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  • Centos7 nginx compilation and installation


    Installation and compilation environment You need to install the compilation environment make, GCC and G + + development library first yum -y install gcc automake autoconf libtool make yum install gcc gcc-c++ Install PCRE PCRE (Perl compatible regular expressions): Perl compatible regular expression library. The following compiled and installed source packages are placed in/usr/local/srcIn this […]

  • Enrich your log information: get line number and other information from Python call stack


    Log printing or message uploading in the program, such as Kafka message, etc. Among the frequently uploaded messages, the file name, line number, upper layer caller and other specific positioning messages in the stack information need to be uploaded. Python provides the following two methods: sys._getframe, basic method inspect.currentframeIn addition to the recommended method, providesys._getframeMethod, […]

  • Rethinking http3xx redirection mechanism


    Problem introduction When collecting data some time ago, we need to download the CDN log for analysis. The interface of log download is very complex, and there is no corresponding SDK. It only provides a shell script. Although it is convenient to use on Ubuntu, the redirection analysis in the script is very complex. So […]

  • Magic weapon recommendation: MAC Alfred workflow you must not miss


    In the last article, I introduced the chrome plug-in that I use frequently in my daily life. By the way, let’s introduce Alfred workflow, which is the most efficient workflow on Mac. Here’s a list of Alfred workflows I use most often: (almost every day) Different plug-ins may have different versions developed by different authors. […]

  • Indispensable program burying point


    Purpose of burial point For this modification of the data statistical analysis program buried point, just for the statistical data in some difficult to find errors, all let the program take the initiative to run out. However, as long as the statistics are actively thrown out, they are all buried points. Data burying point is […]

  • Three ways to solve your Ubuntu security problem


    This article mainly introduces the following three parts Installation and use of anti virus engine ClamAV Ubuntu UFW restricted access address Ubuntu user failed to connect and lock the specified time Installation and use of anti virus engine ClamAV brief introduction ClamAV is an open source anti-virus engine for detecting viruses, Trojans, malware and other […]

  • Master bitcoin in 21 days


    Recently, more and more people have come into contact with bitcoin. I have also added two groups. The group friends are standard K-line party and trend party. In short, many of them are chasing up and down. Find the time to enter from every mutation of the K line, and leave when it reaches the […]

  • Analysis of UNIX domain socket


    unix domain socket UNIX domain socket is developed on the socket architecture, which is used for inter process communication (IPC) of the same host. It does not need to go through the network protocol stack, package and unpack, calculate the check sum, maintain the serial number and reply, and just copies the application layer data […]

  • Python automation operation and maintenance


    Here are some common doubts about getting started with Python, which are listed below. 1. If you use Python 3.5.2, but the production environment of most companies is Linux, the default Python is 2.6.6, and you don’t have permission to change it. In this case, what’s a good way? Python2 generally has a third-party library, […]

  • Hold on, my colleagues who are still crawling in the code mountain


    “There are only two hard things in Computer Science: cache invalidation and naming things.” — Phil Karlton In the computer world, there are only two difficult things: cache invalidation and object naming. It’s not a joke. It’s easy to write code, but reading other people’s code will vary from person to person. Good engineers write […]

  • Using ab and wrk to benchmark Tencent CLS


    Use AB and wrk to stress test Tencent cloud log service CLS, and take AB and wrk as examples to illustrate ab AB, whose full name is Apache benchmark, is an official tool of Apache. This tool is used to test the performance of Apache server. Check the service capability of the server installed with […]

  • Python deconstruction and encapsulation


    Asking questions Let’s look at the following code first x = 1 y = 2 tmp = x x = y y = tmp print(x, y) The output of the code is: 2 1 Look at the following code: x = 1 y = 2 x, y = y, x print(x, y) The output of […]