• Introduction of Vue event bus


    1. Introduction of eventbus Eventbus, also known as event bus, can be used as a communication bridge in Vue. It is an event center shared by all components. It can register with the center to send or receive events. Therefore, components can notify other components in parallel 2. How to use eventbus (1) Initialization First, […]

  • C # event bus


    catalogue brief introduction Implement event bus Define event base classes Defines the base class for event parameters Define eventbus Using event bus Events and event parameters Define publisher Define subscribers Practical use summary reference material brief introduction Event busIt is an implementation of publish subscribe mode and a centralized event processing mechanism, which allows different […]

  • RT thread kernel learning notes – kernel object management


    background Continue to study the most basic and important concept of RT thread: kernel object The kernel object and management method are just like the school library or bus station, which need to be classified and managed Books need bookshelves, object management, use: kernel object container introduce Objects are like a book. How to find […]

  • The concept, use and attention of Vue event bus


    preface The most common data transfer in Vue component is between parent and child components. The parent passes the data to the child through props; The child sends the event through $emit and carries the data to the parent component. Sometimes there is no relationship between two components, or the structure between them is complex, […]

  • Architecture and difference between Dubbo and spring cloud


    Dubbo architecture Springcloud architecture diagram summary frame Dubbo SpringCloud Service registry Zookeeper Spring Cloud Netfix Eureka(nacos) Service call mode RPC REST API Service monitoring Dubbo-monitor Spring Boot Admin Fuse imperfect Spring Cloud Netflix Hystrix Service gateway nothing Spring Cloud Netflix Zuul Distributed configuration nothing Spring Cloud Config Service tracking nothing Spring Cloud Sleuth data stream […]

  • Baby bus and harmony OS join hands to explore the new ecology of smart early education


    From the moment when a new life is born, parents put all their love and warmth into every day when he or she grows up. It is the common expectation of every family to cultivate a smart and healthy baby and create a happy and full childhood for children. In the 21st century, people have […]

  • (14) Integrating spring cloud architecture to build a distributed e-commerce platform


    Build a cloud business platform system of PC + wechat + app + cloud services through spring cloud, including B2B, B2C, C2C, o2o, new retail, live e-commerce and other sub platforms. We have talked about a lot of concept articles about spring cloud before. Starting from this section, we will take the distributed micro service […]

  • Common abbreviations of ARM kernel


    ADK AMBA Design Suite AHB advanced high performance bus AHB ‐ AP AHB access port AMBA advanced MCU bus architecture APB advanced peripheral bus Arm arm architecture reference manualASIC industry specific integrated circuitATB advanced tracking busBe8 byte invariant big end modeCPI cycles per instructionCPU central processing unitDAP debug access portDSP digital signal processor / digital […]

  • Gnawing concurrency (10): the internal principle of memory model


    preface As mentioned in the previous article,JAVA memory model regulates how Java virtual machine and computer memory work together. Java virtual machine is a complete computer model, so this model naturally includes a memory model – also known as JAVA memory model. If you want to design concurrent programs that perform well, it’s important to […]

  • Spring cloudbus uses Kafka to implement message bus


    KafkaIs a distributed publish subscribe messaging system, initially developed by LinkedIn company, and later became a part of Apache foundationScalaandJavato write. Kafka is a fast, scalable, distributed, partitioned and replicable commit log service. Before starting this article, you need to build a Kafka environment. If you are in CentOS environment, you can see my previous […]

  • Using event bus in. Net core


           With the popularity of microservices, DDD (Domain Driven Design Pattern) ideas are surging, impacting the entire software ecosystem. Among them, the event bus must be known, so I built a blog website with a mind of learning DDD. At present, the website is in the construction stage, and it will continue to […]

  • 【BSP】 SHT10


    Applicable platform There are no specific requirements for STM32, m5311 (requiring level conversion circuit), da14531, etc Driving advantage Separation of implementation and interface (object encapsulation) Platform migration layer separation (GPIO mode) Automatic bus management (low power processing when bus is idle) Correction coefficient management of different working voltages Special notes SHT10 is not systematically introduced […]