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  • A cool background management of Vue + canvas


    Another cool background management of Vue + cnavas, which is still separated from the front end and the back end (opened with PC, not adapted to the mobile end). Project address: https://github.com/hzzly/canv…Demo address: http://hjingren.cn/curriculum…Account No.: hzzly password: 123456Welcome to star~ Technology stack Reception: vue-cli vue vue-router webpak canvas ajax backstage: wamp PHP(ThinkPHP) mysql Function description […]

  • Jtopo entry simple implementation of topology


    Recently, we need to draw a topology map in our project, so we studied the components of drawing a topology map. Jtopo is a relatively simple and easy-to-use development kit, which can be shared with you. Characteristics of jtopo 1. Developed entirely based on HTML5 canvas, the API is approachable and almost simple to the […]

  • Using canvas to realize web gesture unlocking


    Recently, I took part in the front-end Star project of 360 summer vacation. There is an online assignment. The deadline is March 30. Let me manually unlock an H5 gesture. The specific effect is just like that of the original mobile phone. The final effect of the implementation is as follows: The basic requirement is […]

  • Notes on Linux basic learning (a bash shell)


    Linux (learning notes based on the complete book of Linux command line and shell script programming) 4 more bash shells PS command The PS command supports three different types of command line parameters UNIX style parameters with a single broken line in front BSD style parameters, no broken line in front Long parameter of gun […]

  • Aachartkit — powerful, beautiful and easy to use open source IOS chart Library


    English Document 🇬🇧 | Simplified Chinese document | Traditional Chinese document Your favoriteAAChartKitOpen source chart library is now moreswiftVersion is available, please click the link below for details Portal https://github.com/AAChartModel/AAChartKit-Swift preface AAChartKitProject, yesAAInfographicsOfObjective-CLanguage version, is in the popular open source front-end chart libraryHighchartsThis is probably the most exquisite third-party IOS open source chart library on […]

  • Echarts displays multiple data in a single line / bar chart floating window


    The solution lies in the data. First of all, the data can be in the form of a JSON array, such as the name, “, value:” in the official API, and so on. Value is the key value for echart to identify the line graph.1. Look at the data format data:[ { value:”100″, Name: “Zhang […]

  • Front end daily battle No. 171: draw a beautiful snowflake with pure CSS


    Last night, it snowed heavily in Beijing. Let’s draw a snowflake with CSS to welcome the white and beautiful world! 1、 Effect preview Press the “click preview” button on the right to preview on the current page, and click the link to preview in full screen. https://codepen.io/comehope/pen/LYEeRBb 2、 Source code download Please download all the […]

  • Teigha.net entity attribute comment


    Polyline3d: The type of 3D polyline is stored by the polytype attribute, It is an integer value defined by the poly3dtype enumeration. Polytype property is an approximate method of drawing 3D polyline Polyline3d polyline = new Polyline3d(Poly3dType.SimplePoly, p3dc, false); Closed or not: polyline.Closed = false;   The polytype property can be used to set and […]

  • Processing method of Vue integrated jtopo


      Jtopo help Notes website http://www.jtopo.com/index.html       Use example: http://www.jtopo.com/demo/helloworld.html It is not recommended to install the code on GitHub directly, because the code version is not up-to-date and some functions are not implemented.   Download the latest JS class library file and put it in the public folder of the Vue project. […]