• Idea operation SVN merge branch – > trunk invalid?


    clickSubversion->integrate DirectoryAnd get rid of ittry mergeCheck box, but the following list appears. There are no conflicts, no submit options, and no merge to view the main code. What’s the problem with this operation? Writing answers You are answering the question × If you want to ask for details or propose amendments, please use the […]

  • List of GIT commands commonly used in work


    preface For programmers, Git is no stranger to everyone, whether it is usedGitHuborGitLabGit is a free open source distributed version control system, which can quickly and efficiently handle all the contents of small to large projects. This article will not talk about the principle, let’s see what commands it has first Control + F quick […]

  • Heavyweight China PostgreSQL and Tencent cloud strategic cooperation agreement signed


    On December 24, at the grand ceremony of Tencent cloud database 2020, PostgreSQL branch of China open source software promotion alliance (hereinafter referred to as China PostgreSQL branch) and Tencent cloud computing (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Tencent cloud) formally signed a strategic cooperation agreement. The two sides will cooperate in joint certification, […]

  • How to use gitlab in vscode


    How to use gitlab in vscode Like the majority of coders, I managed to catch up with a holiday. I went home to arrange a meal, but before I got hot, I received an online emergency bug that needed to be repaired. I had to find a solution, pull the project guide branch to check […]

  • Project arrangement 11.27 — git related


    A project is a branch of each module. 2 after completing each branch, push the branch separately for backup, and then merge it into the main branch. 1. Create a login branch git branch login 2. View all current branches git branch 3. Switch to the login branch git checkout login 4. Push the login […]

  • What are the new features in PostgreSQL 13 RPM?


    Author: devrim Gunduz, chief system engineer of enterprisedb, and contributor of PostgreSQL, RedHat and fedora. Lei Yanliang, a PostgreSQL database technology enthusiast, 10g & 11g OCM, Ogg Certified Expert, works in Hangao basic software Co., Ltd It’s been a while since PostgreSQL 13 was released, and PostgreSQL 13 RPM provides some new features for end […]

  • Git rename remote branch


    There are three steps Rename local branch git branch -m dev_andoid_O dev_news_sdk New branch committed to remote git push origin dev_news_sdk Delete remote “old branch” git push –delete origin dev_andoid_O 1. Rename local branch git branch -m dev_andoid_O dev_news_sdk 2. New branch committed to remote git push origin dev_news_sdk 3. Delete remote “old branch” git […]

  • Several forms of GIT merge


    The three operations of GIT merge are: [merge], [squash merge], [rebase merge] background In master_ 0 trunk pull up a branch branch_ 0, at brandch_ I submitted a comment 3 times on 0. 1. merge Use the command: $ git checkout master_0 $ git merge brantch_0 Submit history at this time:This is brantch_ All submission […]

  • New Year holiday these two days rolled a laravel starter, welcome to use and star


    Take out the common functions in daily development and make a starter to avoid a lot of repetitive work when opening a new project. The repo will be maintained for a long time. Welcome to star. If there are bugs or experience problems in use, please ask issue. x1a0xv4n/laravel-starter: 😺 Your next laravel-api-starter in 30 […]

  • Go: process control


    1. If / else branch judgment 1.if condition { } 2.if condition { }else { } 3.if condition { }else if condition { }else { } 2.switch / case var i =0 switch i { case i =0: pass //Fallhough can be added to continue the subsequent operation case i >1: pass Default: // default […]

  • Difference between git merge and rebase 2: impact on remote branches


    How merge and rebase can change the structure of commit link has been explained in the previous article, but some scenarios are still vague. For example, if some of the remote branches are submitted and some of the clients are submitted, the client fetches the data and merges it to generate a new commit node, […]

  • Working principle and submission specification of GIT


    preface Official explanation: git (pronounced / g ɪ T /). )It is an open source distributed version control system, which can deal with version management from very small to very large projects effectively and rapidly. Git is an open source version control software developed by Linus Torvalds to help manage Linux kernel development. Torvalds started […]