• Configuring NFS file sharing service on Linux system


    Network sharing function similar to winodws,Linux systemIt also provides a variety of network file sharing methods, including NFS, samba and FTP. This paper introduces the installation and configuration of NFS network file system Introduction to NFS NFS relies on RPC Protocol in the process of message passing. When using NFS, the client only needs to […]

  • Follow the perspective of gang Jing to understand the master-slave replication of redis


    Iron dogs who don’t want to play the guitar well are not good program apes Although the redis performance of a single machine is very good and has a complete persistence mechanism, what if your business volume is really large and exceeds the upper limit that a single machine can carry? What if redis hangs […]

  • Redis replication


    catalogue 1、 Replication introduction 2、 Copy configuration 2.1 create replication 2.1.1 command 2.1.2 demonstration 2.2 fracture replication 3.2.1 direct disconnection 3.2.2 switching to another master 3、 Topology 4、 Replication process 5、 Data synchronization principle 5.1 components required by PSYNC command 5.1.1 master slave copy offset 5.1.2 master node copy backlog buffer 5.1.3 master node operation […]

  • File cache (template cache)


    File cache (template cache) Bigpipe technology from page fragment cache to Facebook Divide the page into small pieces Using ob_ Flush () and flush () output the contents of the buffer to the browser in advance The browser continuously receives and renders to the page in a request, and displays it block by block. Note: […]

  • IPv4 communication under windows (c + +, MFC)


    Cilect #include #include #include #define HELLO_PORT 7905 #define HELLO_GROUP “” #pragma comment(lib,”ws2_32.lib”) using namespace std; int main() { WSADATA wsaData;// initialization //Initialize socket WSAStartup(MAKEWORD(2, 2), &wsaData); ​ sockaddr_ in RecvAddr; // server address sockaddr_ in SenderAddr; // Local address int localPort = 4001; // local port int Port = 4000; // Server listening port ​ […]

  • Buffer overflow and injection analysis


    preface Although program loading and dynamic symbolic linking are well understood, they are “entangled” by the memory image of the process. It’s out of control – it’s fun. Next, let’s explore the “buffer overflow and injection” problem (mainly concerned with the memory image of the program). Memory image of the process Forever  Hello WorldIt’s too […]

  • Using Python to imitate a data visualization diagram of R language


    The text and pictures of this article are from the Internet, only for learning and communication, and do not have any commercial use. If you have any questions, please contact us in time. The following article comes from Python big data analysis, written by fevrey   brief introduction To get to the point, the data […]

  • Comparison between in memory database parsing and mainstream products (1)


    Author: Gong Xueqing, doctoral supervisor of School of software engineering, East China Normal UniversityShorthand collation: laboratory Xiaochen / big data open laboratory On August 26, star ring invited Professor Gong Xueqing, a doctoral supervisor from the school of software engineering, East China Normal University, to bring a series of lectures on database cutting edge technology […]

  • Uncover the new features of SQL Server 2014 (2) – SSD buffer pool expansion


    brief introduction Another very good function of SQL Server 2014 is that SSD can be virtualized as a part of memory for SQL server data page buffer. By using SSD to extend the buffer pool, a large number of random IOPs can be carried by SSD, thus greatly reducing the random IOPs and page-out for […]

  • Docker based log analysis platform (4) platform integration


    In the previous article, we have basically completed the installation of elk and Kafka environment, and we have also started with a few simple examples. Now let’s add kakfa as a buffer to the built architecture. Again, first logstash reads the log from the log source and stores it in Kafka. Then logstash reads the […]

  • Zero copy of Linux and Java


    Linux traditional IO Hello everyone, I am a piece of data lying on the Linux disk. Now to send me from the disk to the network card, I need to go through the following steps: Read operation As shown in the figure above: the operating system divides memory into kernel space and user space. First, […]

  • Memory wrapper class memory and span related types


    1. Preface 2. Introduction 3. MemoryAnd spanGuidelines for use 3.1. Owner, consumer and life cycle management 3.2. MemoryAnd the owner / consumer model 3.3. “Lack of owner” memoryexample 3.4. Usage criteria 1. Preface This article isOfficial documentsDue to the Chinese version of the official documentIt’s machine translationYes, there are some omissions and mistakes in some […]