• How to create an ArcGIS buffer? Skills of creating buffer in ArcGIS


    In ArcGIS software, how to create a buffer polygon within a specified distance? In the process of ArcGIS processing data, we need to buffer the line elements. Let’s take a look at the detailed production method. ArcGIS desktop 10.7 perfect Chinese Special Edition (with activation patch + Chinese package + installation tutorial) Type:Programming tools size:1.22GB […]

  • Who moved my Linux? History is so powerful!


    When we frequently use the Linux command line, the effective use of history can greatly improve the work efficiency. During normal Linux operation, many commands are repeated. You must not want to input a large number of repeated commands. If you are a system administrator, you may need to audit user operations. It is very […]

  • Principle of screen imaging


    Image processing in applicationImage renderingAfter the process, the GPU stores the pixel information in the frame buffer, and then the video controller will read the information in the frame buffer and transmit it to the monitor for display after digital to analog conversion, so that our pixel information is displayed on the physical screen. The […]

  • 5.3 SHA-1


    5.3 SHA-1 Similar to MD4 Algorithm description Input of algorithm: any message less than 264 bit long is divided into 512 bit long packets. Output of algorithm: 160 bit long message summary. The block diagram of the algorithm is the same as MD5, but the length of hash value and link variable is 160 bits […]

  • Detailed explanation of golang protocol buffer case


    Golang protocol buffer tutorial This paper introduces how to use protocol buffer data format in go application. It mainly includes what is the protocol buffer data format and what is its advantage over the traditional data format XML or JSON. 1. Protocol buffer data format Protocol buffer is essentially a data format. Like JSON or […]

  • Socket programming, C language version!


    Socket programming — detailed explanation of send function & recv function 1、 Send function ✍ Function prototype:         int send( SOCKET s,char *buf,int len,int flags ); ✍ Function: Both client and server applications use the send function to send data to the other end of the TCP connection. The client program usually uses the send function […]

  • Understand buffer and stream in node


    Recently, I participated in the node learning group organized by the company. Everyone claimed different knowledge points and shared them with the students in the group. I like this learning form very much. In addition to systematic learning, I can force myself to output. I have gained a lot and share my notes. brief introduction […]

  • Audio video-h264 coding


    H264 coding principle andAudio video AAC codingThe principle is almost the same. The difference is that the processing of buffer buffer is realized through H264 encoder Brief logic of AAC coding: Source file = = “avframe = =” encoder = = “avpacket = = > output file Abbreviated logic of H264 encoding Source file = […]

  • Do you know why node has a buffer


    In node, buffer means “buffer”. Buffer is exactly the binary data placed in the buffer. Here is the concept of a buffer. Buffer is a part of memory space. A certain storage space is reserved in the memory space to store IO input and output data. The reason why the computer needs a buffer is […]

  • Basic concepts of NiO programming


    1 NiO overview 1.1 NiO basic concepts Java NIOFull nameJava non-blocking IO, meansJDKNew information providedAPI。 fromJDK1.4Start,JavaIt provides a series of new features of improved input / output, which are collectively referred to asNIO(i.eNewIO), is synchronous and non blocking. NIOThere are three core parts:Channel(channel)Buffer(buffer zone)Selector(selector)。 NIOyesBuffer oriented or block oriented programmingof The data is read to […]

  • Unity rendering pipeline


    Basic noun interpretation 3D object: an object composed of geometric shapes composed of triangles Vertex: a point with spatial coordinates and other meanings (color, texture coordinates) Texture: the image mapped to the surface of a 3D object, which provides the illusion that the object is composed of a certain material. The two-dimensional vector coordinates stored […]

  • Take you to know about move, copy and clone in rust


    move, copy, clone Original text:https://hashrust.com/blog/moves-copies-and-clones-in-rust/ This article onmove, copy, cloneDo not do Chinese translation, keep the taste in rust, and there will be no taste after translation. introduce Move and copy are basic concepts in rust. These concepts may be completely unfamiliar to developers from languages with garbage collection capabilities such as ruby, python, or […]