• Harmonyos 3 developer preview release; Chrome 95 release; MySQL 8.0.27 GA release – Sina weekly


    40s News Express Huawei releases harmonyos 3 developer Preview Tencent and other 20 companies promised not to monitor personal privacy Oppo may develop high-end mobile phone chips by itself Apple plans to launch a hole digging screen iPhone next year Intel open source machine programming tool controlflag The “buy” function of Apple’s iTunes Store has […]

  • Introduction to Django


    Configuration environment Installing Python 2.7. X Install pip pip install django Create project django-admin.py startproject mysite Start the server: enter the project directory,./manage.py runserver Access in browserhttp:// Create application ./manage.py startapp xxx. Unfinished to be continued

  • Web ml + webassembly supports the background blur function of Google meet


    Text/Tingbo Hou & Tyler Mullen, software engineer, Google Research Institute Translator/Alpha Technical reviser: Betta front-end expert, Wang Xingwei Original text/https://ai.googleblog.com/202… Video conference is becoming more and more important in people’s work and life. We can improve the video experience by enhancing privacy protection or adding interesting visual effects, while helping people focus on the content […]

  • Front end webpack


    Reference video article: http://www.woc12138.com/article/45 https://segmentfault.com/a/1190000006178770 https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s?__… https://www.jianshu.com/nb/45770544 webpack brief introduction Webpack is a front-end resource building tool, a static module bundler. In the view of webpack, all resource files (JS / JSON / CSS / img / less /…) of the front end will be processed as modules. It will perform static analysis according to […]

  • [Mr. Zhao Qiang] use mongodb’s Web console


    Mongodb can monitor the database through the web interface. By default, this option is turned off and needs to be turned on at startup.Enableweb Console, need to be startedmongodbAdd:–httpinterface Start mongodb and observe the output log information:   Use the browser to access port 28017 to see mongodb’s Web console interface.  

  • Dynamic diagram of less frog and ship


    Original website:https://codepen.io/jellynina/…I changed it a little. Animation using CSS: <template> <div> <div class=”boat”> ![](https://treehouse-code-samples.s3.amazonaws.com/CSS-DD/codepen/stage-12/boat.png) </div> ![](https://treehouse-code-samples.s3.amazonaws.com/CSS-DD/codepen/stage-12/mike.png) </div> </template> <script> export default { name:’boat’ } </script> <style lang=”less” scoped> /** *Animation encapsulation */ //Keyframes encapsulates @ prefix browser prefix @ name animation name @ content animation content execution function .keyframes (@prefix,@name,@content) when (@prefix=def) { @keyframes @name […]

  • What is vendor.js in angular application used for?


    What is vendor file in angular? Take the angular page of SAP e-commerce cloud UI as an example, the vendor.js has more than 170000 lines of code: This file contains all libraries imported into your application (app. Module), including the angular library. Third party libraries imported into your application will also be compiled into this […]

  • Installing java development tools under CentOS (2) — Tomcat


    1. Preparation downloadTomcat 2. Upload files to the virtual machine Refer to my other articleTransferring files from hyper in windows to Linux virtual machine 3. Start installation New folder – mkdir /usr/local/src/tomcat Unzip the JDK file – tar -xvf apache-tomcat-9.0.8.tar.gz Move the extracted files to the newly created folder – mv apache-tomcat-9.0.8 /usr/local/src/tomcat Start Tomcat […]

  • Several ways to open SAP Hana Database Explorer in different locations


    SAP Hana database browser is a web-based tool for browsing and using SAP Hana database objects, such as tables, views, functions, stored procedures, importing and exporting data, debugging sqlscript, viewing trace files, and executing SQL statements. It was previously named SAP Hana runtime tool (hrtt) and was introduced in SAP Hana 1.0 SPS 12. Because […]

  • What is diff algorithm?


    When we perform DOM operations, we may need to update a DOM element, but it will not take effect if we do not update the whole component. In fact, we can use diff algorithm with virtual dom. Virtual DOM In essence, it is a JS object to describe what you want to see on the […]

  • JS events – add and remove events


    element.addEventListener(event, function, useCapture)   Method to add an event handle to the specified element.   Event: required. String specifying the event name.be careful:  For example, use “click” instead of “onclick”.   Function: trigger function   Usecapture: optional. Boolean value that specifies whether the event is executed during the capture or bubble phase. Possible values: True – the […]

  • How to always allow flash content to run in edge chromium


    As we all know, Adobe Flash control has a long history and accumulated many vulnerabilities. As early as July 2017, Adobe announced that it would end its support for flash by the end of 2020. Microsoft says the deadline for its browser to remove flash plug-ins isDecember 2020front. However, because the mainstream websites in China […]