• C + + foundation — pointer field pointer and free


    Repeated release of wild pointer Recently, a problem has been found. After a pointer is released twice, if it is not empty in the middle, an invalid address specified to rtlvalidateheap invalid heap address error will be reported. #include #include #include using namespace std; int main() { int* p = (int*)malloc(100); free(p); free(p); } To […]

  • How does nodejs code debug breakpoints?


    How does nodejs code debug breakpoints? As a server developer, it is the most basic ability to debug the code at breakpoints. Next, I will briefly introduce two debugging methods, one is dependent on the editor tool, the other is dependent on the Chrome browser (both methods are on the premise that nodejs is installed). […]

  • Wechat multi open principle of SDK interface API of PC wechat robot


    As we all know, under normal circumstances, the computer wechat client can only open one wechat. If you click again, you can’t open the second one. How is wechat implemented to prohibit a client from opening multiple wechat?Every time wechat starts, it calls the openmutesa() function. Wechat has its own mutex name. Every time this […]

  • Vscode cannot debug


    After a day’s toss, the debug extension of vscode can finally run normally It’s all dryOpen the PHP extension debugging tutorial according to the online vscode, but do not run the breakpoint according to the ideal state step by step. If you encounter this situation, you may encounter the same problem as me. First, check […]

  • Upgrade mybatis to mybatis plus


    preface Recently, ruoyi Vue was used to manage scaffolding in the background. Ruoyi Vue is a Java EE enterprise level rapid development platform, based on the combination of classic technologies (spring boot, spring security, mybatis, JWT, Vue), with built-in modules such as department management, role users, menu and button authorization, data permissions, system parameters, log […]

  • Debug Vue.js in VS Code


    step Open vscode and install debugger for chrome Creating Vue application with Vue cli3 Add “Vue. Config. JS” file to the project root path module.exports = { configureWebpack: { devtool: ‘source-map’ } } Add launch.json in. Vscode file: “version”: “0.2.0”, “configurations”: [ { “type”: “chrome”, “request”: “launch”, “name”: “vuejs: chrome”, “url”: “http://localhost:8080”, “webRoot”: “${workspaceFolder}/src”, “breakOnLoad”: […]

  • The best idea debug long article? After watching my Buddha


    Hello, I’m your Batman. Recently, I wrote several articles in IntelliJ idea series, and the response was very good. I thought about it, because it’s not about sharing some cracking methods, recommended plug-ins and topics, but it’s really helpful to work and useful to improve work efficiency. The students still have many pain points about […]

  • C + + server interview preparation (4) Linux and multithreading


    Statement: the content of this article is only for reference. If there is any mistake, the blogger strongly hopes you to point out. If you are the original blogger of a certain knowledge point, if necessary, you can contact me and add a link. The content of this article will be updated according to the […]

  • Xcode debugging, performance optimization basic tools easy to use


    breakpoint 1. Common breakpoint Click on the line number to add the most commonly used breakpoint, omitted. 2. Conditional breakpoint Most of the time, the problem code is called frequently until there is a problem under specific conditions. In this case, conditional breakpoints can be used. Right click any breakpoint and select Edit breakpoint to […]

  • IOS bottom layer exploration – alloc & init


    Exploration of alloc & init AsiOS  Developers, the most we deal with every day should be objects. From the perspective of object-oriented design, object creation and initialization are the most basic content. So, let’s explore it together todayiOS  Most commonly used in  alloc  andinit  How to realize the bottom layer of it. 1、 How to […]

  • Sass mixin and media merging


    If you are not familiar with sass, you may not know that sass has added many very interesting functions, such as the @ media function (often called media merging). Before explaining to you what media merging is, you should understand the basic principles of media queryCSS specificationWhether nested media queries are allowed. Some browsers support […]

  • How to effectively generate dump in ten thousand dead methods of net program (Part 2)


    1: Background Last time we talked about how to get throughprocdumpGrabCPU explosionandMemory explosionIn two cases, this article will talk about how to grasp the programHang upandUnexpected exit。 2: The program is dead 1. Definition The program is deadIn short, the program does not respond. Since it does not respond, it may bedeadlock, possiblyThe load is […]