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  • Generate SQL statements through Excel


    Generate SQL statements through Excel Sometimes the business department directly throws over an excel table for us to insert or update into the database. It’s OK to insert. As long as the fields correspond, they can be inserted, but what about updating? Therefore, we need another operation mode to generate the desired SQL statements from […]

  • Let’s talk about the spring cloud project where there are multiple registry clients at the same time


    preface Some time ago, the business department had a business scenario. Their own micro service registry uses Eureka. They have some service interfaces to call the interfaces of brother departments. They set a service call scheme. The business department directly registers their services with the registry of brother departments, and then calls them through RPC. […]

  • Why do mixed clouds exist?


    In recent years, hybrid cloud has been “fried” very well. Now I would like to talk about my views. What is cloud computing? Before we understand the hybrid cloud, let’s recognize the nature of cloud computing. We know that cloud computing has actually become the main form of enterprise infrastructure. It is no exaggeration to […]

  • Key users in SAP projects, part-time or full-time?


    Key users in SAP projects, part-time or full-time?   Every SAP implementation project is a major event in the relevant enterprises. SAP project involves all the core business departments of the enterprise, such as finance department, supply chain department (purchase, warehouse and sales), production department, engineering facilities department, HR department and administrative department, etc. And […]

  • Install R & D server


    It’s really a process of energy consuming to reinstall the server, especially the whole data backup with ghost, the snail like speed of data recovery with ghost, and the abnormal problem of software for the first time in ghost’s life. It’s really painful. From now on, maybe it’s better to use imagex to back up […]