• Analysis of some bugs in for command


    1. About colon: when a line begins with, use for / F “tokens = 1 * delims =:”%% I in (‘findstr / n* test.txt ) do echo.%% J will:Filter out; 2. About semicolon: findstr* test.txt You can display the lines beginning with semicolons completely, but you can’t find them in the for statement. You must […]

  • Discovery, location and solution of IOS 11 bug


    preface After the release of IOS 11, there have been a series of adaptation related problems, such as the insensitivity of uiscrollview’s sliding gesture when pagingenabled = yes, the change of uitableview’s sliding delete function, the decrease of uiimagepickerview controller’s cancel button click area, etc. This paper introduces one of the UIAlertView problems, and shares […]

  • There is a bug in win10 2004, which will lead to black screen and browser data loss


    As we all know, Microsoft released the May 2020 update of windows 10 (win10 version 2004), which includes windows sandbox improvement, cloud recovery and other functions. Last month, Microsoft released a feature update called October 2020 update, but at least one underlying problem has not been fixed. Now it is affecting more users, and interested […]

  • What is updated in OS X Yosemite 10.10.4beta2


    OS X Yosemite 10.10.4 beta 2 has been downloaded and released. Today, I’m going to update the second beta version of Apple OS X Yosemite 10.10.4. If you want to know more about it, please go with me. Apple released the second beta of OS X 10.10.4 to developers today, one and a half weeks […]

  • Microsoft will restart win10 19h1 slow preview 18362 push: fix major game bugs


    With the arrival of April, the official version of windows 10 19h1 is getting closer and closer to us. Microsoft had previously pushed the slow preview version of 18362 for 19h1, but it was withdrawn because of a major bug. Recently, Microsoft has updated the release information to say that it will restart the push […]

  • Installing bugzilla under Linux system to trace bugs in program development


    Bugzilla is an open source free bug tracking system provided by Mozilla company. It is used to help you manage software development and establish a perfect bug tracking system.Bugzilla is a database for collecting defects. It allows users to report software defects and forward them to the right developers. Developers can use bugzilla to keep […]

  • Win10 20h1 preview 19008 push updates and summary of known bugs


    What are the updates of win10 20h1 preview 19008?October 24 News Microsoft recently released the latest Windows 10 20h1 preview update 19008. This 20h1 version does not have any functions, but it contains some bug fixes, including fixing the stuck problem during restart and shutdown on 18999-19002. PC general changes, improvements and fixes For internal […]

  • Git summary


    1.1 git Usage Summary 1.2 git introduction Powerful and free distributed version control system. Originated from the Linux community, in order to meet the needs of Linux developers around the world for code version management GitHub / gitlab is essentially an online code hosting website based on Git 1.3 general operation of GIT Start work […]

  • Distributed System Concern (21) – Building “Six-Vein Sword” of “Easy Testing” System


    If you see my article for the second time, welcomeSubscribe to my personal public number at the end of the article (Cross-border Architect)Yo!It is delivered on time at 8 a.m. every Friday. Of course, there will also be an additional meal from time to time This is the 20th article in the “Theory of Distributed […]

  • Some Suggestions on Setting Null in SQL Server


    When we design tables, we sometimes argue about whether fields allow Null values. Kalen Delaney, the cattle man in the database, gives some suggestions: 1. Never allow NULL values in user tables2. Include a NOT NULL restriction in the user table definition3. Do not rely on database attributes to control the behavior of NULL values […]

  • Understanding Concurrent Bug in the Real World


    Go brings new concurrency primitives and concurrency patterns (which are not very new), and without a thorough understanding of these features, concurrent bugs can be written as well. In the paper Understanding Real-World Concurrency Bugs in Go, the author systematically analyzed six popular Go projects (Docker, Kubernetes, gRPC-go, etcd, CockroachDB, BoltD) and 171 concurrent bugs […]

  • Creating the Safest Public Chain: IOST launches Bug Bounty


    At the end of November 2018, IOST officially launched the Developer Incentive Scheme. During this period, we received applications from developers all over the world for project development. The IOST Slack developer community grew steadily, with the number of people increasing by 362.5% in one month. Since the launch of the IOST Developer Incentive Scheme, […]