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  • Talk about flynk’s timecharacteristic


    order This paper mainly studies the timecharacteristic of Flink TimeCharacteristic flink-streaming-java_2.11-1.7.0-sources.jar!/org/apache/flink/streaming/api/TimeCharacteristic.java /** * The time characteristic defines how the system determines time for time-dependent * order and operations that depend on time (such as time windows). */ @PublicEvolving public enum TimeCharacteristic { /** * Processing time for operators means that the operator uses the system […]

  • Unity parsing JSON data


    1. Use jsonutility to parse Jsonutility is a JSON parsing tool that comes with unity. 1.1 create an object class that interprets data It should be noted that each method needs to be serialized using [system. Serializable] using System.Collections; using System.Collections.Generic; using UnityEngine; [System.Serializable] public class LaneelDrivePathsData { /// <summary> /// /// </summary> public string […]

  • How to open and use the screen recording tool of win7 system — win10 Professional Edition


    Win7 system comes with many practical functions, such as drawing, screenshot, notepad and so on, which are often used by us. Sometimes in order to record the operation video on the computer screen, we send it to each other for watching or learning video in class. Some win7 users have installed screen recording tools, but […]

  • GitHub badge production


    I wrote a Travis tutorial on golang continuous integration service a long time ago. Today I will write about how to make common badges on GitHub. Make your open source project bigger and your code more robust The meaning of the badge When you browse an open source project, you see various badges. Some badges […]

  • Storage function (I) — create storage function


    Previously, we listed many MySQL built-in functions, but sometimes the built-in functions can not meet our needs. At this time, we need to customize the storage function. The storage function is somewhat similar to the stored procedure. In short, it is to encapsulate a piece of SQL code, complete a specific function and return results. […]

  • Redis performance test


    redis-benchmark Pressure test tool, official performance test toolThe specific parameters are as follows, from the rookie tutorial Let’s have a simple test #Test: 100 concurrent connections 100000 requests #Start redis redis-server /usr/local/bin/redisconfig/redis.conf redis-benchmark -h localhost -p 7379 -c 100 -n 100000 How do I view the analysis? This work adoptsCC agreement, reprint must indicate the […]

  • An error is reported when the Mac OS is upgraded to version 11.0


    Yesterday, I updated the MAC system from 10.15 to 11.0. It was found that PHP startup will always report errors, which roughly means that the extended Memcache. So is missing and drunk. PHP in my local environment comes with Mac OS. Then I downloaded the Memcache source code and tried to recompile it. During this […]

  • Typescript quick start


    catalogue What is typescript Why learn typescript Quickly build a development environment 1. Install node.js 2. Install the typescript compiler using NPM that comes with node 3. Configure vscode editing environment 4. Test environment What is typescript Why learn typescript Microsoft support promotion Open Source Include JS, not just JS, and strengthen many weaknesses of […]

  • IOS QR code scanning and generation


    IOS QR code scanning and generation preface Recently, because of work needs, I have to do a QR code scanning function, and then I searched the relevant content. The built-in framework avfoundation of ios7 can realize the functions related to QR code scanning. In addition, it can also use third-party libraries: ZBar SDK and zxing […]

  • Bootstrap learning environment installation


    1、<meta http-equiv=”X-UA-Compatible” content=”IE=edge”> Let ie run the latest rendering mode. 2、<meta name=”viewport” content=”width=device-width, initial-scale=1″> Initialize mobile browsing display. width=device-width: make the width equal to the width of the device. initial-scale=1: set the initial scale to 1, i.e. no scaling. 3、 <!–[if lt IE 9]> <script></script> <script></script> <![endif]–> (1)<script></script> Ie version is lower than IE9, so […]

  • Sublime text2 SVN setting problem


    Today, I searched the SVN plug-in of sublime text2. After a long time, I finally found something written on my blog and pointed out the problem. It turned out that the SVN version is too low. The solution is posted here. You can have a look~ In fact, I just used it as a memo!! […]

  • Mixphp V3 adds PHP FPM and cli server support


    MixPHPV3 is mainly driven by swoole and workerman, because these two platforms have strong performance. However, most PHP developers are API developers and web programmers. Hot update may be the biggest rigid demand, so I am very interested in itVegaAn extension has been made to enable mixphp to increase the support of PHP FPM and […]