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  • Vue3.0 imitates wechat app chat | vue3. X + vant3. X actual chat | imitates circle of friends


    1、 Project description Development technology based on [email protected]/cli+vuex4+vue-router4+webpack+vant3Build a high imitation wechat app interface chat projectVue3Chatroom. It can send message / emoj expression, preview image / video, view URL link, pull down refresh, customize long press menu, red envelope / circle of friends and other functions. 2、 Technology implementation MVVM framework: Vue.js three State management: […]

  • Vue3. X custom pop-up component | vue3.0 mobile pop-up window | vue3 global component


    introduce We have developed a vue2 mobile phone terminal shell layer before, and today we share the vue3 version shell component.V3Popupbe based onvue3.0Developed a simple mobile phone version of the spring box components. support6 + box type, 7 + animation effect, 20 + custom parametersto configure. The function and effect are basically consistent with that […]

  • Vue uses components to upload pictures


    When uploading files, you can use either the element component or the third-party component. I use imagecropper and pantthumb here First, download two folders: link: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1BsE0VjoTj2p1jRpzvgkFvg Extraction code: 628i, and then drop these two folders into the component directory of Vue. After use, it looks like this. I feel OK   Stamp code of Vue: […]

  • Building a set of LNMP for hcaas container virtual machine


    Container virtual machine is hcaas( https://cubepaas.com )It can create virtual machines of any specification (minimum 0.1V CPU, 40MB memory) in seconds, and charge according to the actual use of CPU / MEM of container virtual machines, which is very suitable for learning / testing. The virtual machine of container implements data persistence through commit writable […]

  • New things in IOS 10.3


    0. App store scoring box Not much to say, directly on the code, very simple. before @import StoreKit; One sentence call //It is recommended to add version judgment to ensure safety. if ([UIDevice currentDevice].systemVersion.floatValue >= 10.3) { [SKStoreReviewController requestReview]; } The display effect is as follows: Click effect: Fanwai: there is another method in the […]