• Bytebuf interpretation of the buffer of netty (2)


    The first part introduces the simple read-write operation of bytebuf and the basic introduction of read-write pointer. This paper continues to interpret the basic operation of bytebuf. Read write pointer rollback The demo example here is still used in the previous section. ByteBuf buf = Unpooled.buffer(15); String content = “ytao official account”; buf.writeBytes(content.getBytes()); System.out.println(String.format(“\nwrite: ridx=%s […]

  • The difference of char, vchar and nvarchar


    Unicode character set is produced to solve the problem of character set incompatibility. All its characters are represented by two bytes, that is, English characters are also represented by two bytes If you’re still struggling with this, take a look at the explanation and make a decision. In general, if I use Chinese or other […]

  • Analyze the working mechanism of Java classloader in detail


    Disclaimer: This article begins with a detailed and in-depth analysis of classloader’s working mechanism. If there is any reprint, please indicate the original source. Thank you for your cooperation. What is classloader? As you all know, when we write a java program, whether it is a C / s or B / s application, it […]

  • [front end Zhihu series] arraybuffer and blob objects


    This article starts in my personal blogMore rich front-end learning materials can be found in myGithub: Leo JavaScript, coveringData structure and algorithm、HTTP、Hybrid、Interview questions、React、Angular、TypeScriptandWebpackWait.Order a star and don’t get lost~ ArrayBufferObject andBlobYou may not be unfamiliar with the object, which is common in file upload operation processing (such as handling image upload preview and other issues). […]

  • The revised keyword in kotlin


    Before we talk about this keyword in kotlin, let’s briefly talk about generics in Java. We often use generics in programming for the purpose of reuse and efficiency. Generics are implemented by type erasure at the bottom of the JVM, as is kotlin. generic paradigm Generics are a unique feature in Java se 1.5. The […]

  • TCP for connection tracing


    brief introduction Compared with UDP protocol, TCP is more complex. In order to provide reliable transmission for application layer, TCP protocol introduces the characteristics of flag bit, option, serial number, sliding window, etc. TCP flag bit #define TCPHDR_FIN 0x01 #define TCPHDR_SYN 0x02 #define TCPHDR_RST 0x04 #define TCPHDR_PSH 0x08 #define TCPHDR_ACK 0x10 #define TCPHDR_URG 0x20 #define […]

  • 1071 error occurred in MySQL 5.6 data table creation, cause analysis and solution


    Zero. Background of the problem At the beginning of learning spring boot + angular, MySQL was still used in database software. The difference is that this MySQL service is no longer built with xampp, but with a more convenient docker to provide services. 1、 Problem recurrence When configuring the database, after setting up the environment […]

  • Android uses giflib to load gif


    If it is created by an individual, please indicate the source of the article: https:////www.cnblogs.com/tangZH/p/12356915.html android使用giflib加载gif   Background: anyway, NDK loading GIF is much better than Java loading GIF, mainly reflected in memory consumption and CPU consumption. Using NDK to load takes up less memory and consumes less CPU.   To load with NDK, you […]

  • How many bytes does C language realize data type and how many bytes does pointer occupy


    The specific codes are as follows: #include<stdio.h> void main() { //Use sizeof to verify the amount of space occupied by data types in memory // char // int // short // long // unsigned int // float // double // long double Printf (“on 64 bit machines: \ n”); Printf (“char type takes up% d […]

  • [HTTP] http / 1.1 protocol expect: 100 continue


      An HTTP header was found while tracking the request Basic knowledge background:1) The context of “expect: 100 continue”:The purpose of designing 100 (continue) HTTP status code in http / 1.1 protocol is that before the client sends request message, http / 1.1 protocol allows the client to determine whether the server is willing to […]

  • BGP evpn RD and RTS


    When FRR learns that a local VNI is configured, if the user does not display RD and RT configured for this VNI, FRR will automatically derive RD and RTS (including import and export) for this VNI. The derivation rules are as follows: Rd format is “type: routerid: VNI index” RT format is “as: VNI” RD […]

  • Navicat keygen – how does the registry work?


    Navicat keygen – how does the registry work? 1. Key words explanation Navicat activation public key This is a 2048 bit RSA public key, which Navicat uses to encrypt and decrypt activation information. This public key is used asRCDataTypes of resources are stored innavicat.exeAmong. Resource name is”ACTIVATIONPUBKEY”。 You can use a software called resource hacker […]