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  • Python namespace and scope


    Namespace Namespaces: used to store the binding relationship between name and memory address. It is the division of stack area Function: the namespace can store the same name in the stack area, so as to solve the naming conflict There are three types of namespaces: Built in namespace Global namespace Local namespace Built in namespace […]

  • The value of a go map nested map can be of any type


    In daily programming, in addition to using built-in data types, some complex custom data types are also used, such as map, K for string and V for array. Let’s first understand the basic settings of go for map: The key of map can be any built-in data type (such as int), or other data types […]

  • Rust language learning notes (I)


    I’m going to practice my hand today. Try itRustWrite something (implement)23/ZMTP, Shh…). I read the latest book again last nightTutorialThis morning, I started to verify some questions. The content contained in the notes may be complicated, there is no main line, and it is for reference only. The project is called ZMQ RS, which meansRustRealizedZeroMQ, […]

  • [original notes] one of cicd series: installing gitlab


    One of cicd series: installing gitlab Prepare host: 1. Turn off the firewall and SELinux systemctl stop firewalld systemctl disable firewalld sed -i ‘s/enforcing/disabled/’ /etc/selinux/config setenforce 0 2. Install docker 3. Install docker compose Download the docker compose component for your current Linux version sudo curl -L “https://github.com/docker/compose/releases/download/1.25.0/docker-compose-$(uname -s)-$(uname -m)” -o /usr/local/bin/docker-compose Add execution […]

  • Go error handling


    Go error handling Error type is an interface type. This is its definition: type error interface { Error() string } Go catch exception Traditional methods of catching exceptions try catch finally Go language Defer, panic and recover are introduced 1. Go program throws a panic exception, catches the exception through recover in defer, and then […]

  • Be serious and learn go: 1. Learn the lead


    Series articles: Be serious and learn go: 1. Learn the lead Learn go: 2. Environment construction Seriously learn go: 3. Environment building doubts – gomod learning Learn go: 4. Variables and data types Study go: 5. Constants and operators carefully Learn go: 6. Process control Learn go: 7. Built in set array Learn go: 8. […]

  • Open source project recommendation: distributed scheduling and computing framework — ohmyscheduler


    brief introduction Product introduction Ohmysscheduler is a distributed scheduling and computing framework based on akka architecture (benchmarking Alibaba scheduler x2.0). Its main functions and features are as follows: Easy to use: the front-end web interface is provided to allow developers to visually complete the functions of scheduling task management (add, delete, modify and query), task […]

  • [the JSON value could not be converted to system. Nullable] error after asp.net core 3. X


    [the JSON value could not be converted to system. Nullable] error occurred in asp.net core after 2.1 — > 3.1 The solution is as follows:The above error occurs because fromASP.NET Core 3.0At first, it is used by defaultMicrosoft’s built-in JSON serialization and deserialization class library: system. Text. JSON, in this type of LibraryThere is no […]

  • . net open source import and export library released by magicodes.ie 2.5


    Today, we released version 2.5, which is of course inseparable from your understanding ofMagicodes.IEToday, as usual, I listed some important updates of this version. Of course, in this version, we have designed a new logo Excel export Excel export supports headerrowindex#164 stayExcelExporterAttributeAdd in export property classHeaderRowIndexProperty, which is convenient to specify that the export starts […]

  • Hard source wepack plugin for webpack performance optimization


    In the era of webpack 4.0, there are many splitchunk configurations under optimization, especially the weight configuration of cachecontrols. There is a transitional way to use cache between 4.0 and 5.0. It is packaged quickly with the help ofhard-source-webpack-plugin, the code is as follows: const path = require(‘path’); const HtmlWebpackPlugin = require(‘html-webpack-plugin’); const HardSourceWebpackPlugin = […]

  • It’s time to abandon the El form component


    I believe that many students who are using the element UI component will have used the El form component. This component helps us complete the form verification and form submission functions, but when using it, we will find some inconvenient places, such as that the verification rules cannot be reused. About not reusable For example, […]

  • Property registration in Python


      when reading the source code of some Python open source projects, you will see that some objects call a method, but the method cannot be found in the object. You may also see that the getattr method is not called directly when calling a method; Fortunately, the IDE is now more intelligent and can […]