• Jsonp hijackin attack details


    The Chinese meaning of jsonp hijackin is JSON hijacking, and the reason for JSON data hijacking is that the front end is attacked by cross site. Cross site = cross domain, cross domain literally means beyond the scope and field. Keep asking. What’s beyond that? What is the original scope? Understanding cross site attacks is […]

  • Recently in the animation related projects, recommend 11 easy to use js animation library


    By Jonathan saringTranslator: front end witSource: medium hot wire: alicloud server 2019hi group promotion activity is in hot progress, new and old users can participate, 2-core 1g cloud server only needs79 yuan, 1 core 2G Hong Kong server only needs719 yuan / 3 yearsFor more server configurations and prices, please pay attention to: Hi group, […]

  • Coexistence configuration of Apache and IIS under Windows


    Original text: Apache and IIS coexistence configuration under Windows If you have a Windows Server and want to run Apache and IIS at the same time, you need to install both software, but they both use port 80 and cannot be started at the same time. Apache and IIS coexist, the solution is to set […]

  • NPM installation tutorial


    NPM installation tutorial Link to original text 1、 Before using it, let’s master what three things are used for. NPM: the package manager under nodejs. Webpack: its main purpose is to prepare all static resources that need to be published on browser side through commonjs syntax, such as resource merging and packaging. Vue cli: users […]

  • Using NSQ to generate PDF service by using NSQ under node (eggjs)


    The last article said ctx.service.pdf . index.generate (data) method is the core business method. Call service/pdf/ in root directory in egg index.js The generate method under. Here, let’s briefly introduce eggjs. Official website address: https://eggjs.org/zh-cn/basic… 。 Get to know eggjs Egg.js For enterprise level frameworks and ApplicationsWe should all know koa, and egg chose koa […]

  • Icon implementation of SAP ui5 web component


    Example: on the react application developed by my SAP ui5 web component, this plus icon is displayed: The plus sign icon is introduced into the react component Here, assign the Add button to the icon property of shellbaritem: The runtime effect is as follows: Let’s go back to what we imported in the code add.js […]

  • HTTP summary


    HTTP protocol (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) Background: http was originally designed to provide a way to publish and receive HTML pages Execution process 1. Enter web address 2. Domain name resolution (get IP address) 1) Query browser cache 2) Query OS cache (host file) 3) Operating system queries local DNS cache 4) Local DNS query root […]

  • Live HTML5 video using WebSockets


    This article was published in 2014 and is out of date! No more comments! Recently in a small project need to use related technology, found this article looks good, so the translation reprinted.Recently I’m interesting in these technologies and I’m working on a project related to it. I’ve found this useful article so I translated […]

  • Use electron to communicate between two processes (the main process and the rendering process)


    Use electron to communicate between two processes (the main process and the rendering process) The application examples of this series of articles have been published in GitHub: electron API demos zh_ Cn. You can clone or download it to view. Welcome to star adoptipcThe (interprocess communication) module allows you to send and receive synchronous and […]

  • Http / HTTPS request of IOS


    Charles installation HTTP packet capture HTTPS packet capture 1. Charles installation Download and install Charles: https://www.charlesproxy.com/download/ 2. HTTP packet capture (1) View computer IP address (2) Set mobile HTTP proxy Connect the mobile phone to the computer, click Settings > WLAN > connected WiFi, and set the HTTP proxy:Server IP address: 8888 After setting […]

  • Things encountered in H5 mobile terminal development


    The common ones areviewport、Force browser full screen、Web app mode of IOS、Clickable elements show shadows This article mainly talks about some other or practical optimization means. 1. Pop up the numeric keyboard AndroidFollowIOSYou can try it yourself. When regularization is appliedpatternAfter that, you don’t have to pay attention to itinputThe type of. 2. Call some functions […]

  • Building library library by webpack


    Building library In addition to packaging application code, webpack can also be used to package JavaScript libraries Application scenarios Refine the code of high wearable tools Building UI Library According to the business requirements, business components are encapsulated on the basis of other UI libraries … compatibility Users should be able to access the library […]