• When I wrote a thunder fighter for my cousin in Python


    Everyone has played the thunder fighter. That’s it   My cousin, who was only in primary school, bothered me to score at the weekend. Others simulated the college entrance examination for three years and five years. That’s different from me. I directly wrote him a game and played it by myself. I can’t teach him […]

  • Development of unity3d openvr virtual reality bowling brick game


    It is said that brother Shui bought a valve index device. Since this device is so expensive, I feel sorry for this device if I don’t develop some interesting games. This paper will start to develop a bowling brick game with little playability and strong appreciation in the future. This is just an entry-level game. […]

  • 2021ccpc online game 8.28 problem solution


    2021ccpc online Online 1001、Cut The Wire Check in and think about it according to the meaning of the question Opening time: 0:05 Hand in time: 0:39 Problem: the hand speed is slow. Secondly, it is too complex to think about classification, but it can’t think clearly quickly #include using namespace std; typedef long long ll; […]

  • Introduction to HTML5 games


    Original link Translation from my blog brief introduction If you want to play a game with canvas, you’re in the right place. But at least you know how to spell JavaScript(╯‵□′)╯︵┻━┻ Since there’s no problem, come firstplayOrdownload Create canvas label No more nonsense. We have to create a canvas tag. For simplicity, use itI don’t […]

  • 002.04 Tkinter Star Wars


    Subject: 002.04 Tkinter Star Wars Filing date: September 5, 2019 Update Date: None Relevant software information: Win 10 Python 3.7.2 tkinter 8.6 Note: all contents are welcome to be quoted, just indicate the source and author. If there are errors or improper words in this article, please correct them 002.04 Tkinter Star Wars In order […]

  • IView form user defined verification, prompt information does not disappear


    IView form user-defined verification. After opening the bullet box, the red prompt message of the parent bullet box does not disappear,Because the parent bullet box does not receive the information of the bullet box; resolvent //Write the position above the data return const validate_dept = (rule, value, callback) => { value = this.addInfo.deptId || this.modifyInfo.deptId […]

  • Tkinter aircraft war test program by Li Xingqiu


    “” This work adoptsCC agreementReprint must indicate the author and the link of this article Python Wizard module

  • [object moving_ C language version] [continuous update]


      #include “stdio.h” #include “time.h” #include //=================================================== // //Title: C language to achieve villain mobile v1.0 //Author: Zou Yang // Date : 2020/05/28 //June 4, 2020 1. The problem of walking map restriction is improved, and the optimization algorithm is p_ X±P_ When the speed is greater than or less than the map boundary, the […]

  • Distributed communication


    Today we will discuss distributed communication technology. Why distributed communication is needed When we talked about distributed resource scheduling, we made an analogy between each node in the distributed system and the process of the operating system. We know that the process communication mechanism is needed because of the data exchange between the processes of […]