• C + + time & Date


    The C + + standard library does not provide the so-called date type. C + + inherits the structures and functions of C language for date and time operations. In order to use date and time related functions and structures, they need to be referenced in C + + programsHeader file.     There are […]

  • [C + +] C + + object model


    I bought the book “deep exploration of C + + object model” a long time ago. When I first started, I read it for a long time and felt that I benefited a lot. Recently, I found that the knowledge in this book has become very unclear in my mind. In line with the tradition […]

  • Google has added a new choice for Android operating system developers, rust


    As a complete operating system solution, Android involves many mobile parts. In general, these parts are the application ecosystem first, and then the operating system itself. As a developer, the programming language you choose varies according to which part of Android you are developing. Java and kotlin are popular choices for application developers. For developers […]

  • Finally wait for you! ” The strongest ide visual studio will release its 64 bit version this summer


    According to the Microsoft developer blog, visual studio 2022 will release a public preview this summer: faster, easier to use, lighter, and suitable for learners and developers building industrial solutions. Most importantly, the new version of visual studio is 64 bit, providing users with a cleaner, intelligent and action oriented experience. The first 64 bit […]

  • Characteristics and development history of c# language


    According to the development history of C # language, this paper introduces the new features of each version of C # language, mainly referring to the official documents of Microsoft. Understanding these language features can help us write c# code more efficiently. C# 1.0 Released with visual studio. Net 2002, this version of c# is […]

  • A powerful function gradually forgotten in Java is so strong that you can’t believe it!!


    Hello, I’m glacier~~ Speaking of Java, it’s easy to use, but many awesome technologies in Java are gradually forgotten~~ Before the emergence of Java language, many systems were developed in C and C + +. After the emergence of Java, because its object-oriented idea is more in line with people’s thinking habits, Java does not […]

  • You say C language rubbish. 80% of schools are still giving freshmen. Will they out?


    I shared an article before to show the great side of C language, and then someone commented on a “garbage” below. Personally, I think you don’t like C language and shouldn’t slander it. It’s good for you to have your favorite language, but you can’t say other languages “rubbish”. This principle is also applicable in […]

  • How to introduce alias into bash script


    For more interesting content, please pay attention to WeChat official account:Back end technology cabin Use of alias In daily development, in order to improve the operation and maintenance efficiency, we will use alias (command alias) to define the abbreviation of the command. Like in~/.bash_profileAdd to: alias ll=’ls -lrt –color’ alias bdebug=”go build -gcflags ‘-N -l'” […]

  • Leetcode: 1119. Delete vowels from string


    subject Give you a string  S, please delete all vowels(  ‘a’,’e’,’i’,’o’,’u’), and returns the new string. The idea uses the iterator of C + + to optimize class Solution { public: string removeVowels(string S) { string::iterator tra; string ans =””; for(tra = S.begin(); tra != S.end(); ++tra) { if(! (*tra == ‘a’ || *tra == […]

  • How to use the c# extension method


    Translation link:https://www.infoworld.com/art… C # in version 3.0 providesExtension methodExtension methods are often used to add new methods to an existing class to extend the functions of the class. The key is that you do not need to derive a subclass from the existing class, nor do you need to destructively modify the existing code skeleton […]

  • C# regular expression classic classification collection manual page 1 / 3


    There was a time when regular expression learning was very popular and trendy. At that time, I could see several regular expression posts in a day at CSDN. During that time, I learned some basic knowledge with the help of the forum and the c# string and regular expression reference manual published by Wrox press. […]

  • How to use index and range in c# 8


    There are several interesting new features in c# 8, such as the following two:System.IndexandSystem.Range, corresponding to index and slice operations respectively. This article will discuss the use of these two classes. System. Index and system. Range structures They can be used to modify collections at run timeindexandslice, here isSystem.IndexDefinition of structure. namespace System { public […]