• Asp.net core uses branch routing mapwhen integration project model class assignment code generation Middleware


    one. usage scenarios 1. Attribute assignment   2. Object initialization In the above two cases, when there are many attribute fields, the assignment becomes cumbersome. Here, you can use the app. Mapwhen() method to create routing branches and build independent and non-invasive assignment code generation. 2、 Project / demonstration public class Startup { public […]

  • Deep learning model for multi pedestrian attribute recognition based on attention


    Thesis title: an attention based deep learning model for multiple pedestrian attributes recognition Link:https://arxiv.org/abs/2004.01110 Author unit: Tsinghua University Year: 2020 Official account: CVpython update synchronously 1. What problems does the paper mainly solve? Pedestrian attribute prediction is a multi task learning problem. In order to share feature expression, traditional multi task learning methods usually learn […]

  • Use of version management tool git (III) – git branch


    Almost all version control systems support branching in some form. Using branches means that you can separate your work from the development main line so as not to affect the development main line. In many version control systems, this is a slightly inefficient process — often a complete copy of the source directory needs to […]

  • Take you to master the GIT commands commonly used in work with examples in 7 minutes


    Author: ValeriaTranslator: front end XiaozhiSource: medium Dream, dry goods, wechat search[move to the world]Pay attention to this dish washing wisdom who is still washing dishes in the early morning. This article GitHubhttps://github.com/qq449245884/xiaozhiIt has been included. There are complete test sites, materials and my series of articles for the interview of front-line large factories. In essence, […]

  • A security warning repair & Analysis of GitHub project dependency


    I write this article because I think I can supplement the marginal knowledge in the process of solving problems & the method of learning open source projects. Let’s take a look at your GitHub project. If there is a safety warning, you can refer to the idea of this article to practice together~ summary Repair […]

  • Git experience (3): team branch management


    This article is the third in the GIT series. I want to introduce the management of team branches. In our development work, in order to better manage the process and deliver products, we should make full use of the function of branch. Here I would like to introduce what I think is a relatively complete […]

  • Git switch branch development


    When developing under master, some files need to be submitted to the test branch 1. Git stash can save all uncommitted modifications (workspace and staging area) to the stack for subsequent recovery of the current working directory. 2. Git stash pop pops up the contents of the current stash and applies them to the working […]

  • Git upload code to remote warehouse (attach: generate secret key)


    1. When using git at the beginning, you may need to use the relevant key Method of generating secret key: (1) SSH keygen – t RSA – C “registered email name of GitHub” After that, just enter all the time. You will be prompted to enter the password. You can enter it or not You […]

  • Git operation manual – git tag is a milestone in time


    catalogue Why is it necessary to use git tag? Basic operation of GIT tag Classification of GIT tag Lightweight label Create a label with a description The role of GIT tag So here comes the question…? Why is it necessary to use git tag? There is one for each submissioncommitID, but every timecommitIDAre very complex, […]

  • Introduction to R & D tool chain


    This course is introduction to R & D tool chain. We will mainly learn three tools. Project management tool icafe, code management tool icode, delivery platform ipipe.In addition, we know that management practice has the following three characteristics: ① guiding product planning with “lean”; ② Accelerate iterative development with “agile”; ③ Drive continuous improvement with […]

  • Git merges code from different remote libraries


    Merge two remote library codes, the same project, but developed by different people in different libraries. Now merge the two together, and the command is as follows:1. Locate the local project directory and switch to the development branch dev 2、git remote add origin_ test http://xxxxxx/origin_ Test.git first establishes a link between the local warehouse and […]

  • I think Git is simple


    gitIt is an open source distributed version control system, which can effectively and quickly deal with project version management from very small to very large. We may often use it, but do you really know git? Let’s start with a few questionsgit addWhat happened? What staging areas does git have?git pullAndgit fetchdifference?git mergeAndgit rebasedifference?git resetAndget […]