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  • Step 1: introduction and installation of Python + Anaconda + pycharm


    There are several concepts python interpreter Py source code parsing tool for binary machine language.We usually say that installing Python means installing the Python interpreter.Note: python2 is not compatible with python3! Python editorAs the name suggests, the most commonly used is pychar.Others are: Download Python interpreter with idle; Chapter notebook, etc. Package management toolsOne of […]

  • 1.3.0-alpha04 Fragment result api


    On April 29, 2020, the  androidx. fragment:fragment : version 1.3.0-alpha 04, the modified version discards the previous fragment data transmission mode and adds a new API, as shown in the figure below   In the past, fragments should have been used to transfer data. There are many ways to obtain fragment instances, arguments, callbacks, and […]

  • Spark single deployment


    Record the stand-alone deployment of sparkFinally, you can run through the example of spark, but some parameters may need to be adjustedSuppose you have deployed HadoopFirst, Download Scala and spark scala: http://www.scala-lang.org/download/ spark: http://spark.apache.org/downloads.html Then install Scala: The installation of scale is very simple. After decompressing, you can configure the environment variables and use them […]

  • No article can be found in the navigation of all pages 404 of WordPress


    Today, I changed the fixed links of WordPress, and found that all the pages are 404, and the classified directory navigation can’t find the articles. Then I searched for the settings for half a day, and finally found that the rules of nginx were set location / { try_files $uri $uri/ /index.php?$args; } rewrite /wp-admin$ […]

  • Django experience


    I have used many web development frameworks. I refer to the web development method Django with the upsurge of Python. I have also used Java’s spring MVC and ror framework before. On the development of more common problems, talk about their own superficial views. Structure:The language system, development habits and the relative definition of Java […]

  • Renren mall second open – frequently asked questions – database field inexplicable plus number


    In use of micro engine database operation of its own functionLike PDO_ insert pdo_ update pdo_ Delete, etcIn the case of this situation, I found the reasons after I finally solved it: “Wrong data table field…”For example: $data[‘id’]=1; $data[‘title’]=’2222′; pdo_insert(‘user’,$data); In the database, it’s not title but name. Here it should be $data [‘name ‘]. […]

  • Install CUDA 11.0, cudnn 8.0.5, pytorch 1.7.0 in Ubuntu 20.04


          Please indicate the source of reprinthttps://www.cnblogs.com/booturbo/p/13960935.html   Because of a computer vulnerability, I replaced Ubuntu 18.04 with 20.04 a few days ago,However, we have to re install pytorch and other environments. Only cuda11.0 or above supports Ubuntu 20.04, so cuda11.0, cudn8.0.5 and pytorch 1.7.0 are installed. Record the process here for later […]

  • Configuration file of Django framework


    configuration file mysite/settings.py Database configuration Django uses SQLite as the database by default DATABASES = { ‘default’: { ‘ENGINE’: ‘django.db.backends.sqlite3’, ‘NAME’: BASE_DIR / ‘db.sqlite3’, } } Configure time zone and language LANGUAGE_CODE = ‘zh-Hans’ TIME_ZONE = ‘Asia/Shanghai’ Configure loaded applications INSTALLED_ Apps defines Django applications that are enabled in the project. An application can be […]

  • E-commerce project 2020-11-29


    E-commerce projects Work content on November 28, 2020 Complete the user login function 1. User login logic analysis Core: user authentication and state keeping State keeping: through state keeping, you can know whether the user logs in or not, which is convenient for subsequent judgment and function development Using Django’s own login to keep the […]

  • MacOS + python3 + vscode environment configuration


    1. Install vscodehttps://code.visualstudio.com/2. Install python3 (MacOS comes with 2.7, but we choose not to use it!)https://www.python.org/downlo…3. Open vscode and install Python extension 4. Install linter Directly click Install to install automatically. After installation, there will be code prompt and automatic filling 5. open setting.json Files, searching python.pythonPath , add in the workspace settings on the […]

  • Why did I switch from PHP to go?


    Today, a classmate asked me why I changed from PHP to go?I haven’t thought about it before. Here I record some advantages of go compared with PHPThis article does not mean to belittle PHP, PHP has also been spirited The running environment is simple Golang official provides a clear way to install the environmentPHP has […]