• VirtualBox NAT network configuration


    VirtualBox itself comes with a connection mode of NAT network address translation, which can be used directly without configuration. Since there are ready-made direct options, why configure NAT networks?The reason is that the default NAT network has a preset network segment * * * *, which is not a problem.Only when the project VPN […]

  • Questions about the virtual machine just downloaded


    1、 Problems during downloading It is recommended to uncheck it during installation. (version update is a troublesome thing. If you are not careful, there will be something wrong with the environment.) Then the next point is next. The following operations are basically normal operations. 2、 The opened virtual machine has a black frame, and the […]

  • Bridging mode of design mode


    Bridge mode, also known as bridge mode, belongs to structural mode, which means thatAbstractionAndRealization decoupling , so that the two can be changed independently. It is implemented by using composition relationship instead of inheritance relationship, which reduces the coupling between the two variable dimensions of abstraction and implementation. Abstraction The common conceptual connection existing in […]

  • Decorator mode of design mode


    Decorator mode is also called packaging mode and data structure mode; It refers to the mode of dynamically adding some responsibilities (i.e. adding additional functions) to the modified object without changing the existing object structure. In Starbucks coffee shop, there are different types of coffee, such as longblack, decaf, espresso, etc. milk, soymilk, chocolate and […]

  • Detailed explanation of three network configurations of Linux


    Before introducing the network mode, use a few simple commands about the network Ifup eth0 / / start the network card eth0 Ifdown eth0 / / turn off the network card eth0 /Etc/network/interfaces / / network configuration file /etc/init. D/networking / / network service location /etc/init. D/networking restart / / restart the network /etc/resolv. Conf […]

  • Structural type: v Bridging mode


    What is the bridging mode Bridge mode: bridge is a structural design mode, which can split business logic or a large class into different hierarchies, so that it can be developed independently. Why bridge mode For two independently changing dimensions, the bridging mode is perfect How to implement the bridge mode Here, computer and printer […]

  • Journey of cloud native applications — kubernetes growth story | eighth stop: exploring challenges in travel 3


    This is the eighth article in this series. As the contents of this series of articles are progressive, if you haven’t seen the previous contents, you are welcome to look back through the following links to establish the necessary foundation, and then embark on the journey of cloud native applications with us. First met kubernetes […]

  • Bridge bridging mode


    >>Return to c# common design mode 1. Introduction 2. Examples 3. Advantages and disadvantages 3.1. advantage 3.2. shortcoming 3.3. Applicable environment 1. Introduction definition Decouple the abstract part from its implementation part, so that both can change independently Crayons and brushes Crayons come in different sizes and colors. Use whatever you need Brushes are divided […]

  • Docker learning notes – installing CentOS 7.8 on virtual machine VM


    Virtual machine VM version: VMware Workstation Pro 16 Chinese virtual machine software professional version You can download it from the official website or through the link below Download address: http://www.epinv.com/post/11817.html https://dl.iplaysoft.com/files/1843.htmlAfter opening the link, click the following button: CentOS version: 7.8.2003 * x64 Download address: http://mirrors.aliyun.com/centos/7.8.2003/isos/x86_64/ Choose the DVD ordinary version. If your network speed […]

  • PHP design pattern – bridge mode


      definition: Bridge mode:Separate the abstract part from its implementation part so that they can change independently.   Structure: Abstraction: abstract class. RefindAbstraction: abstract classes that are refined. Implementor: implementation class. ConcreteImplementor: concrete implementation class. Client: client code.   Code example: Next, use the code to realize an example of color combination. There are three […]

  • Network security – connecting virtual machines to the network (Graphic steps)


    @ catalogue Catalogue of series articles preface 1. Set bridge mode 2. Set IP address 3. View virtual machine IP address 4. Ping the virtual machine summary Catalogue of series articles Tip: start learning network security! Column lesson one! preface Connecting virtual machines to the network is the first step in various network attack and […]

  • One month serializing 30 real cases of design patterns (with source code attached), challenging the annual salary of 60W is not a dream


    All the contents of this article are selected from “this is how to learn design patterns” This article will continue to be serialized from October 29, 2021. Please pay continuous attention to preface Design patterns: elements of Reusable Object Oriented Software (hereinafter referred to as “design patterns”), a Book Co authored by Erich gamma, Richard […]