• Jsliang job series – 21 – browser cache


    A catalogue What’s the difference between the front end and salted fish catalog A catalogue 2. Foreword Three main texts Four strokes 2. Foreword Return to directory [x] LRU algorithm[Reading suggestion: 20 minutes] [x] Front end advanced algorithm 3: learning LRU algorithm from browser cache elimination strategy and Vue’s keep alive[Reading suggestion: 30 minutes] Three […]

  • [roaming GitHub] no compile / no server to realize the commonjs modularization of browser


    introduction I often visit GitHub. In addition to some big projects with extremely high star, I also find many interesting small projects on GitHub. Project or idea is very interesting, or there is a good technical point, read to let a person have harvest. So I’m going to put it together as a series of […]

  • JavaScript animation example: curve drawing


    In“JavaScript graphic example: curve equation”In this paper, we give 15 examples of curve equation drawing. According to the curve equation, these curves take a series of angle values in the [0,2 π] interval, calculate the corresponding coordinates of each point according to the given angle value, and then draw the curve by tracing points in […]

  • angular bootstraping


    I’ve been working on angular for more than two months. It has always been at the level of only knowing the basic usage, doing projects, and searching for duplicate code when encountering problems. While the project is stable, go through angular API from the beginning. Consolidate basic knowledge. Bootstrapping There are two ways to start […]

  • Several problems must be considered in building websocket message push service


    In recent years, whether it is the fast-growing live broadcast, distance education and IM chat scene, or the system reminder used in the conventional enterprise level system, the demand for websocket is increasing, and the demand for websocket is also increasing. From the early application of websocket was limited to a small number of functions […]

  • Introduction to reptiles


    1 What is a web crawler A simple definition of reptile Web crawler (also known as web spider, web robot, in FOAF community, more often known as web chaser) is a program or script that automatically grabs World Wide Web information according to certain rules. Other less commonly used names are ants, automatic indexing, emulators, […]

  • Video compatibility in wechat


    1. In line properties of video tag SRC: URL of video Poster: Video cover, no picture displayed when playing Preload: preload Autoplay: autoplay Loop: loop playback Controls: browser’s own control bar Width: video width Height: video height style=”object-fit:fill” /Adding this style will make the Android / Web video full screen in wechat. If it is […]

  • Web application and HTTP protocol


    Web application: It consists of browser and server Client: Browser > page refers to the container of resources. The user is only responsible for requesting the page, and all things are loaded by the page. Including mobile devices: wechat app browser. Server: Service (Java, PHP, node) – > resource collection (HTMLCss、Js)Dynamic data. The client and […]

  • HTTP vs http2 details


    Disadvantages of http1 The end of the thread is blockedIn this way, several requests are queued and serialized for single thread processing, and the subsequent requests can only be executed when the previous request returns. Once a request times out, the subsequent requests can only be blocked, and there is no way, that is, the […]

  • JavaScript animation example: rotated equilateral triangle


    Given that the coordinates of the center of gravity of an equilateral triangle are (x0, Y0) and the height is h, you can draw an equilateral triangle with horizontal bottom edge with the following statement.          ctx.beginPath();          ctx.moveTo(x0,y0-h*2/3);          ctx.lineTo(x0+h/Math.sqrt(3), y0+h/3);           ctx.lineTo(x0-h/Math.sqrt(3), y0+h/3);          ctx.lineTo(x0,y0-h*2/3);          ctx.closePath();          ctx.stroke(); Given the number of […]

  • Starting from 0, an enhancement of radar chart supporting single axis carousel (solving the problem of ecarts single axis Carousel)


    Online examplesIf you don’t know about canvas and what you want to talk about, I suggest you start from the first article:Write a radar chart that supports single axis rotation from 0In the first article, we have talked about how to realize the carousel. Here we will use this article to discuss the realization of […]

  • Hematemesis sorting: common basic knowledge


    Original is not easy, if you need to reprint, please contact the author or sign the author and indicate the source of the article When we talk about HTTP protocol, we usually think of the handshake process of TCP IP + SSL / TLS. Today, I’d like to sort out some knowledge points related to […]