• Six steps of stability support: operational guide of high availability system!


    Introduction: every year there is a big promotion, and everyone is familiar with the word “big promotion stability guarantee”. Although the business scenarios are different, the “routine” often leads to the same goal. The whole link voltage measurement, capacity evaluation, current limiting, emergency plans, etc. come and go, there are always so many things to […]

  • Thinking, innovation and persistence: Ali has been the front end for seven years, and I share my growth experience


    On the way of growing up, we always encounter all kinds of problems. However, all the confusion and adversity can help us grow up. We should seize every opportunity to make progress instead of hesitation. Today, Lin Wan, a front-end developer of Amoy department, is here to share with you his seven-year growth experience and […]

  • Yuntu theory several ways to move mongodb service from source to Huawei cloud DDS


    Abstract:Huawei cloud document database service DDS can help you move mongodb service on the cloud quickly and conveniently when business needs. This article is shared from Huawei cloud community《Yuntu said | several ways to move mongodb service from source to Huawei cloud DDS in issue 198》The author of the original text: read the wind and […]

  • Hierarchical theory of data warehouse modeling


    Layered construction theory To be simple, you can directly use ODS + DM to synchronize all the data, and then directly develop some reports of the application layer. This is the simplest. When the content of DM layer is more, if you want to reuse it, you will split a common layer into a three-tier […]

  • How can spring boot applications improve service throughput?


    I don’t know which comes first, accident or tomorrow. No crisis is the biggest crisis, to meet the status quo is the biggest trap. background Occasionally, there will be some slow requests in the production environment, which will lead to system performance degradation and throughput degradation. Here are several optimization suggestions. programme 1. Undertow replaces […]

  • My observation and Thinking on cloud native software architecture


    Introduction:The goal of cloud native application architecture is to build a loosely coupled, flexible and resilient distributed application software architecture, which can better cope with the changes and development of business requirements and ensure the stability of the system. This article will share some observations and thoughts in this field. By Yi Li, senior technical […]

  • Practice of arms in APM tool selection


    Introduction:Under the influence of digital transformation and the implementation of Internet architecture, the current system is more and more commonly using micro service architecture. We enjoy the benefits of micro service (high development efficiency, independent deployment, horizontal expansion, fault and resource isolation, etc.), but also bring difficulties in testing, transaction, application monitoring, etc. preface Under […]

  • Microsoft Application Architecture Guide (2nd Edition) – learning notes


    Microsoft Application Architecture Guide (2nd Edition) ========== ========== ==========Patterns & Practices[translator] (2) Zhu ye, Gao Xiang and Wang MinElectronic Industry Press[edition] November 2010 1st Edition[print time] the first printing in November 2010[price] 69.00 yuan========== ========== ========== [preface] (P001) Developers and solution architects usually wander between “golden solution” and “instant solution”. Architecture is the use of […]

  • Authority Subsystem (2) — menu module


    Menu management design description Business design description Menu management, also known as resource management, is the external manifestation of system resources. This module is mainly to add, modify, query and delete the menu. The table design statement is as follows: CREATE TABLE `sys_menus` ( `id` int(11) NOT NULL AUTO_INCREMENT, `Name ` varchar (50) default null […]

  • Micro service technology platform


    1、 ConceptMicroservice technology middle platform: also known as hierarchical architecture, middle platform service architecture is the upgrading of microservice architecture and the mode of creating a shared service platform. The final application of middle platform is to build a flexible business service development and governance system for front-end single application, and integrate business and application […]

  • How are you! Real time data warehouse of cross border e-commerce shopee


    Author: Huang Lianghui This paper introduces the application of team data in Singapore Background of real time data warehouse construction Flink combines druid and hive application scenarios in real-time data warehouse construction Real time task monitoring Streaming SQL platformization Streaming job management Future planning optimization direction Construction background Shopee is a leading e-commerce platform for […]

  • HR: from 4000 to 100000 in three years, what have I experienced


    Eight years ago, it was born in Jinqiu homestead on Zhichun Road. By the end of this year, byte beat is expected to have 100000 employees in more than 200 offices around the world. After experiencing the rapid growth of byte beat, HR often describes its job as “changing engines while driving airplanes”. ▍ how […]