• Problems in learning jQuery for the first time


    jQuery JQuery first impression I always hear that jQuery is very easy to use, especially when setting styles, it encapsulates many methods to make others use it better. I tried it for the first time today and found many problems Problems in using jquery When used, it often appearsReferenceError:$ is not defined, may be used […]

  • Get the width and height of the screen


    In JS, especially in some functions, such as which buttons to return at the bottom, etc., it is often needed. Here is a comprehensive application of the following, so that you can get them quickly in the future: /** *Get the width and height of the screen * @returns {*} */ function client() { If […]

  • Using UIKit and uiview to perform IOS animation on views


    This article aims to become an introduction to IOS animation, aiming to introduce different implementation methods in detail. Given the breadth of the topic, we will cover each section concisely at a fairly high level. The goal is to teach the reader to add animation to his / her IOS application through a set of […]

  • Taro custom modal dialog component


    Based on Taro’s multi terminal practice, taropop: custom mode box, dialog box, MSG message box, toast prompt Taro custom pop-up box supports compiling to multi terminal H5 / Applet / reactnative, and can also customize pop-up type / pop-up style, multi button event / style, auto close, mask layer, pop-up display location and custom content […]

  • Rapid development of MacOS menubar app based on electron


    The main technology involved in developing MacOS menubar app based on electron is actually electron’s tray API. In addition, some people have simply encapsulated the API: menubar (GitHub). Its basic principle is to move the window of electron to the bottom of the app button corresponding to menu bar, that is, when clicking the menu […]

  • Express WS framework access


    Version details node——–v7.4.0 express—–v4.14 express-ws–v2.0.0 According to the example of official website access failure, see the server: Optional. When using a custom http.Server, you should pass it in here, so that express-ws can use it to set up the WebSocket upgrade handlers. If you don’t specify a server, you will only be able to use […]

  • Four methods of getting button subscript in JS


    Four ways to get Subscripts < button > button < / button > < button > button < / button > < button > button < / button > < button > button < / button > < button > button < / button > < button > button < / button > A BTNs […]

  • Example of PHP + Mysql to realize the function of website top and step voting


    PHP + MySQL implements the example of website top and step voting function. By recording the user‘s IP address, it can judge whether the user’s voting behavior is effective. The example can also be extended to the voting system. First of all, we put the “top” and “step” buttons on the page, that is, “dig […]

  • Electronic pit skipping guide 2 (main process and rendering process)


    Main and renderer processes: ackage.jsonOfmainThe process of the script isMain processScripts running in the main process present the user interface by creating web pagesAn electron application always has and only has one main process. BecauseelectronUsedChromium (Google browser)To showWeb page, so Chrome’s multiprocess architecture is also usedeachelectronMediumWeb pageRunning in its own rendering processMain process useBrowserWindow Instance […]

  • Vue mobile terminal mode box (parameters can be transferred)


    1 – encapsulate the modal box component mydialog (the style can be written by yourself) <template> <transition name=”modal” tag=”div”> <div class=”modal” v-show=”visible” transition=”fade”> <div class=”modal-dialog”> <div class=”modal-content”> <! — head — > <div class=”modal-header”> <slot name=”header”> <!– <p class=”title”>{{modal.title}}</p> –> </slot> <a @click=”close(0)” class=”xd xd-close” href=”javascript:void(0)”></a> </div> <! — content area — > <div class=”modal-body”> […]

  • Go GUI controls and signals


    Go GUI controls and signals control Control Brief Control is the encapsulation of data and methods. Control has its own properties and methods. Property refers to the characteristics of the control. Method refers to some simple and visible functions of the control. For example, the button is a control. The button is square, with a […]

  • Use and configuration of windows sharp tools


    1 Overview This article mainly describes the use and configuration of some “sharp tool” level tools under windows 2 Listary Listary is a powerful search tool, which can search and filter various files quickly Click here to download 2.1 basic configuration Right click to enter the configuration option. It is recommended to start up 2.2 […]