• [vue3 quick start] 9 Vue template syntax


    First of all, as in the last lesson, we use the create command of Vue cli to create a new project, and the name can be given arbitrarilyAfter creating the project, delete the unnecessary content first and keep the simplest contentApp. Vue content is like this <template> <div></div> </template> <script> //Template syntax export default { […]

  • JavaScript notes 0


    JavaScript notes 0 Reference books: Javascript authoritative guide, JavaScript advanced programming Lexical Structure 1. Case sensitive 2. Notes Single-Line Comments //This is a line of comment /*Both are acceptable*/ Multiline comment (cannot be nested) /* ABBA ABBA */ 3. Identifier An identifier is the name of a variable, function, property, or function parameter Must start […]

  • Oeasy teaches you to play VIM – 32 – # function jump


    Program movement Recall the last lesson Last time, the content was very simple, mainly for text materials Move paragraph {forward }backward Moving sentence (forward )backward If I want to move quickly in the program What should I do? #First download the text and find tomsawyer txt git clone http://github.com/overmind1980/vimtutorial.git #Then open the text cd vimtutorial […]

  • Oeasy teaches you to play VIM – 33 – # find text


    Text block Recall the last lesson Jump between brackets Jump between pairs of parentheses% Jump between unpaired parentheses [(Jump to the last unmatched( [)Jump to the next unmatched) [{Jump to the last unmatched{ [}Jump to the next unmatched} Jump between functions ]mStart of next function [mEnd of previous function ]MStart of next function [MEnd of […]

  • Stack of data structure: only one article for beginners


    catalog: What is a stack? What are the characteristics of stack? How to implement stack? (static stack, dynamic stack) Stack specific application? Text: What is a stack? Stack, also known as stack, is a linear table with limited operation. Limit linear tables to insert and delete only at the end of the table. This end […]

  • Python dictionary lookup performance


      timeit.repeat timeit. Repeat will execute 3 rounds by default, 1000000 times per round. Returns a list of total execution times for each round   Dictionary acquisition performance As we all know, dictionary acquisition is divided into The brackets are used to get, and keyerror will be thrown if it is not found Get. If […]

  • Operator — parentheses


    1. Grouping operation Change the priority of operators const aa = 100 * ( 200 + 300); console.log(aa); There must be a value in parentheses console.log(()); function Test(){}(); //Equivalent to the following code, the error is reported because there is no value in parentheses // function Test() // () function Test(){}(1); // There will be […]

  • Supplementary learning of regular expressions


    Some supplementary learning of regular match,matchAllandexecDifferences between Match, matchall act on strings, exec act on regular expressions When match matches the regularity of G pattern, it returns an array composed of all matched characters; When matching non-G regular patterns, the first array returned is matched, and the rest is the string captured in parentheses. The […]

  • Study day 19


    C language Macro definition without parameters Used to replace — string replacement identifier Identifiers are also called macro names # define a 78 int main() { printf(“%d\n”, a); } # define a 78 int main() { int b; b = 3 * a; printf(“%d\n”,b); } The process of replacing a string with a macro name […]

  • Force deduction leetcode algorithm foundation 21 day question brushing record ②


    Force buckle [leetcode]Basic algorithm 21 days brush questionsRecord 2 Hit the question, hit the question, hit the question, stick to it!!! ⭐ Breadth first search / depth first search 200. Number of islands Give you a two-dimensional grid composed of ‘1’ (land) and ‘0’ (water). Please calculate the number of islands in the grid. Islands […]

  • [JS reverse hundred examples] the anti climbing practice platform for netizens question 4: jsluck encryption


    Focus on official account dry cargo WeChat public: K brother crawler, keep sharing crawler advance, JS/ Android reverse technology dry goods! statement All contents in this article are only for learning and communication. The packet capturing content, sensitive website and data interface have been desensitized. It is strictly prohibited to use them for commercial and […]

  • 224. Basic calculator │ leetcode


    Implement a basic calculator to calculate the value of a simple string expression s. Example 1: Input: S = “1 + 1” Output: 2 Example 2: Input: S = “2-1 + 2” Output: 3 Example 3: Input: S = “(1 + (4 + 5 + 2) – 3) + (6 + 8)” Output: 23 Tips: […]