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  • How to realize cross end development of graphics framework cluster (uniapp + wechat applet)


    uni-app We provide a uni app component, which needs to be registered after introduction: import uiClunch from ‘clunch/platform/uni-app/index.vue’; export default { components:{ uiClunch } }; After registration, you can use it on the page: <ui-clunch ref=’clunch’ width=’100vw’ height=’100vh-10px’></ui-clunch> Warm tip: the width and height attributes above support common operations. In addition to numbers, they also […]

  • Angularjs learning notes – Chapter 3 – Service


    1,httpHTTP is a core service for angular to communicate with remote server through browser xmphttprequest or jsonpThis demo mainly describes how HTTP obtains JSON data in different ways <!DOCTYPE html> <html ng-app=”app”> <head> <meta Content-Type=”html/text;charset=UTF-8″> <title>http demo</title> </head> <body> <div ng-controller=”ctrl”> <select ng-model=”method”> <option>GET</option> <option>JSONP</option> </select> <input type=”text” ng-model=”url” size=”80″ aria-label=”URL” /> < button id […]

  • PHP’s built-in web server


    In many cases, we need to simply run a small demo to verify whether some code or wheels are available and can run, but it is troublesome to configure nginx or Apache. In fact, PHP cli has provided a simple test server, which we can run directly for simple testing. Start a built-in server directly […]

  • Ent ORM note 3 – Schema usage (Part 2)


    Indexes index In the first two articles, there are actually some uses of indexes. Here we take a detailed look at the use of indexes The indexes method can set indexes on one or more fields to improve the speed of data retrieval or define the uniqueness of data In the following example, the user […]

  • Learn 3D visualization model animation from scratch


    1. Get model animation2. Play model animation3. Stop playing model animationIn the process of building 3D visualization scene, I found that many models have built-in animation, and many models have built-in animation in the production stage. If the model has built-in animation, you can use API call to play these animations in thingjs.For example, in […]

  • Learn + the best posture for using Linux, including nearly 600 Linux system commands


    Background of this paper Linux is not a new thing for me, but I’m not very proficient. Of course, I’m generally proficient in either outstanding strength or lack of in-depth understanding of Linux. For most people, the most common mention of Linux is various commands, although there are many Linux distributions with graphical interfaces (such […]

  • Protobuf simple type direct deserialization method


    I have an idea. It’s perfect to have a high-performance data protocol specification that can cross platform, enable data to be read between two different programs, and preferably support direct serialization of objects. target Supports arbitrary object serialization Support from similarSystem.StringGet the class information from the string of and deserialize it Support direct serialization and […]

  • Uninstall pycharm! This is the most ideal IDE for Python Xiaobai


    If you search in search engines (such as Baidu) or various Q & A communities (such as Zhihu) for “which ide / editor is the best for learning Python?” I think the answer must be pycharm, jupyter, vscode, VIM, sublime text But in my opinion,Best editorIt should depend on the situation, e.g If you are […]

  • Angular learning notes ($filter)


    The filter in angularjs is a function that formats the input data and then outputs it to user Angular built-in instruction Use in HTML templates | Symbol to invoke the filter. //Capitalize {{ ‘hello’ | uppercase }} // HELLO //Convert a JSON or JS object into a string {{ {name: ‘xl’, age: 23} | json […]

  • [JS] object, constructor and instantiation


    1. Object JavaScriptAn object in is a reference data type. Except for the original value, all other values are objects. An object is data that contains properties and methods tokey-valueForm exists. var obj = { name: “tom”, age: 23 } 2. Constructor Constructor is different from general functions. It can usenewKeyword to create and initialize […]

  • In depth understanding of promise Trilogy: 4. Expansion problems


    Original address:http://blog.getify.com/promis… Now, I hope you have read the first three articles on understanding promise in depth. And suppose you have fully understood what promises are and discussed the importance of promises in depth. Do not extend native objects! Back in 2005,Prototype.jsFramework is one of the first frameworks to extend the built-in prototype attribute of […]

  • How to implement redirection in asp.net core


    Asp.net core is a cross platform, open source, lightweight and modular framework for building high-performance web development. Asp.net core MVC has built-in various ways to jump a request to the specified URL. In this article, we will discuss how to implement it. Understand redirectactionresult Several redirects are built in the asp.net core MVC, such as […]