• Comparison of extending nodejs based on C + + and rust


    C + + mode npm install node-gyp -g mkdir demo && cd Demo && npm init Create fib.cc Create binding.gyp node-gyp configure build Create test index.js file node-gyp https://github.com/nodejs/nod… In order to test the performance comparison, the algorithm uses Fibonacci’s recursive implementation.fib.cc: // addon.cc #include <node.h> namespace demo { using v8::Exception; using v8::FunctionCallbackInfo; using v8::Isolate; […]

  • If the programming language is a girl, do you guess C language is Lori or royal sister?


    Imagine what it would be like when Java, python, JS, C + +, C, c#, shell and other programming languages become animation characters? Let’s take a look at what kind of lovely girls all kinds of programming languages are in the works of Japanese writer Du Fujiang! What kind would you like?   Java   […]

  • C # in the use of dapper tutorial


    1、 What is dapper Dapper is a lightweight ORM tool (GitHub). If you use Entity Framework and NHibernate to handle big data access and relationship mapping in a small project, it will be a bit of a killing. You also think ORM saves time and effort. At this time, dapper will be your best choice. […]

  • Net oriented multi language development


    Recently, I need to contact VB development language, but I am not familiar with VB. Therefore, I understand the following multilingual development to. Net, and record it here. brief introduction . net is a stand-alone language. This means that developers can develop in multiple languages for. Net implementations, such as c#, f# and Visual Basic. […]

  • Test notes


    sentence Statement basis Common categories Expression statements: expressions are followed by semicolons Expression evaluated and discarded Possible side effects 2 + 3; // expression; int x; x = 3; // The expression is evaluated and discarded after returning the value X //Side effects: change of x value Empty statement: a statement that contains only one […]

  • Use of gSOAP in C + +


    catalogue Introduction to soap gSOAP preparation Header file Building client applications Generate soap source code Create client project Building server applications Generate soap source code Create a server project Print message Soap test Project source code This paper mainly introduces the use of gSOAP in C + +, with the basic knowledge of soap protocol, […]

  • C# Ras generates. Net public key and private key and converts. Net public key and private key to Java public key and private key classes


    When we use RSA encryption, we often need the public key and private key, but sometimes only the public key and private key of Java Base64; Friends in need can refer to it C # commonly used encryption algorithms, refer to the articleC # commonly used encryption algorithms encryptionhelper classes: MD5, Base64, SHA1, sha256, hmacsha256, […]

  • An example of polygon conflict detection based on c# implementation


    preface Previously, I encountered a problem of polygon conflict detection in the project. Through Baidu, Bing and Google, I found that the existing schemes are either incomplete scene coverage or implemented through third-party class libraries (which can hardly be decompiled). However, the use of third-party class libraries is prohibited in the project, so I implemented […]

  • Analysis and solution of C + + implicit conversion


    Let’s first look at the example code: #include <iostream> #include <string> using std::cin; using std::cout; using std::endl; using std::string; int main() { unsigned int a; int b = -1; while (cin >> a) { if (a > b) { cout << “a > b” << endl; } else if (a < b) { cout << […]

  • Sit firmly in the dominant position in the development field and uncover several irreplaceable reasons for the C language!


    In the past 50 years, C language has gradually developed into an extremely important software development language. This article will deeply analyze how it competes with C + +, Java, c#, go, rust and Python and maintains certain advantages.   For computer programming languages, no technology can be used for half a century unless it […]

  • Use pybind11 to encapsulate the function implementation steps of C + + structure as parameters


    There are many methods for Python to call C / C + +, such as boost.python, swig, ctypes, pybind11, etc. these methods are complex and simple. The advantage of pybind11 is that it supports C + + 11 very well and the API is relatively simple. Now let’s simply write down the introduction operation of […]

  • Talk about the eventtime of Flink


    order This paper mainly studies the eventtime of Flink SourceFunction flink-streaming-java_2.11-1.7.0-sources.jar!/org/apache/flink/streaming/api/functions/source/SourceFunction.java /** * Interface that source functions use to emit elements, and possibly watermarks. * * @param <T> The type of the elements produced by the source. */ @Public // Interface might be extended in the future with additional methods. interface SourceContext<T> { /** * […]