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  • Implementation of mpvue small program


      First map It’s a simple sending function Screen area page: {{item.result.name}}: {{item.result.sendMessage}} Code logic of the barrage area: //Barrage parameters class Doomm { constructor(result, top, time, color, id) { //Content, top distance, running time, color, ID (parameters can be added by customization) /** *Result data structure * faceImage:””, * bgColor: “#57B2FF”, * sendMessage: “66666”, […]

  • Simple personal website built by react + koa2


    Browse address: www.xpy.pub At the end of the year, the iteration of the company’s project was almost over, so I wanted to learn something. As a programmer, there is no personal website. I went to Alibaba cloud to buy a server. The reason why the front end chooses react + TS is that I am […]

  • HTML5 to achieve the animation effect of mobile end bullet screen


    thinking 1. Edit the single content, calculate its own width and determine the initial position   2. The moving distance is the screen width 3. JS dynamically adds CSS animation function to control height, animation moving time and animation delay time with random number Code: HTML skeleton structure (take three examples. If you think the […]

  • HTML5 realizes video barrage function


    1. First of all, let’s show the original picture of the bullet screen video. Let’s talk about the facts 2. Code display 1> HTML code display   <div class=”barrage”> <video id=”myvideo” autoplay loop width=”100%” height=”300px”> <source src=”video/1.mp4″> </video> <div class=”screen”> <div class=”content”> <! — content is displayed here — > </div> </div> <! — send […]