• HTTP authentication (basic auth, session, JWT, OAuth, openid)


    Become a certified driver This paper is translated from auth boss. If there is any inappropriate or wrong translation, please point out. Become a certified old driver, understand the different authentication methods on the network. The purpose of this document is to document and catalog authentication methods on the web.Authentication refers to the process of […]

  • The future of CSS has come


    Author: Chen Da fish head github: KRISACHAN Preface Recently, I heard that typescript 3.7 added support for optional chaining, and then I wanted to upgrade TS version of Ying template, a fish head scaffold. Then I found this message on the command line: ‘postcss cssnext’ has been replaced by ‘postcss preset env’. For details, please […]

  • Introduction to cookie


    Cookie is a piece of data that the server passes to the browser after the browser accesses the server.Cookie is a part of HTTP protocol. When the client sends a request to the server for the first time, the server will send a cookie to the client to save some information. When the client sends […]

  • Browser storage


    The storage of the client is equivalent to the memory function of the browser. How to share the data of the same site, how to display the form filled in by one page in another page, how to close the page or exit the browser, how to open and redisplay the original page, all of […]

  • Record of problems encountered


    1、 CSS style problems 1. One line ellipsis and multi line ellipsis One line omitted style: Width: 200px; // must be fixed width Overflow: hidden; // beyond hidden Text overflow: ellipsis; // the hidden part is replaced by ellipsis White space: nowrap; // no line wrapping for text content (by default, line wrapping is performed […]

  • Recommended by conscience, some chrome plug-ins I have collected


    Last time I moved, I sent a circle of friends, and the photos attached inadvertently revealed the number of Chrome browser plug-ins, so a little friend commented that I think it’s good to share the browser plug-ins. <img style=”zoom:30%;” /> I’ll share some of the Chrome browser plug-ins that I often use in my daily […]

  • Floating layer rolling problem


    Introduction Useposition transformRealize the H5 floating layer effect that slides out from the right, but when the mobile browser slides left and right, the page produces left and right scrollbars, and the floating layer also comes out. This is the question page. The mobile terminal accesses it as follows: This phenomenon should not appear, the […]

  • The use of local storage and its encapsulation interface store.js


    Local storage localstorageIt’s provided by HTML5 inClientThe main function of the new method of storing data is to save the data in the client, and the data isPermanent preservationOf, except for human intervention delete. localstorageUsed as local storage, solvedcookieInsufficient storage:cookieThe storage space of each cookie in is 4K, butlocalStorageThe storage space of is 5m. In […]

  • Browse GitHub is too laggy? Teach you two moves!


    To be honest, GitHub’s experience in China is not very good, and the biggest reason is the Internet. GitHub visits the comparison card, which seems to have no solution. The domestic gitee network speed is OK, but it can’t replace GitHub. I feel that there are more open source projects and fewer tool libraries on […]

  • After reading this HTTP, it’s OK to argue with the interviewer


    I am a programmer, my main programming language is Java, and I am also a web developer, so I have to understand HTTP, so this article will take you from HTTP entry to advanced level, and after reading it, you will have a sense of enlightenment. At first, before there was a network, our computers […]

  • Read JavaScript concurrency model and event loop mechanism


    We know that JS language is serial execution, blocking, event driven, so how does it support concurrent data processing? “Single thread” language In browser implementation, each single page is an independent process, which includes JS engine, GUI interface rendering, event triggering, timing trigger, asynchronous HTTP request and other threads. Process is the smallest unit of […]