• UNIX family tree


    What is the relationship between Mac OS X, FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD and other operating systems? Wolfram Schneider has sorted out the family tree of UNIX (mainly BSD Series). Is it clear after reading it? The genealogy tree is drawn with ASCII characters, isn’t it geeky? First Edition (V1) | Second Edition (V2) | Third Edition […]

  • VI Brief History


    The road of history is not a sidewalk on Neva Street. It moves entirely in the fields, sometimes through dust, sometimes through mud, sometimes across marshes, sometimes through jungles. Chernishevsky Every day when we turn on the computer and use vi, everything seems so logical.viThis editor is from an old one.UnixCome on, it seems reasonable […]

  • A Preliminary Study on the Password Mechanism of Unix BSD Linux


    1. overview Early UNIX systems stored user passwords in a plain-text readable “password file”, which could be intercepted and exposed without the attention of system administrators. It may also be leaked in an accident. Beginning with AT&T UNIX version 6, Thompson et al. decided to adopt a different approach: the U.N.I.X password was encoded by […]