• [dry goods!!] Understand redis cache penetration, breakdown and avalanche in three sentences


    preface How to effectively understand and distinguish the differences between IDS penetration, breakdown and avalanche has always bothered me. In particular, penetration and breakdown are confused after a period of time. In order to effectively help the author himself and friends with the same troubles, distinguish these three scenes. The author summarizes somekey word, I […]

  • [get the interviewer] series: bloom filter, a sharp weapon to avoid cache penetration


    introduction In the process of development or interview, we often encounter such problems as massive data need to be queried, how to avoid cache breakdown during second kill, etc? Mastering the knowledge points introduced in this article will help you gallop in your future work and interview. Bloom filter concept Bloom filter, the legendary bloom […]

  • Principle and application of Bloom filter


    Bloom filter was proposed by bloom in 1970. It’s actually a long binary vector plus a series of random functions. When we formally talk about bloom filter, we should first talk about this topic:When solving engineering problems, these two Boolean states are not the only answers to many questions:Yes or noThere may be two states:There […]

  • 5. How to de duplicate when the amount of data is huge?


    1. Bloom filter We usually brush today’s headlines. Today’s headlines will recommend new content to us. It should be repeated every time and remove the content we have seen. The problem is, how to push to remove the duplicate? Subconsciously, we will think that we have recorded the news recommended to users in the database. […]

  • What are cache breakdown, avalanche, and penetration


    With the increasing popularity of the Internet and more and more users, the system performance bottleneck has become a more and more popular topic. There are many technical means to solve performance problems, such as caching, CDN acceleration, page static, clustering, distributed, asynchronous and so on.         cacheUsually regarded as the first technical […]

  • Redis bloom filter


    I. Introduction to bloom filter Bloom filter is a data structure similar to set proposed by bloom in 1970. It is actually a long binary vector and a series of random mapping functions. Bloom filter can be used to retrieve whether an element is in a set, but the retrieval result is not very accurate. […]

  • 5 minutes to master bloom filter


    Bloom filter Bloom filter is a filter made ofDigit groupandMultiple hash functionsForm a probability data structure and return two resultsMay existandIt must not exist。 An element in a bloom filter consists of multiple elementsStatus valueJointly determine. Bit group storageStatus value, hash function calculationStatus valueThe location of the. According to its algorithm structure, it has the […]

  • HBase advanced features and rowkey design analysis in big data development


    Big data trainingIn the process of learning, we often use the advanced features of HBase. Before describing the advanced features of HBase and the treatment of hot issues, we first review the characteristics of HBase: distributed, column storage, support for real-time reading and writing, and the stored data type is byte array byte [], which […]

  • Dry goods, use bloom filter to achieve efficient cache!


    preface This paper mainly describes the use of bloom filtering to achieve efficient caching. In this paper, the array is used as the cache. If high concurrency hit is required, the array in this paper needs to be replaced by redis database. Bloom filtration The creation process of bloom cache is as follows: 1. First […]

  • On the set get of redis


    What is the bloom filter This (reference address) is used in Java projects. Let’s talk about it today The name is the same as every law. You ask why it is called Newton’s law, because it was invented or discovered by Newton. What can he do? It maps a binary vector to a function. Bloom […]

  • Principle and application scenario of Bloom filter


    1. What is a bloom filter Bloom filter was proposed by bloom in 1970. It is actually composed of a long binary vector and a series of random mapping functions. Bloom filter can be used to query whether an element is in a set. Its advantage is that its space and time efficiency are much […]

  • 6、 Redis’s cache exception handling — cache avalanche, cache breakdown, cache penetration


    In the process of practical application of redis, if redis is used as the cache of the database, we often encounter these problems: cache avalanche, cache breakdown, cache penetration, etc. Cache avalanche Cache avalanche means,of large numberThe application cannot be processed in the redis cache, and then a large number of requests are sent to […]