• IOS decodes Speex data (including compiled files)


    Although Speex has been replaced by opus and the official wants us to migrate to opus, Speex can still be used.You can see Speex’s official tutorial first. It’s quite simple, but there are many pitfalls.To transplant to IOS, first package Speex code into a static library of. A. you can google the relevant code, and […]

  • MySQL performance analysis memo


    [TOC] Last revision time: 15:08:59, October 21, 2019 Emergency show full processlist Check the current thread processing, confirm which statements are executing and how the execution is Special attention should be paid to those with long execution time. If problems are identified, they can be usedkill {id}Kill the connection show full processlistEquivalent to the following […]

  • Implementation of hash table and efficient array linked list


    Hashtable The program needs to save the data, and needs to find the data quickly through the given label. This label is called a key, and data is called a value. If the for loop is used, when there is too much data, the loop will be repeated many times, and the efficiency is too […]

  • Byte IOS development post interview real question (offered)


        preface The epidemic situation has been basically controlled, and the interview has begun gradually. The following IOS interview questions are for reference only. After all, the interview is uncontrollable, but the more you know, the greater the natural opportunity! Byte side content: 1. Self introduction 2. Introduce a project in your resume 3. […]

  • On websocket – node


    This article synchronizes my blog Garden: http://hustskyking.cnblogs.comP. S: the code format of the article is disordered. I don’t know why. I’d like to see @ segmentfault’s brother~ In the last article, we improved to various ways of web communication, including polling, long connection and various means mentioned in HTML5. This paper describes the implementation of […]

  • Python implements socket communication based on TCP and UDP protocol


    TCP protocol server.py from socket import socket tcp_server = socket() tcp_server.bind((‘′, 9000)) tcp_server.listen() conn, addr = tcp_server.accept() msg = conn.recv(1024) print(msg) conn.send(b’hello from server’) conn.close() tcp_server.close() client.py from socket import socket tcp_client = socket() tcp_client.connect((‘′, 9000)) tcp_client.send(b’hello from client’) msg = tcp_client.recv(1024) print(msg) tcp_client.close()   UDP protocol server.py from socket import socket, SOCK_DGRAM udp_server = […]

  • [SQL Server] index


    In the development process, we often contact database indexes. It is not only DBAs who need to know the knowledge of indexes. Understanding indexes can let us write higher quality code. Index overview Clustered index Nonclustered index unique index Filter index Nonclustered index contains columns Index overview The existence of index is mainly to improve […]

  • JVM Performance Optimization — bytecode Technology


    1、 Application scenarios of bytecode Technology AOP technology, Lombok plug-ins to remove duplicate code, dynamic modification of class files, etc 2、 Byte technology advantages Java bytecode enhancement refers to modifying Java bytecode and enhancing its function after it is generated. This method is equivalent to modifying the binary file of application program. Java bytecode enhancement […]

  • Tiktok copy user’s clipboard information? Byte skipping: identify malicious comments by mistake. The function has been deleted


    Technical editor: mango fruit from the editorial departmentSegmentFault has he reported the official account number: SegmentFault Recently, foreign media reported that security experts tiktok overseas (TikTok) secretly collected other App copy on the clipboard content. Many overseas users have found that tiktok in their mobile phones visits the clipboard every few seconds and copies the […]

  • [go] reflex


    1 reflect.Typeof () If an interface is passed in, if an implementation structure is bound dynamically, the type of the specific structure will be displayed; otherwise, it is the name of the interface. This method returns a type interfaceThis structure is bound to the type of rtype a:=A{} a.age=19 a.name=”PB” i:=1 log.Println ( reflect.TypeOf (a) […]

  • Solution and principle analysis extension of sqlserver error “parameter data type ntext / text is invalid for parameter 1 of replace function”


    reason:In data query, the replace function cannot perform string operation on colname of text / ntext type in table table. resolvent:Treat text as varchar (when the actual content length is less than 8000 bytes) or ntext as nvarchar (when the actual content length is less than 4000 bytes). However, when the text field content length […]

  • The 13th issue of Tencent imweb team typescript in the future


    Tencent imweb team typescript in the future This paper describes his mental process from a typescript resister to a supporter, as well as the practical experience of typescript in the online education team, and provides strategic suggestions and solutions on whether the team should introduce typescript into new projects, how to build them quickly, and […]