• API online management, debugging, document generation tool apizza


    Abstract: apizza(http://apizza.cc?f=bl)It is the leading online API SaaS management platform in China, supporting online API debugging, interface management, rapid document generation, project management and sharing. The platform is divided into development mode and browsing template. The development mode can only be opened by users. The browsing mode is for others to view and test. The […]

  • Operation and design of HR module in ERP — the birth of open source software 26


    Explanation of EHR function of Chilong ERP — Chapter 26 Log the birth of “open source software” [enter the address to light up the stars] – I’m looking forward to an encouragement Blogger’s open source address: Code cloud: https://gitee.com/redragon/redragon-erp GitHub:https://github.com/redragon1985/redragon-erp Say process The HR module in ERP belongs to the basic data part of ERP. […]

  • React 17 + storybook creates its own team’s UI Library


    preface In order to improve the front-end work efficiency of the team, creating a set of team UI library is an effective method. It can not only reduce repeated labor, but also improve the reuse rate and unity of components. After creating the team UI library, it is necessary to build a static document website […]

  • Shutter control layout – spacer, flex, expanded, flexible, padding


    Spacer Initial state Set three buttons in order Add a line between the two buttons abSpacer() Add a line between the BC buttonsSpacer() summary Spacer()It is equivalent to the effect of spring to maximize the distance between two controls (effective only when the page is not slidable) Flex Flex is the parent component of row […]

  • OA system source code module design scheme


    1. Model management: web online process designer, preview process XML, export XML, deploy process 2. Process management: import and export process resource files, view flow charts, reflect process models according to process instances, activate suspension, and jump freely 3. Running process: view process information, current task node, current flow chart, void and suspend process, and […]

  • Step by step guide to using beta Finance


    The lender will be able to lend assets to any money market existing on beta finance to obtain additional income from the loan interest rate. Interest is paid to lenders from borrowers and short sellers who pay loan interest rates to borrow assets to obtain leverage or short assets for trading and defi strategies. Each […]

  • Customize Google map marker, tooltips, toggle switch, map style


    A small project should use Google map as the main display method to display the development status of a certain in the world on the map. Although I used google map, it took me two days to complete the development of the main map functions. Here’s a record for my own use. Experts, please don’t […]

  • The effect and principle of uibutton in IOS to realize various graphic combination


    IOSUIButtonIs a very common and commonly used control. We generally use it to implement the submission and selection of a function. We can create a button with only text or a button with only pictures. The specific requirements depend on the specific situation of interface design. Sometimes we want the application interface elements to be […]

  • IOS reverse patch


    Here is IDA’s patch1. Search SVC #0x80 and return to IDA View-A interface to search correctlyClick the T button in the figure to pop up the search boxClick in the list to enter2. Modify SVC #0x80, select the row of SVC in IDA View-A interface, and click Edit — > patch program — > change […]

  • Implementation details of responsive UI of SAP e-commerce cloud Spartacus UI


    In the file projects \ storefrontlib \ layout \ config \ default layout config. TS defines the breakpoint corresponding to each screen size: export const defaultLayoutConfig: LayoutConfig = { breakpoints: { xs: 576, sm: 768, md: 992, lg: 1200, xl: { min: 1200, }, }, }; Note that this breakpoint has nothing to do with […]

  • One PR submitted for tunny


    background Last week, I wrote an article, go daily a library of ants, in-depth analysisantsImplementation of this goroutine pool. After repeatedly reading panjf2000 aboutantsThe article on the origin of GMP concurrency scheduler — the deep parsing hand of GMP concurrency scheduler, rolling out a high-performance goroutine pool, I feel full of harvest. This article is […]