• Detailed tutorial on configuring the bridge on Ubuntu system


    A bridge is a hardware device used to interconnect two or more data link layers (the second layer in the OSI seven layer model) so that network devices on different network segments can access each other. When you want to interconnect multiple virtual machines or Ethernet interfaces in a host, you need to have a […]

  • Centos 7. Install kubernetes on X-ray


    For image download, domain name resolution and time synchronization, please clickAlibaba cloud open source mirror station Install dependent packages yum install -y conntrack ntpdate ntp ipvsadm ipset jq iptables curl systat libseccomp wget vim net-tools git iptables-services Turn off the firewall and set rules for iptables systemctl stop firewalld && systemctl disable firewalld && systemctl […]

  • K8s cluster setup


    brief introduction There are two ways to cluster k8s mode advantage shortcoming kubeadm Simple and fast Unable to better understand the relationship between k8s components Binary package installation Tedious and complicated It is possible to better understand the relationship between k8s cluster components The cluster is also divided into simple and complex versions. This tutorial […]

  • Build a platform based on CentOS 7 Spice server for X


    Since learning python, I have been operating on Linux. I feel that Linux supports Python more friendly. Python versions 2 and 3 are installed by default.In order to create a better Python development environment, I am going to use my own windows office machine and make use of the remote connection feature of spice to […]

  • Using kubernetes series from 0 to 1 (seven): Network


    This article is the seventh in the kubernetes series from 0 to 1Using kubernetes series from 0 to 1 (VI): actual combat of data persistenceThis paper introduces several common storage types in kubernetes, and this paper will introduce the contents related to k8s network. Containers running on different hosts cannot access each other through IP, […]

  • Connect smart contract to twitter API


    Social media platforms such as twitter have rich data and show the hot topics concerned by people all over the world. We are entering a data-driven world, and chainlink provides a channel to safely connect this huge data set to the world on the chain, bringing the reliability and transparency of smart contracts to our […]

  • Interoperability between jetpack compose and view


    Jetpack Compose Interoperability Compose is so popular that it is inevitable to worry about compatibility when using new technologies for existing projectsFor compose, at least the combination with view is seamless(at present, compose is to be adopted in existing projects, and the problems to be solved at the initial stage may be to upgrade gradle […]

  • Linux Bridge vlan filtering


    After Linux bridge supports VLAN filtering function, we no longer need to divide VLAN by sub interface, which simplifies VLAN configuration. 1. Bridge VLAN description man bridgeWe can see that Linux configures VLAN filtering through the following commands: bridge vlan { add | del } dev DEV vid VID [ pvid ] [ untagged ] […]

  • About ADB’s Android debug Bridge


    1. Function of ADB ADB is the abbreviation of Android debug bridge, which is used to control the operation of mobile phone through computer code script (or computer program, etc.). 2. Whether the ADB is installed or not: To judge whether the ADB installation is successful (including the “environment variable” has been configured), just press […]

  • How to access the host in docker


    Docker for Mac has no docker 0 bridge When using docker, you should pay attention to the differences between platforms. For example, the implementation of docker for Mac is different from the standard docker specification. Docker daemon of docker for Mac runs in the virtual machine (xhive), Instead of running as a process on the […]

  • Docker container Network – Basics


    _ Link:https://www.cnblogs.com/sally…Author: Mr_ Zack_ The technology of docker depends on the development of virtualization technology of Linux kernel. The network technologies used by docker include network namespace, Veth device pair, iptables / Netfilter, bridge, routing, etc. Next, I will describe the basic technology of docker container network implementation, which can form a solid basic knowledge […]

  • IP configuration of centos7 docker container accessing host


    Scene description staycentos7functiondockerWhen the container is applied, it is necessary to connect the host’smysqlOf3306Port. It is found that it cannot be connected,dockerThe container cannot access the host’smysqlDatabase. However, it is possible to access the external network within the containerpingIt’s all right. Cause analysis staycentos7Upper DepartmentdockerContainer, whose network mode isbridgepattern.start-updockerWhen,dockerThe process creates adocker0Virtual bridge for communication […]