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  • On Ajax request and browser cache


    In modern web applications, the front-end code is full of a large number of Ajax requests. If you can use browser caching for Ajax requests, you can significantly reduce network requests and improve the response speed of the program. 1. Ajax Request Using the jQuery framework, you can easily make Ajax requests. The example code […]

  • The method of JSP to shield browser cache


    In this paper, JSP is used to shield browser cache. To share with you for your reference, as follows: In many cases, because of the browser’s buffer, the page can’t be loaded in time, so the data is wrong. In JSP, set the following lines of code. Every time the page opens, the browser will […]

  • Want to do browser long cache? You should know about the hash generated by webpack


    Children’s shoes, when you read this article, you are probably just looking for a webpack configuration article to teach, but listen to my brother and don’t search for anythingstartkitperhapsbest practiceArticles, especially Chinese ones, if you find them, remember to look at the time when they were written. Don’t look at articles that are more than […]

  • A Graph Understanding Http Caching


    Referring to some browser caching information, this paper summarizes its process through a graph. The first time a browser initiates a web serverhttpAfter the request, the server returns the requested resource and adds some caching fields to the response header, such as:Cache-Control、Expires、Last-Modified、ETag、DateWait. The browser then requests the resource from the server to use it as […]

  • Browser caching is enough to read this article


    As an important part of performance optimization, browser cache is very important for front-end. In the past, I always knew little about it, so I’m going to make a good summary of it this time. 1. Caching mechanism First of all, we will have a general sense of its matching process, as follows: Before the […]

  • What about HTTP caching in browsers


    Caching is the only way to improve user access speed, save bandwidth and reduce server pressure. The following are all for HTTP 1.1 to illustrate that HTTP caching is for browser clients, other third-party clients do not consider. What is Browser Cache Simply put, browser caching is to store a copy of a requested Web […]

  • [Quick Start Series] An article lets you get started with browser caching


    Introduction I remember when I interviewed front-end interns at Innovation Works, the interviewer once gave me a suggestion that I would be free to learn about the browser caching mechanism. It was very interesting. At that time, I forgot this sentence after I got the internship offer. Until the recruitment season, just before the end […]