• Do you usually use these git commands?


    Use of GIT Git init initialize local warehouse Git remote add origin “xxxxxxxxx” associate remote warehouse Git add add file to local warehouse Git commit – M “initialize warehouse” submit modifications to local Git push – U origin master push to remote warehouse Git checkout – B local branch Creates a new local branch starting […]

  • Linux centos7 nodejs project online


    preface The rented Tencent cloud server has a special discount for students. It has been purchased for half a year and costs 60 yuan. It introduces the online process of a project while playing before graduation. essential information clientMac The serverCentos7 databaseMongoDB backstagenodeJS(Express) Basic ideas Connect to the server and download relevant softwarenodeJS、MongoDB、Git adoptGithubAs a […]

  • PostgreSQL: you may need to add max_ LOCKS_ PER_ TRANSACTION


    Author:Hans J ü rgensch ö nig, he has used PostgreSQL since the 1990s. He is the CEO and technical leader of cybertec. Cybertec is one of the market leaders in this field and has provided services to countless customers around the world since 2000. The second edition of PostgreSQL 9 and PostgreSQL 6 has been […]

  • git_proxt_set


    title: git_proxt_setcategories: [git]tags: [git, proxy, config]date: 2017-08-01 21:23:05Description: how to set up an agent in Git to let git go through the agent, so as to quickly pull branches from GitHub set git through proxy: set gir proxy git config –global http.proxy socks5:// git config –global http.proxy git config –global http.proxy git config […]

  • Node series – 008 – shelljs


    One directory What’s the difference between a non tossing front end and a salted fish catalogue One directory II. Preface Solution of bash script written by three nodes Four programming front V. close the port Vi. delete files / folders VII. Git operation 7.1 git instructions commonly used in work 7.2 switching branches VIII. Summary […]

  • How to implement distributed transactions under microservice architecture?


    abstract: how to overcome the problem of distributed transaction under microservice architecture? What is micro service? What are the advantages and difficulties of microservices? What is a microservice architecture? In short, the microservice architecture system is a distributed system, which is divided into independent service units according to business, which not only solves the shortcomings […]

  • Heavyweight China PostgreSQL branch signs strategic cooperation agreement with Tencent cloud


    On December 24, at the Tencent cloud database 2020 grand ceremony, China open source software promotion alliance PostgreSQL branch (hereinafter referred to as China PostgreSQL branch) and Tencent cloud computing (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Tencent cloud) officially signed a strategic cooperation agreement. The two sides will work on joint certification, database high-end […]

  • Introduction to git — from operation to theory (I)


    preface This article aims to help students who have not been exposed to git use the basic functions of GIT and GitHub, which is suitable for beginners. Since Git is a tool, a reasonable learning process should first know how to use it, and then understand the concepts of warehouse, branch, conflict and so on. […]

  • “Canvas animation every Monday” — forest and star sea


    Point canvas animation code file every week In the previous sectionWeekly canvas animation – 3D physical effectsIn, we introduce the effects of velocity and acceleration in three-dimensional environment. In this section, we continue to introduce two other physical effects:Gravity and screen surround。 1、 Gravity The way to realize the gravity effect in the three-dimensional system […]

  • What’s new in PostgreSQL 13 RPM?


    Author: devrim Gunduz, chief system engineer of enterprisedb company and contributor of PostgreSQL, RedHat and fedora. Translator: Lei Yanliang, working in Henkel basic software Co., Ltd., a PostgreSQL database technology enthusiast, 10g &11g OCM, Ogg Certified Expert It has been some time since PostgreSQL 13 was released, and PostgreSQL 13 RPM provides some new features […]

  • Several problems and solutions of GIT are summarized


    preface Originally, when I learned git, I only knew a few basic usages. When I encountered problems, I got confused. This time, I summarize several problems encountered in history and countermeasures. Clone error The first is a project that downloaded GitHub this week. The package error is shown in the figure above. The general meaning […]

  • Read the source code weapon: gitlens unlock


    Discover gitlens The gitlens plug-in of vscode is a very powerful tool and a sharp tool to look at the source code. Let’s explore gitlens. For the entire project GitLens Explorer As shown in the figure. The following functions can be obtained View the submission history of the current local branch (the current local branch […]