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  • SSH framework spring part 3


    1.1 AOP overview 1.1.1 what is AOP? AOP: the full name is aspect oriented programming. It is a technology that realizes unified maintenance of program functions through precompiling and runtime dynamic agent In short, it is to extract the repeated code of our program. When it needs to be executed, it uses the technology of […]

  • Spring 5 Reference Guide: AspectJ annotations


    What is AspectJ annotation To use AOP in spring, there are two ways, one is annotation, the other is XML configuration. This article mainly explains how to open spring AOP through annotation. @AspectJ is a style of declaring aspects to annotate Java classes with annotations. @The AspectJ style was introduced by the AspectJ project as […]

  • Spring – Implementing AOP with Annotations (9)


    Annotations make the AOP code flow extremely simple, but we need to understand how they work. A few annotations can be added to our custom AOP implementation Note: To write notes to cut faces – > Aspect The entry point can be written directly on the enhancement with corresponding annotations. Add code identifying annotated automatic […]