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  • Brief analysis of jdbcsink


    1、JdbcSink It is used to increase the sink output of JDBC in datastream. There are two main interfaces: sink() and exactlyoncesink(). Exactlyoncesink () is a new transactional interface in version 13. This time, we mainly introduce the sink () interface. public static <T> SinkFunction<T> sink( String sql, JdbcStatementBuilder<T> statementBuilder, JdbcExecutionOptions executionOptions, JdbcConnectionOptions connectionOptions) { return […]

  • Do you want to update the database or the cache first?


    Hello, I’m glacier~~ Recently, my friends have been asking me whether to write the database first or write the cache first when writing data to the database after the cache is introduced into the system? What is the difference between writing the database first and writing the cache first? Today, let’s talk about this topic. […]

  • Exploring front-end black technology — caching data through RGBA value of PNG graph


    This article is original, welcome to reprint, please indicate the author’s informationProject address:SphinxJSOnline experience address:https://jrainlau.github.io/sp… When it comes to front-end caching, most people think of nothing more than several conventional schemes, such ascookie,localStorage,sessionStorageOr addindexedDBandwebSQL, andmanifestOffline cache. In addition, is there any other way to cache the front-end data? This article will take you to explore […]

  • Redis cache and related instructions


    Redis cache System optimization strategy: Role: the introduction of caching mechanism can effectively reduce the frequency of user access to physical devices, so as to improve the response speed How to design cache 1) How to store cache data? What kind of data structure should be used? Uniqueness of K-V key2) The capacity of cache […]

  • Talking about cache mode


    introduction In the system design, in order to improve the data processing speed, cache is used everywhere. For example, in order to make up for the difference between CPU processing speed and data IO, there are different storage media of register, CPU cache, memory and hard disk pyramid mode in turn. In the upper business […]

  • How to use memory cache in ASP. Net core


    Asp.net core is a lightweight and modular framework, which is often used to build high-performance and modern web framework on windows, Linux and MacOS. Unlike asp.net in the past, there is no built-in cache object in asp.net core, but you can implement the following three kinds of cache through the extension of nuget in-memory caching […]

  • Do you know something about mybatis cache?


    Cache implementation L1 cache L2 cache Case practice 1. First level cache HashMap local cache based on perpetual cache (mybatis implements the cache interface internally). Its storage scope is session. After session flush or close, all caches in the session will be cleared; 2. L2 cache The mechanism of the first level cache is the […]

  • Local cache guava cache tutorial


    1. Background The main function of cache is to temporarily store the data processing results of business system in memory and wait for the next access. There are many occasions in daily development, some data are not very large, will not be changed frequently, and access is very frequent. However, limited by the performance of […]

  • When an interviewer asks you how to ensure the consistency of cache and database double write, what exactly does he want to ask


    The interview begins Hello, young man. Look at the MySQL and redis on your resume. Let’s focus on the two of them today. Redis and MySQL are important roles in back-end development. In the actual development, both of them are basically like shadow. In order to improve performance and response, redis often stores hot data […]

  • Notes on cache sharing meeting


    cache principle classification CDN cache QBs (number of visits per second) caches static resources as much as possible Reverse proxy caching Distributed cache Hot data Local application cache Message middleware Problems encountered with caching cache uniformity avalanche of large numberCache data expiration, invalidation (expired, old data) Solution: if the first request finds that the cache […]

  • Thread safe general IOS cache swiftlycache


    In IOS development, cache is more or less used to reduce network requests. There are many cache frameworks developed by Objective-C on the network, while the cache framework developed by swift is relatively less. Swiftlycache is a cache framework developed by me( github.com/hlc0000/Swi … ) characteristic Support all complianceCodableThe data type of the protocol supportLRUElimination […]

  • Async await async download asynchronous code lock asynchronous cache


    Async await async download asynchronous code lock asynchronous cache FTP asynchronous download code: /// ///Download files asynchronously /// ///FTP path ///User name ///Password ///File relative path public static async Task DownloadFileAsync(string ftpPath, string ftpUserId, string ftpPassword, string relativeFilePath) { FtpWebRequest request = null; try { LogTimeUtil log = new LogTimeUtil(); request = (FtpWebRequest)WebRequest.Create(new Uri(Path.Combine(ftpPath, relativeFilePath).Replace(“\\”, […]