• (14) Integrating spring cloud architecture to build a distributed e-commerce platform


    Build a cloud business platform system of PC + wechat + app + cloud services through spring cloud, including B2B, B2C, C2C, o2o, new retail, live e-commerce and other sub platforms. We have talked about a lot of concept articles about spring cloud before. Starting from this section, we will take the distributed micro service […]

  • Common abbreviations of ARM kernel


    ADK AMBA Design Suite AHB advanced high performance bus AHB ‐ AP AHB access port AMBA advanced MCU bus architecture APB advanced peripheral bus Arm arm architecture reference manualASIC industry specific integrated circuitATB advanced tracking busBe8 byte invariant big end modeCPI cycles per instructionCPU central processing unitDAP debug access portDSP digital signal processor / digital […]

  • Gnawing concurrency (10): the internal principle of memory model


    preface As mentioned in the previous article,JAVA memory model regulates how Java virtual machine and computer memory work together. Java virtual machine is a complete computer model, so this model naturally includes a memory model – also known as JAVA memory model. If you want to design concurrent programs that perform well, it’s important to […]

  • Spring cloudbus uses Kafka to implement message bus


    KafkaIs a distributed publish subscribe messaging system, initially developed by LinkedIn company, and later became a part of Apache foundationScalaandJavato write. Kafka is a fast, scalable, distributed, partitioned and replicable commit log service. Before starting this article, you need to build a Kafka environment. If you are in CentOS environment, you can see my previous […]

  • Using event bus in. Net core


           With the popularity of microservices, DDD (Domain Driven Design Pattern) ideas are surging, impacting the entire software ecosystem. Among them, the event bus must be known, so I built a blog website with a mind of learning DDD. At present, the website is in the construction stage, and it will continue to […]

  • 【BSP】 SHT10


    Applicable platform There are no specific requirements for STM32, m5311 (requiring level conversion circuit), da14531, etc Driving advantage Separation of implementation and interface (object encapsulation) Platform migration layer separation (GPIO mode) Automatic bus management (low power processing when bus is idle) Correction coefficient management of different working voltages Special notes SHT10 is not systematically introduced […]

  • Energy consumed by serial MRAM


    MR25H256It is a serial MRAM with a four pin interface of chip selection (CS), serial input (SI), serial output (so) and serial clock (SCK) using serial peripheral interface, which is logically organized as a memory array of 32kx8. SPI) bus. Serial MRAM implements a common command subset for SPI EEPROM and flash components today, allowing […]

  • Event driven microservice event driven design


    This article is the second in the “event driven microservices” series, focusing on event driven design. If you want to understand the overall design, please see the first “event driven microservice – overall design” Procedure flow Let’s take a concrete example to illustrate event driven design. The program in this paper has two microservices, one […]

  • FPGA configuration using high speed SPI NOR Flash


    NOR flash memory is widely used as FPGA configuration device. The application of FPGA in industrial, communication and automotive ADAS applications depends on the low latency and high data throughput characteristics of NOR flash. A good example of fast start-up time requirements is the camera system in the automotive environment. The speed shown on the […]

  • Basic knowledge of I2C


    IIC has two kinds of lines: 1. Data line SDA; 2. Clock line SCL. The data line should cooperate with the clock on the clock line to transfer data. A pulse cycle can transmit 1 bit of data. When the clock is at high level, the data line cannot be changed. When it is at […]

  • Old drivers tell you how to operate and update 150 apps at the same time? |Cai Luwei, CTO of baby bus


    Speech by Cai Luwei (CTO of baby bus) Tech minds No.08 Fuzhou Sorting out Northwest China At the tech minds No.08 Fuzhou field hosted by cloud, Cai Luwei, CTO of baobabus, as a guest, shared the “workflow and automation of baby bus”, revealing the secret of baobabus operating 150 apps at the same time. Cai […]

  • Event bus based on rabbitmq


    In this era of hot micro service, if you don’t know a little bit of micro service related technology, there is no way to blow off the cattle. So it is necessary to understand and learn. So I recently looked at the knowledge related to microservices.Microservices involve a wide range of knowledge. I’m just going […]