• Debugging webpack


    Debugging webpack 1. Abstract If you have used webpack, you can’t find the edge when you are faced with hundreds of lines of configuration. Look at the documents, check Baidu, and look at the life cycle of its construction. In the end, I was at a loss. The reason is very simple, the build configuration […]

  • Layout of angular material (3): layout sub elements


    Layout sub elements Layout the child elements within the container To customize the size and location of elements in a layout container, use theflex,flex-orderandflex-offsetProperties: <div layout=”row”> <div flex=”20″> [flex=”20″] </div> <div flex=”70″> [flex=”70″] </div> <div flex hide-sm hide-xs> [flex] </div> </div> takeflexDirective is added to the child element of the layout, and the child element […]

  • Debugging of flutter application


    Program debugging is a test conducted by hand or compiler before the program is put into operation. It is mainly used to correct syntax and logic errors. Program debugging is an essential step to ensure the correctness of computer information system.In the development of flutter application, Android studio and vscode are two common integrated development […]

  • Springboot setting default parameters Springboot.setDefaultProperties (map)


    We all know that springboot can be started directly with the boot class because of the built-in Tomcat (Middleware).And sometimes we want the code to set some default parameters for the program, so we use the method Springboot.setDefaultProperties (map) SpringApplication application = new SpringApplication(startClass); // Map<String, Object> params = new HashMap<>(); params.put(“lai.ws.test”,”test”); application.setDefaultProperties(params); ApplicationContext context […]

  • Complete the introduction of electronic in one breath


    introduce At present, the use of front-end technology to develop desktop applications has become more and more mature, which enables front-end students to participate in the development of desktop applications. At present, electronic is a similar tool, NW.js Etc. Here we will focus on electron. Development of electron Electron is based on Node.js And a […]

  • Debugging analysis of front-end JS problems in 15 springboot project


    Common problems of client JS in project Summary This section mainly lists several common problems of client. The solution of these problems should be analyzed by breakpoint, log and exclusion method combined with business, and then improved from practice

  • Interface test: 401 unauthorized


    Status code401 UnauthorizedRepresents a client error, which means that the request sent is not satisfied due to the lack of authentication credentials required by the target resource. When testing the interface, the above problem occurs. After the controller has hit a breakpoint, it does not jump after sending the request The controller is as follows: […]

  • TP5 paginate() dynamic paging hidden fields


    enterWhen the row model is paging query, you want to chain operation to hide the useless fields in the data, but there is no hidden () method          The hidden () method is not found in the model object after breakpoint debugging     Finally, you can see the hidden () method […]

  • First experience of react native – use JavaScript to write IOS app


    At the beginning of last year, I wrote a Chrome extension called “ten reading”, and I always wanted to write a ten reading app. However, in the late stage of cancer, the prototype was not completed until recently. In fact, I have written a hybrid app a long time ago, using the ionic framework, which […]

  • Analysis of spring AspectJ AOP bean creation


    Analysis of spring AspectJ AOP bean creation [email protected] //EnableAspectJAutoProxy.java @Target(ElementType.TYPE) @Retention(RetentionPolicy.RUNTIME) @Documented @Import(AspectJAutoProxyRegistrar.class) public @interface EnableAspectJAutoProxy { /** * Indicate whether subclass-based (CGLIB) proxies are to be created as opposed * to standard Java interface-based proxies. The default is {@code false}. */ boolean proxyTargetClass() default false; /** * Indicate that the proxy should be exposed […]

  • JavaScript basic conditional statement 2.0


    5. Conditional statement a. If statement Grammar:If (conditional expression) / / conditional expression: either true or false { The code to be executed if the condition is satisfied; } If else statement If (conditional expression) { Meet the conditions and execute the code; }else { Code executed if the condition is not met; } be […]

  • Vs code debugging complete strategy (1): basic knowledge


    Author: Charles szilagyi Crazy technology house Original text: https://charlesagile.com/debu… No reprint without permission In the next few articles, we’ll explore how to debug JavaScript and typescript code in a professional way. We’ll learn how to use the built-in debugger in Visual Studio code instead of lettingconsole.logFlying around. Vs code debugging complete introduction series directory Basic […]