• Modelarts black technology reveals the secret of intelligent evaluation and diagnosis of the model, so that the model can have a “physical examination”


    Abstract: Huawei cloud AI development platform modelarts black technology supports ai r & D, makes model development more efficient and simpler, and reduces the landing threshold of AI in the industry. Comprehensive visual evaluation and intelligent diagnosis function enable developers to intuitively understand all aspects of the performance of the model, so as to carry […]

  • PHP implements a simple image edge detection


    A simple image edge detection method General steps: Zoom pictures for efficiency Image graying Calculate edges based on brightness The third step is the most critical. There are many methods used here to directly compare the adjacent brightness. usage method: install composer require lizhichao/one-img use $img_path = ‘1.jpg’; $img = new \OneImg\Border(); $img->setImg($img_path) ->scale(300, 300) […]

  • The method of adjusting the brightness of screen on the computer of Linux system


    Let’s start with a general approachNote: the following operations do not need sudo administrator authority, just use the current user.1. Open a terminal to check the maximum brightness value of the machine.Input command: Copy code The code is as follows: cat /sys/class/backlight/acpi_video0/max_brightness The output shows a number. For example, Xiaobian’s is 15. As shown in […]

  • Swiftui brightness setting view image color


    Swiftui brightness setting view image color The brightness modifier can set the light and shade of the view, and we can adjust the highlight of the view from 0% to 100%. The value and harvest of this paper After reading this article, you will be able to make the following interface After reading this article, […]

  • Automatic backlight algorithm – Android 8.1


    In this paper, based on the work of automatic backlight notes, expand the next, record the automatic backlight algorithm.Based on Android 8.1, the code can be referred to http://androidxref.com/8.1.0_ …Android 9 adds a so-called machine learning algorithm to regenerate curves according to the brightness and light perception of users when they adjust them,The slide bar […]

  • JS regular judgment color value, hex to RGB, HSL to RGB


    Color value judgment /(^#[0-9A-F]{6}$)|(^#[0-9A-F]{3}$)/i.test(‘#009a61’) /^rgb/.test(‘rgb(0, 154, 97)’) /^hsl/.test(‘hsl(0, 0%, 20%)’) Hex color values are converted to RGB // Colors function hexToRgb(hexValue) { const rgx = /^#?([a-f\d])([a-f\d])([a-f\d])$/i; const hex = hexValue.replace(rgx, (m, r, g, b) => r + r + g + g + b + b ); const rgb = /^#?([a-f\d]{2})([a-f\d]{2})([a-f\d]{2})$/i.exec(hex); const r = parseInt(rgb[1], […]