• Two ways to drag elements


      The first way: use API datatransfer of H5   Implementation ideas: 1. Set drag permission for the element to be dragged, and assign dragstart event to convert its ID into data saving; 2. Add an event to the dragover attribute of the container to prevent the default event of the browser, allow the element to […]

  • Div horizontal center under fixed positioning


    Find a previously unnoticed knowledge point and take a note. When the parent element of a block level element has flex layout enabled, we can easily center and align this element, and add justify-content: center; Align items: Center; / * center under single line*/ or justify-content: center; align-content: center; Flex Wrap: wrap; / * center […]

  • What is the self-study route of Web front-end development? How to learn HTML + CSS + JavaScript?


    No nonsense, direct dry goods. Several stages of learning front-end: Stage 1: HTML tags, HTML 5 new tags, CSS style, CSS3 style, media query, etc. Stage 2: JavaScript, jQuery, ajax, object-oriented, HTTP transport protocol, etc. Three phases: canvas, JS advanced application, JS-SDK, H5 new technology Four stages: node.js, vue.js       Stage 1 – […]

  • Explain the new properties of CSS display: box


    Display: box; Setting this attribute on the element allows its descendants to be arranged at the same level, similar to display: inline-block;. 2. The following attributes can be set in their descendants Prerequisite: To use the following attributes, display: box must be set in the parent generation;   1.box-flex:number; 1) Number of the width of the […]

  • Primary JS to achieve magnifying effect


    Usually when we shop on the electronic commerce website, we need to check the details of a selected commodity. At this time, when the mouse moves to view a part of the commodity picture, there will be an enlarged effect next to that part of the picture, so that we can better analyze the commodity. […]

  • The Method of Adding Meta Box to WordPress


    I believe that many webmasters know and already use WordPress custom fields, and many plug-ins also use this function. Custom field is a very good function, it allows us to add a variety of custom attributes for articles, highly flexible, easy to operate. For example, we can add a custom field of SEO MetaDescription to […]