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  • Introduction, installation, configuration and use of freetds


    What is freetdsIn short, freetds is a program library that can access Microsoft’s SQL database under Linux system! Freetds is an open source (if you like, it can be called free) library. It is the re implementation of TDS (tabular data flow) protocol. It can be used in the DB lib or CT lib Library […]

  • Introduction and foundation of Ajax


    This section introduces (asynchronous link server object) XMLHttpRequest and Ajax. AJAX is “asynchronous JavaScript and XML”. Ajax has four advantages: 1. It reduces the burden of the server. 2 brings better user experience. 3. It is widely supported based on standards. 4. Better page presentation and data separation. Technical name technical descriptionJavaScript JavaScript is a […]

  • Redis tutorial (1): introduction to redis


    1、 Introduction: In the past few years, NoSQL database has become a synonym for high concurrency and massive data storage solutions, and its corresponding products have also shown a springing up vitality. However, there are only a few products that can stand out, such as redis, mongodb, BerkeleyDB and CouchDB. Due to the different characteristics […]

  • Mongodb series tutorial (2): introduction to mongodb


    Mongodb introduction     Mongodb is a product between relational database and non relational database. It has the most abundant functions and is the most like relational database. The data structure he supports is very loose, which is similar to the bjson format of JSON, so it can store more complex data types. The biggest feature of […]

  • Basic concepts and techniques in Web Development


    Today, this article introduces some basic concepts and technologies used in web development for beginners. There are 26 items from a to Z, each corresponding to a concept or technology. A — AJAX AJAX is called “asynchronous JavaScript and XML” (asynchronous JavaScript and XML). It is a web development technology to create interactive web applications. […]

  • Introduction to Ajax Power Node Java Academy Arrangement


    AJAX is not a specification of JavaScript. It’s just an abbreviation for a buddy’s “invention”: Asynchronous JavaScript and XML, which means executing asynchronous network requests with JavaScript. If you look closely at a Form submission, you will find that once the user clicks the “Submit” button and the form starts submitting, the browser refreshes the […]

  • Introduction to gsettings and its common operation


    First, try to explain briefly the relationship between several nouns. Gsettings provides command-line operations on GSetings. GSetings is actually a set of advanced APIs for manipulating dconf. Dconf stores the configuration of GNOME3 in binary format. It exists as a back-end system of GSettings, exposing low-level APIs. In the era of GNOME2, a similar role […]

  • WAP Tutorial (1): Introduction to WAP – XML/XSLT


    WAP protocol is designed to display Internet content on wireless clients such as mobile phones.WAP protocol is designed to display Internet content on wireless clients such as mobile phones.The basic knowledge you should haveBefore continuing your study, you need to have a basic understanding of the following knowledge:If you want to learn these projects first, […]