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    VCS Git overview VCS: Centralized VCs: there is a centralized version management server, with file version management and branch management capabilities, the integration efficiency has been significantly improved, the client must be connected to the server. Distributed VCs: both the server and the client have a complete version library. Without the server, the client can […]

  • Merging two git warehouses


    Now there are two warehouses, kktjs / KKT and kktjs / KKT nextkkt-nextWarehouse merge tokktAnd keep itkkt-nextAll submissions for. #1. Clone the main warehouse code git clone [email protected]:kktjs/kkt.git #2. Add KKT next as a remote warehouse to KKT, and set the alias as other git remote add other [email protected]:kktjs/kkt-next.git #3. Pull data from KKT next […]

  • Git — overview of version controller


    1、 Version control Revision controlIt is a kind of technology used to manage the modification history in the development process, to view the change history record conveniently, and to backup to restore the previous version of software engineering. 1. Realize multi person collaborative development across regions2. Track and record the history of one or more […]

  • IOS blog project build – push project to GitHub for management


    Microblog project is managed by GitHub, and the project files are pushed to GitHub to facilitate management and research Note: follow the first and ninth steps below to push to the remote warehouse. First, the GIT tracking directory is set up locally, and then pushed to the remote code base https://github.com/xxx/xxx.git That’s fine. 1、 Create […]

  • Several common methods of GIT checkout instruction


    1. Switch branches Initial state: Execute command: $ git checkout testing This order does two things. One is to make the head point to the master branch, and the other is to restore the working directory to the snapshot contents pointed by the master branch. 2. Create and switch branches $ git checkout -b iss53 […]

  • Git flow workflow summary


    Just as code needs code specification, code management also needs a clear process and specification. Git flow has developed a more standardized branch management and version release scheme. The advantage of GIT flow is that it is clear and controllable, but the disadvantage is that it is relatively complex and needs to maintain two long-term […]

  • Two methods of GIT branching and merging


    How to merge two branches together. That is to say, we create a new branch, develop a new function on it, and then merge it back to the main line after the development. 1.   git merge Let’s take a look at the first method——git merge Merging two branches in Git results in a special commit […]

  • How to implement a table section that can be folded and expanded


    How to implement a table section that can be folded and expanded This is a simple IOS swift project, which aims to introduce how to implement a table section that can be folded and expanded. Moreover, the project does not need main storyboard, Xib, registration nib, etc., but only pure swfit code! Project source code: […]

  • Git basic concepts and usage scenarios


    Basic concepts of GIT Workspace:It’s the directory you can see on your computer. For example, our project folder is a workspace Version Library:The workspace has a hidden directory.git, this is not a workspace, but git’s version Library (staging + branches) Git common commands Git status: view current status Git log: View submission records Git log […]

  • Swoole v4.4.20 release


    Since most users are still using the version of v4.4. X, we decided to extend the maintenance cycle of the v4.4. X branch, and fix the bugs found in the trunk version that would cause errors in the v4.4. X version. At the same time, a special release manager will be responsible for the release […]

  • Gitlab practice of front end small and micro teams


    During the epidemic, I felt a lot of laziness in the whole person, and I slowly and consciously wanted to cheer up and return to the normal rhythm. Recent team code base fromGerritMoved toGitlabIn order to make the front-end team develop dailyeverything in good order and well arranged,Efficient operation, development historyTraceabilityI have also consulted a […]

  • Several common methods of GIT reset instruction


    resetThe command is mainly used to perform the undo operation based on the parameters you pass to the action. The figure above shows a warehouse with three submission records when we execute theresetAfter the instruction, the changes of the warehouse are as follows: The first step: move the branch that the head pointer points to, […]