.com/docs/lara… https://www.jianshu.com/p/46a… Use Direct use of Facade provided […]

  • NPM Cool Library: lru-cache Memory-based Cache Management


    NPM Cool Library, two minutes a day, learn about a popular NPM library. In order to optimize program performance, we often need to reward data caching, according to the actual situation, we can store data to disk, database, redis and so on. But sometimes the amount of data to be cached is very small, or […]

  • (15) Constructing Spring mvc+mybatis+dubbo Distributed Platform-Windows Installing Dubbo Control Console


    In the last article, we introduced “Building Dubbo Distributed Platform – Installing Dubbo Control Console in Windows”. Considering that our development environment is on Windows, in order to deploy and run conveniently, today we will briefly introduce how to install Dubbo Control Console in Windows. The open source part of the Dubbo management console mainly […]

  • Execution Scheme of Stopkill Flow Control


    Nginx Restricted Connection Number (ngx_http_limit_conn_module) Module Ngx_http_limit_conn_module limits the number of concurrencies for some server traffic anomalies, overloads, and even malicious attacks with large traffic; the module can limit the number of connections per key value based on defined keys, only those requests being processed (the header information of these requests has been read completely) […]

  • Solution of errors in using cache in JSP


    JSP Using Cache Value Error Resolution During this period, it was found that the system occasionally encountered the problem of data disorder in the process of data acquisition. According to logic, A data should be taken out, and B data should be taken out. Check the code carefully.If you find that there is no problem […]

  • Cache Details


    Preface To sum up:Caching has always been a pain point in the front-end, many front-end do not know what the cache is, thus creating some trouble for themselves. This article, as always, uses easy-to-understand words and examples to describe the cache, hoping to let you get something. Original Blog Address: Cache Details Know About Column […]

  • Further encapsulation of cache usage for lodash source analysis


    Among all the nations in the world, it is not nature that governs their choices of happiness and anger, but their views. —— Rousseau’s On Society and Contract In order to read the ninth article of lodash source code, follow-up articles will be updated to this warehouse. Welcome star: pocket-lodash Gitbook also synchronizes warehouse updates, […]

  • Read the source code with Dabin – Redis 2 – How does the server respond to client requests? (I)


    Last time we asked, “What did the program do to start the server?” Following the source code, we have a thorough understanding of the start-up process of the Redis server. Now that the Redis server is started, we need to connect to the Redis service to do something. Here we can pass the redis-cli test. […]

  • SpringBook manually uses EhCache


    SpringBoot implements data caching at annotation level, based on Spring’s AOP technology. All cache configurations are configurated at the annotation level, just like declarative transactions. Spring defines CacheManager and Cache interfaces to unify different caching technologies. Cache Manager is the abstract interface of various caching technologies provided by Spring. The Cache interface contains various operations […]

  • Relevant Implementation of redis for Shopping Websites (Java)


    Relevant Implementation of redis in Shopping Website 1. Using Redis to Build Article Voting Website (Java) The main contents of this paper are as follows: 1. Login cookie 2. Shopping cart cookie 3. Caching database rows 4. Testing Essential Knowledge Points Web applications are servers or services that make requests from web browsers through HTTP […]