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  • Example usage and code analysis of PHP bridge mode


    explain 1. Combine two unrelated classes together, and then use the methods and attributes in the two classes to output a new result. 2. The structure is divided into abstraction abstract class, refindabstraction refined abstract class, implementor implementation class, concreteimplementor concrete implementation class and client code. example /** *Color abstract class * Class Colour */ […]

  • Solve the problem that VMware 15 centos7 bridging mode SSH suddenly cannot be accessed


    Because I want the virtual machine to have its own LAN IP, I use bridging, which is convenient for testing Here comes the question: 1. SSH suddenly fails to connect, and the items on the virtual machine cannot be accessed 2. The virtual machine is networked as usual, and there is no problem pinging with […]

  • PHP design mode (6) bridge connection mode


    This paper describes the PHP design pattern: bridge mode. For your reference, the details are as follows: 1. Overview In software system, some types have two or more dimensional changes due to their own logic. How to deal with such “multi-dimensional changes”? How to use object-oriented technology to make the type easily change along multiple […]