• Developed on M1 Mac NET MAUI (iOS)


    Get started on M1 Mac Net Maui development (IOS). . net multi platform application UI (. Net Maui) is a cross platform framework for creating native mobile and desktop applications using c# and XAML that can run on Android, IOS, MacOS, and windows from a single shared code base. 1. Install MacOS arm64 on M1 […]

  • 2022-03-09 switching between two scenes of unity 3D


    Article catalogue effect Implementation steps 1. Create a scene 2. Add button 3. Write c# script to realize switching 4. Add component to button 5. Add two scenes to build Test effect reference material effect Click the button in Scene1 to enter scene2. Implementation steps 1. Create a scene Right click in assets to create […]

  • C#tcp communication


    C # based on socket client and server communication Server Server interface Server code public partial class FormMain : Form { private List<Socket> ClientSockets; private BindingList<string> ClientIPPorts; private Socket socketWatch; private Socket socketSend;// send out private bool IsStart; private Action<string> ShowMsgAction; private Action UpdateListViewDataAction; public FormMain() { InitializeComponent(); ShowMsgAction += new Action<string>(ShowMsg); UpdateListViewDataAction += new […]

  • C # based socket chat room (with source code)


    Chat room based on c#-socket preface Source code: https://gitee.com/TL0902/term/blob/master/C%23%E8%81%8A%E5%A4%A9%E5%AE%A4/Tchat.rar You can download it directly. The development tool is vs2019; I’ve seen that everyone likes dry goods, and there are ready-made codes. I don’t know you can’t live through Saturday and Sunday! Recently, I wrote a small program to build a chat room through socket. The […]

  • Get and set methods in C #


    1. First, define the properties of your own class. The type is Privata and the variable name starts with an underscore public class student { private int _id; private string _name; } 2. Then select the above code block, first Ctrl + R, then Ctrl + e, and the following interface will appear. Click apply […]

  • Three methods of c# loading word


    This experience content share three different methods of loading word documents through c# program. namely: 1. Load local word document 2. Load word document in read-only mode 3. Load word from stream [program environment] Windows 10 Visual Studio 2017 Word class library – spire Doc for . NET Word version-2013 (. Docx) [reference assembly] Before […]

  • [onnxruntime + Visual Studio + cmake + CUDA environment construction]


    Environmental requirements CUDA10. 2 not required visual studio2019 Cmake onnxruntime Cmake Cmake installation download win x86 directly_ 64 Download | CMake cmake-3.23.1-windows-x86_64.msi Then install it into the system directory   Install onnxruntim You may either get a prebuit onnxruntime from Releases · microsoft/onnxruntime · GitHub. For example, you may download onnxruntime-win-x64-***.zip and unzip it to any folder. […]

  • Teach you to write upper computer software (c#, WinForm)


    1、 Demand analysisThe types of upper computer software in the automation industry are generally divided into the following types:1. Upper computer software of assembly equipmentThis type of software generally has the following functions:1) Communication with PLC;2) Communicate with the camera, display pictures on the interface and obtain algorithm calculation results through image algorithm;3) Various parameters […]

  • C # implement socket


    C # realize socket connection Server Create socket AddressFamily. Internetwork, intranet, sockettype Stream communicates by stream, and TCP is the protocol Computer host is bound with port and IP address Listen for client connections The blocking method generates a socket to accept client connections Declare an array to store the buffer of chat. Use the […]

  • [C + + advanced path] three methods for C + + to prevent header files from being repeatedly introduced!


    Previously, we introduced in detail how to use macro definition (#ifndef / #define / #endif) in C language to effectively avoid repeated #include of header files. This method is also commonly used in C + + multi file programming. For example, the following is a C + + project with school H and student H […]

  • Learning curve of different programming languages! Did you get caught?


    It’s interesting to see the learning curve of different programming languages drawn by a foreign programmer on GitHub. I’ll share it with you here. C++ It turns out that the template is a barrier for everyone.   JavaScript Callback function is a magical existence.   Java When learning design patterns, don’t feel too good about […]