• Simple and easy to use, can be customized IOS Popover bubble effect


    The effect picture is as follows:   swift: https://github.com/corin8823/Popover OC: https://github.com/Assuner-Lee/PopoverObjC Examples of use pod ‘PopoverObjC’ #import “ASViewController.h” #import <PopoverObjC/ASPopover.h> @interface ASViewController () @property (weak, nonatomic) IBOutlet UIButton *btn; @property (nonatomic, strong) ASPopover *btnPopover; @property (nonatomic, strong) ASPopover *itemPopover; @end @implementation ASViewController – (void)viewDidLoad { [super viewDidLoad]; [self.btn addTarget:self action:@selector(clickBtn:) forControlEvents:UIControlEventTouchUpInside]; self.navigationItem.rightBarButtonItem = [[UIBarButtonItem alloc] […]

  • JavaScript game example: simple keyboard practice


    Keyboard is a kind of common input equipment. It is a basic skill for computer users to input flexibly and skillfully. Let’s write a simple keyboard practice game. 1. Small interactive animation of puncturing bubbles Before writing a simple keyboard practice game, first design a simple bubble piercing interactive animation. At the bottom of the […]

  • Canvas Animation Collection Vue component


    vue-canvas-effect Canvas Animation Collection Vue component <p align=”center”> [? online demo](https://chenxuan0000.github.io/vue-canvas-effect/index.html) </p> content Browser compatibility install use ES6 Load on demand All in Normal mode Component list neon bubbles Modify log contribution TKS Browser compatibility ie9+ install NPM npm install vue-canvas-effect –save use ES6 Load on demand recommendFirst install the Babel plugin import dependency npm […]

  • Android development technology weekly issue


    Journalism Google announced that it will disable the sketch plug-in material theme editor next month Dynamic figure new Columbus gesture for Android 11: double click on the back to start the camera and other applications Google will restrict Android apps from accessing location data in the background XDA digs out the new changes of Android […]

  • Ideal — a perfect plug-in close to Typecho


    Explain:Sometimes you need to add a special effect to your blog. Can you only modify the theme source code? It’s too ironic. And the theme is updated every time, although there is no need to update. I’m afraid I have to sit in front of the computer if I want to updateWhat did I change? […]