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  • Do you know something about mybatis cache?


    Cache implementation L1 cache L2 cache Case practice 1. First level cache HashMap local cache based on perpetual cache (mybatis implements the cache interface internally). Its storage scope is session. After session flush or close, all caches in the session will be cleared; 2. L2 cache The mechanism of the first level cache is the […]

  • Local cache guava cache tutorial


    1. Background The main function of cache is to temporarily store the data processing results of business system in memory and wait for the next access. There are many occasions in daily development, some data are not very large, will not be changed frequently, and access is very frequent. However, limited by the performance of […]

  • When an interviewer asks you how to ensure the consistency of cache and database double write, what exactly does he want to ask


    The interview begins Hello, young man. Look at the MySQL and redis on your resume. Let’s focus on the two of them today. Redis and MySQL are important roles in back-end development. In the actual development, both of them are basically like shadow. In order to improve performance and response, redis often stores hot data […]

  • Notes on cache sharing meeting


    cache principle classification CDN cache QBs (number of visits per second) caches static resources as much as possible Reverse proxy caching Distributed cache Hot data Local application cache Message middleware Problems encountered with caching cache uniformity avalanche of large numberCache data expiration, invalidation (expired, old data) Solution: if the first request finds that the cache […]

  • Thread safe general IOS cache swiftlycache


    In IOS development, cache is more or less used to reduce network requests. There are many cache frameworks developed by Objective-C on the network, while the cache framework developed by swift is relatively less. Swiftlycache is a cache framework developed by me( github.com/hlc0000/Swi … ) characteristic Support all complianceCodableThe data type of the protocol supportLRUElimination […]

  • Async await async download asynchronous code lock asynchronous cache


    Async await async download asynchronous code lock asynchronous cache FTP asynchronous download code: /// ///Download files asynchronously /// ///FTP path ///User name ///Password ///File relative path public static async Task DownloadFileAsync(string ftpPath, string ftpUserId, string ftpPassword, string relativeFilePath) { FtpWebRequest request = null; try { LogTimeUtil log = new LogTimeUtil(); request = (FtpWebRequest)WebRequest.Create(new Uri(Path.Combine(ftpPath, relativeFilePath).Replace(“\\”, […]

  • Smartcode | on one two three four five of cache


    -When it comes to caching, everyone is familiar with it. -Especially for the domestic Internet industry, the problem of high concurrency is an unavoidable hurdle. And the most common solution is ——Cache. /Preface/ and Introduction In fact, the concept of cache is very simple, that is, temporary storage of some files; but how it works […]

  • Data consistency of cache


    Since write cache and write data are not atomic, they will cause data inconsistency. Should we write the database first or operate the cache first? Do we update or delete the cache?Any design that leaves the business is playing rogue. Let’s imagine a scenario. After service a updates the cache, no one accesses it for […]

  • Spring cache integrates redis and gives it an expiration time!


    Small hub reading: I don’t know if you have set the expiration time for the cache. Let’s try it? In the last article, we used springboot to integrate redis, and redistemplate was used to operate cache data, which can be used flexibly. Today we are going to talk about spring cache, a cache annotation provided […]

  • Response speed is not suck? Unlock correct cache pose


    Reading guide of Ali Mei:The response time is long, when encountering performance bottleneck, the first thing developers think about is performance optimization. What skills will the product manager not mention, but the technician must understand? 》It’s about when you need to use caching. But what is the use of caching? Once the cache is used […]

  • JS advanced — closure


    closure   The concept of closure: in function a, there is a function B. in function B, variables or data defined in function a can be accessed. At this time, a closure is formed Closure pattern: closure of function pattern, closure of object pattern The function of closure: cache data and extend the scope chain […]

  • Springboot2 integrates ehcache components and lightweight cache management


    This article source code: GitHub · point here | gitee · point here 1、 Introduction to ehcache 1. Basic introduction Ehcache is a pure Java in-process cache framework, which is fast and easy to use. It is the default cache provider in hibernate. 2. Hibernate cache Introduction to hibernate three-level caching mechanism: First level cache: […]