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  • Online mysql, SQL Server table creation statement, JSON test data generation tool


    Online mysql, SQL Server table creation statement, JSON test data generation tool Online mysql, SQL Server table creation statement, JSON test data generation tool This tool can generate JSON test data from SQL table creation statements, and supports MySQL and SQL Server table creation statements SQL: structured query language is a database query and programming […]

  • Elasticsearch7.6.2 – rest complex query


    Then, in the previous article, query complex query is performed must This relationship, equivalent to and, must be satisfied at the same time    should This relationship is equivalent to or. Just meet one   Three pieces of data were found here must_not   must_ Not quite so! So one piece of data is found […]

  • Hive basic knowledge of customer access store data analysis (UV, top3)


    Access log of known customers visiting the store user_id shop u1 a u2 b u1 b u1 a u3 c u4 b u1 a u2 c u5 b u4 b u6 c u2 c u1 b u2 a u2 a u3 a u5 a u5 a u5 a Create and guide tables create table visit(user_id […]

  • PostgreSQL FDW installation and use


    Compile and install FDW plug-ins locally cd contrib/postgres_fdw USE_PGX=1 make install Install extension locally postgres=# create extension if not exists postgres_fdw; CREATE EXTENSION postgres=# \dx List of installed extensions Name | Version | Schema | Description ————–+———+————+—————————————————- plpgsql | 1.0 | pg_catalog | PL/pgSQL procedural language postgres_fdw | 1.0 | public | foreign-data wrapper for […]

  • Online JSON to MySQL table creation statement tool


    Online JSON to MySQL table creation statement tool Online JSON to MySQL table creation statement tool This tool can convert JSON objects into MySQL statements, and supports copying and downloading JSON: (JavaScript object notation) is a lightweight data exchange format. It is based on a subset of ECMAScript (JS specification formulated by the European Computer […]

  • Hive’s table generation function


    Hive’s table generation function1、 Expand functionExpand (Col): split the complex array or map structure in the hive column into multiple rows.Expand (array) generates one row for each element of the arrayExpand (map) generate a row for each key value pair in the map. Key is a column and value is a column Webpage GameData: 10 […]

  • What are libraries, tables, and super tables? How to use it? After 60, the uncle took out the cocoon and explained the data modeling of tdengine


    The second bullet of the video tutorial is to quickly clarify the abstract concepts in tdengine and learn to plan the data model in the production scene. clicklink, get a video tutorial. Welcome to the data world of the Internet of things In a typical Internet of things scenario, there are generally many different types […]

  • One SQL question per day


    Do you want to brush the questions together? catalogue 20210610 20210609 20210607 20210604 20210603 20210602 20210601 20210531 20210610 Title: Find the ID and name whose ratio of each group’s accumulation / total number of each group in name is greater than 0.6. Expected results: Create table statement: CREATE TABLE T0610 ( ID INT, NAME VARCHAR […]

  • Mongodb dynamic table creation scheme (official native driver)


    Mongodb dynamic table creation scheme (official native driver) Requirement premise: table name is dynamic, table structure is static, and library is fixed 1. Import related dependencies org.mongodb mongodb-driver 3.11.2 org.mongodb bson 3.11.2 org.mongodb mongodb-driver-core 3.11.2 2. Defining entities @Data public class Person { private String name; private int sex; private String address; } 3. Set […]

  • Remember the recovery process after a false deletion of ‘ibdata1’


    After a long time of searching for information online, it is finally solved and recordedExplain the situationa. The database is not backed upb. The server does not have a snapshotc. After deletion, restart MySQL multiple times and reboot with the serverd. Passrm -rfDeletedibdata1,ib_logfile0,ib_logfile1,.frm,.ibdThese files exist Let’s talk about the process of exploring solutions 1. UtilizationextundeleteFile […]

  • GoldenGate downstream configuration


    1. Overall database configurationThree source side and one downstream extraction database configuration: alter system set enable_goldengate_replication=TRUE; Alter database add supplemental log data; Alter database add supplemental log data(primary key,unique index) columns; Alter database add supplemental log data(all) columns; Alter database force logging; select SUPPLEMENTAL_LOG_DATA_MIN,SUPPLEMENTAL_LOG_DATA_PK,SUPPLEMENTAL_LOG_DATA_UI,SUPPLEMENTAL_LOG_DATA_FK,SUPPLEMENTAL_LOG_DATA_ALL,force_logging from v$database; 2. Source db1, 2 and 3 database parameter adjustment […]