• How to access the host in docker


    Docker for Mac has no docker 0 bridge When using docker, you should pay attention to the differences between platforms. For example, the implementation of docker for Mac is different from the standard docker specification. Docker daemon of docker for Mac runs in the virtual machine (xhive), Instead of running as a process on the […]

  • Docker container Network – Basics


    _ Link:https://www.cnblogs.com/sally…Author: Mr_ Zack_ The technology of docker depends on the development of virtualization technology of Linux kernel. The network technologies used by docker include network namespace, Veth device pair, iptables / Netfilter, bridge, routing, etc. Next, I will describe the basic technology of docker container network implementation, which can form a solid basic knowledge […]

  • IP configuration of centos7 docker container accessing host


    Scene description staycentos7functiondockerWhen the container is applied, it is necessary to connect the host’smysqlOf3306Port. It is found that it cannot be connected,dockerThe container cannot access the host’smysqlDatabase. However, it is possible to access the external network within the containerpingIt’s all right. Cause analysis staycentos7Upper DepartmentdockerContainer, whose network mode isbridgepattern.start-updockerWhen,dockerThe process creates adocker0Virtual bridge for communication […]

  • Simple understanding of three network models of docker single machine


    The network model of contact in those years In daily development, the earliest contact is the network model in the virtual machine (VMware, VirtualBox). The network driver under docker is an important part of docker architecture in dealing with network virtualization. The main default can be seen as the following three types. [email protected]:/etc# docker network […]

  • Docker learning notes: multi container deployment with docker compose (environment: centos7)


    Demonstration in the previous section:Docker learning notes – view the application running log deployed in docker (environment: centos7) Next, we demonstrate multi container deployment with docker compose. Although the previous chapter demonstration can realize the requirement function, it is obviously very troublesome to maintain in the production environment, so the next demonstration realizes one click […]

  • Linux virtual network technology


    Network Namespace Network namespace is a function provided by Linux kernel, which is an important function to realize network virtualization. It can create multiple isolated cyberspace with their own network stack information. Whether it is a virtual machine or a container, it seems that they are in a separate network when running. Moreover, the resources […]

  • Four network modes of docker


    Implementation principle Docker bridging using Linux (RefLinux virtual network technology)When the host machine virtual a docker container bridge (docker 0), the docker will assign an IP address to the container according to the network segment of the docker bridge, which is called container IP. At the same time, the docker bridge is the default gateway […]

  • PHP design mode (6) bridge connection mode


    This paper describes the PHP design pattern: bridge mode. For your reference, the details are as follows: 1. Overview In software system, some types have two or more dimensional changes due to their own logic. How to deal with such “multi-dimensional changes”? How to use object-oriented technology to make the type easily change along multiple […]

  • Docker learning notes — net core project container connecting to MSSQL container (environment: centos7)


    The previous section shows how to install MSSQL in dockerAnd (7) connect with Navi SQL Server This section demonstrates the interconnection between the. Net core project container and the MSSQL container! 1. Create a bridge in bridge mode and connect the bridge to the MSSQL container Net, and create a new. Net bridge container and […]

  • Docker learning notes — net core application container connects redis container through network bridge (environment: centos7)


    The previous section shows how to connect the SQL server container through the application containerDocker learning notes — net core project container connecting to MSSQL container (environment: centos7) This section demonstrates the installation of redis container, which is connected through the bridge precondition: . net core project needs to support redis read-write function and configure […]

  • Docker learning notes part one: install MySQL and use Navicat connection test (environment: centos7)


    Install MySQL 8.0 in docker. Refer to the following documents: https://www.runoob.com/docker/docker-install-mysql.html docker pull mysql:8.0 Create the container and link to the bridge test_ Network, how to create a network bridge, refer to:Docker learning notes — net core project container connecting to MSSQL container (environment: centos7) docker run -d –name=mysql -p 3306:3306 -e MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=Aa123456 –network=test_network mysql:8.0 […]

  • Docker container Network – Implementation


    In the previous section:Docker container Network – Basic The article mentioned the dependence of container network on Linux virtualization technology. In this chapter, we will explore how docker works. Usually, the network of Linux container is isolated in its own network namespace, including network interface, loopback device, routing table and iptables rules. For a process, […]