• Programmers tell you: C / C + + background development needs to learn what skills books


    The main programming languages used by background development engineers are C + +, Java, PHP and golang, which is becoming popular gradually. Xiaobian will talk about how to learn and prepare for the post of background development from the perspective of C + +. 1、 Language foundation     Whether it is C + + […]

  • C / C + + learning diary: using C + + to make catering management system (with source code), can be used to do the project of graduation design!


    VC + + hotel catering management system, access database version, for the hotel catering front desk attendant, kitchen administrator, raw material supply department and management department management personnel.     Menu number, menu number, etc. can be viewed in the menu management system. The system is divided into four modules: front sales, statistical reports, basic […]

  • How to write Lua with cocos code IDE and how to get along with C + + code in the project


    1. When creating a new cocos2d-x project with the Cocos code IDE, it is best to selectAdd Native CodesThis option can only be found in the project directory if it is selectedframeworksCatalog, it will be there AppDelegate.cpp C + + class (the real entrance of the program). If this is not checked, the Cocos code […]

  • Source code analysis of mpmcqueue


    GitHub address: https://github.com/rigtorp/MP… about__cpp_lib_hardware_interference_size This function test macro represents the new feature introduced by C + + 17 https://zh.cppreference.com/w…relevant: https://www.it1352.com/178422…It means the minimum offset between two objects to avoid false sharing.About false sharing: https://www.cnblogs.com/cyfon… #ifdef __cpp_lib_hardware_interference_size static constexpr size_t hardwareInterferenceSize = std::hardware_destructive_interference_size; #else static constexpr size_t hardwareInterferenceSize = 64; #endif The above code obtains the […]

  • Host Arrays – performance gain


    To achieve a better performance in Pro*C/C++ application, using host arrays would be efficient than the usage of the simple host variables during the data insert. This document is about to detail how much runtime savings we gain from using the host arrays when inserting data into an Oracle database table.   When using simple […]

  • Ubuntu failed to start robomongo. Problem solving


    Problem recurrence fromRobomongo official website( robomongo:mongoDB After decompressing the downloaded file, try to open it: double-click/binDirectoryrobo3TThe icon has no response Try command line startuprobo3TThe following error message is returned: ~/robo3t$ bin/robo3t This application failed to start because it could not find or load the Qt platform plugin “xcb” in “”. Available platform plugins are: xcb. […]

  • So many people study c + +, what are the benefits of learning it? What kind of post can you be engaged in after study?


    I believe that many people come into contact with programming fromin one’s college yearsThe hall ofC++Language programming, butThis courseBut only told you what the programming language is, but did not tell you how to master programming. Therefore, it is inevitable that many people find that they have learned it before graduationC++But I don’t seem to […]

  • Oracle database create users, import data, export data


    After Oracle 11g is installed on the computer and the environment variables are configured, the following operations can be performed.   Open the start menu in the lower left corner of the computer, search the blue below and enter [CMD] Enter [sqlplus / as SYSDBA] to enter ORALCE console Create a table space:1. Temporary table […]

  • If C + + is an arrow, which eagle would you shoot with it?


    When you see the title, you may not quite understand what it means. In the end, don’t worry. I believe that a lot of people come into contact with C + + programming in college, but this course only tells you what the programming language is, but it doesn’t tell you how to master programming. […]

  • The definition of lucax constant under luco2da


    It’s all basicCocos2dConstants.luaIn the file, I feel that it is more convenient and intuitive to use than the C + + version frameworks/cocos2d-x/cocos/scripting/lua-bindings/script/Cocos2dConstants.lua cc.PLATFORM_OS_WINDOWS = 0 cc.PLATFORM_OS_LINUX = 1 cc.PLATFORM_OS_MAC = 2 cc.PLATFORM_OS_ANDROID = 3 cc.PLATFORM_OS_IPHONE = 4 cc.PLATFORM_OS_IPAD = 5 cc.PLATFORM_OS_BLACKBERRY = 6 cc.PLATFORM_OS_NACL = 7 cc.PLATFORM_OS_EMSCRIPTEN = 8 cc.PLATFORM_OS_TIZEN = 9 cc.LANGUAGE_ENGLISH = […]

  • Compile the rust code that can be shared with Android, IOS and fluent platforms


    Link to original text–https://robertohuertas.com/2019/10/27/rust-for-android-ios-flutter/Original author – Roberto Huertas What if I told you that you could use the same very performant code inAndroid,iOSor even inFlutter. In this article, we’ll see how to achieve this withRust. But, why would we want something like this? Imagine that you have a mobile app that needs to process some […]

  • Xmake v2.3.6 release, new FORTRAN compilation support


    This version focuses on the support of other languages, such as adding FORTRAN’s compilation support, Zig’s experimental support, and adding third-party dependency package support and cross compilation support for golang / dlang. Although xmake focuses on C / C + + construction support, xmake will also make some improvements from time to time. The main […]