• MSSQL · view database coding format


    Reading time |67 minutes word count |837.6 characters primary coverage |1. Introduction & background MSSQL view database encoding format Author | SCscHero Writing time | 2021/3/11 PM11:59 Article type |Series Completion |To be improved motto Every great cause has a trivial beginning. 1、 Introduction & backgroundCompletion: 100% a) Introduction firstRefute a rumorT-SQL, which is widely […]

  • Kafka producer messaging design


    Previous articles analyzed the sending process of Kafka and the use of NiO, but there are still many holes left. Here is a summary of the remaining problems. Why should the received data be cached? When the selector in Kafka reads the data from the remote end, it will cache the received data first private […]

  • MySQL prefix index


    Index prefix Using the syntax in the index specification for string columns, you can create an index that uses only the first character of the column. In this way, only the prefix of the index column value can make the index file much smaller. When indexing a or column, you must specify the prefix length […]

  • Transmutes transformation of 015 rust Necromancer


    The video recorded in this series is mainly on station BRust necromancer learning video Rust necromancer related source information ingithub.com/anonymousGiga/Rustonomi… introduce MEM:: transmute < T, u > takes a value of type T and resolves it back to type U. T and u are required to be the same size.This kind of operation is unsafe […]

  • Go to realize java virtual machine 03


    In the last article, we have read the bytecode file we need according to the path java.lang.Object Taking this class as an example, you can see something like the following. What are these numbers?   To understand this, we can probably guess that it’s decimal. Let’s turn decimal to hexadecimal online https://tool.oschina.net/hexconvert/ Note that each […]

  • ES6 (8) – regexp


    RegExp Sticky — y modifier On regularization of Chinese — u modifier Multibyte Chinese character matching Dot character Add a new Unicode code point to match Chinese characters classifier I modifier Predefined patterns Es6-es10 learning map Sticky — y modifier Y means sticky, global matching, must start from the first, continuous matching const s = […]

  • Why not use UTF-8 in MySQL?


    I remember last year when I was saving Emoji expression to MySQL, I kept making mistakes and couldn’t import it. And then we found a way — by puttingutf8Change toutf8mb4It’s OK. I didn’t go deep into it. A year later, I read an article that Emoji text takes up four bytes, which usually needs to […]

  • A thousand lines of MySQL commands


    basic operation `/*Windows services*/ –Start MySQL net start mysql –Create windows service sc create mysql binPath= mysqld_ bin_ Path (Note: there is a space between the equal sign and the value) /*Connecting and disconnecting servers*/ MySQL – H address – P port – U user name – P password Show processlist — shows which threads […]

  • How to store time in database


    1. Don’t use string to store date I remember doing this when I was in University, and now many novices who don’t know much about databases do the same. It can be seen that this method of storing dates has some advantages, that is, it is simple and straightforward, and easy to use. However, this […]

  • Financial cloud products department – integrated operations and mpaas products


    Introduction:Originated from more than ten years of Alibaba precipitation, improve the overall security level of app Whether it’s android app or jar application, once the code is distributed, it will be in an untrusted environment in some form, which will inevitably be analyzed and cracked by intentional people. The secret hidden in the code, whether […]

  • Java IO


    IO summaryIn refers to the process of reading from disk to program. Out refers to the process of writing from program to disk. Whether it is in or out, it is subject to the program. In Java, it is divided into byte stream and character stream according to different data units. Byte stream: can only […]

  • Deep understanding of redis’s simple dynamic string


    catalog SDS The difference between SDS and C string The length complexity of the string obtained by SDS is O (1), and the C string is O (n) SDS eliminates buffer overflow Reduce the number of memory reallocation when modifying strings Binary security Redis does not directly use the traditional string representation of C language […]