• Personally take you to tear up the eight basic sorting (c + + code)


    preface We all know that the first step to enter a large factory is often to tear up a common sort by hand, but these sorts have been learned for a long timeDSAfter the end of the exam, I ran to the barbecue and was forgotten. In order to help you quickly pick up the […]

  • Fsaf: embedding anchor free branch to guide acnor based algorithm training | cvpr2019


    Fsaf deeply analyzes the selection problem of FPN layer in training, and embeds it into the original network in the form of super simple anchor free branch, which almost has no effect on the speed. It can select the optimal FPN layer more accurately and bring good accuracy improvement  Source: Xiaofei’s algorithm Engineering Notes official […]

  • The error boundaries of react


    Error boundaries Starting from react V16, the concept of boundary error is introduced. Core API getDerivedStateFromError componentDidCatch 1. Purpose: some UI crash, not the whole webapp crash 2. Attention ⚠️: Error bounds cannot capture errors in the following scenarios Event handling (learn more) Asynchronous code (for examplesetTimeoutorrequestAnimationFrameCallback function) Server rendering Errors thrown by itself (not […]

  • IPhone x design website adaptation


    Design website adaptation for iPhone x Almost all front-end developers will come into contact with designing H5 web pages for iPhone x, in which they have to adapt to its unique security area in order to optimize the user experience. Safe area Layout guides define rectangular areas that don’t actually appear on the screen, but […]

  • [leetcode] 57 – II. Sequence of continuous positive numbers with sum s


    1. Input a positive integer target and output all the continuous positive integer sequences (at least two numbers) whose sum is target. The numbers in the sequence are arranged from small to large, and different sequences are arranged from small to large according to the first number. Example 1: Input: target = 9 Output: [[2,3,4], […]

  • Android Foundation Series (1) Java generics


    sketch Java generics is a new feature introduced in j2se1.5. Its essence is parameterized type. That is to say, the operated data type is specified as a type parameter. This parameter type can be used in the creation of classes, interfaces and methods, which are called generic class, generic interface and generic method respectively.Let’s understand […]

  • Encapsulate a simplest errorboundary component to handle react exceptions;


    preface Starting from react 16, the concept of error boundaries is introduced, which can capture the errors generated in its sub components, record the error log, display the degraded content, and specify the detailsOfficial website address。 ? The error boundary can avoid the situation that a component error causes the whole page white screen to […]

  • Leaping game II


    Jump game II I’ll copy the title here~ Given an array of nonnegative integers, you are first in the array. Each element in the array represents the maximum length you can jump at that position. Your goal is to reach the last position of the array with the least number of jumps. Example: Input: [2,3,1,1,4] […]

  • Different introduction to Flink


    preface Wechat search【Java3y】Pay attention to this simple man, praise attention is my biggest support! The text has been included in my GitHub:https://github.com/ZhongFuCheng3y/3y, there are more than 300 original articles, recently in seriesInterviews and projectsSeries! I wrote an article some time ago《Storm》Many students said to me in the introductory article:“My Lord, times have changed”。 Recently, the […]

  • The largest rectangle in a histogram (monotone stack)


    84. The largest rectangle in the histogram violence thinking Enumerate all the left and right boundaries, and then find the minimum value in the interval. Complexity O (n ^ 3) It takes too long, so the code is omitted Violence optimization Select a column as the height, and then spread left and right to ensure […]

  • Rain water


    42. Rainwater thinking from typing import List import bisect class Solution: def trap(self, height: List[int]) -> int: def helper(height, reverse=False): index, ans, left_max_h_index, n, water = 0, 0, 0, len(height), 0 if reverse: height.reverse() height, n = height + [0], n + 1 for index, h in enumerate(height): if index == 0 or index == […]

  • React error boundary


    What is the wrong boundary Error bounds are a special component that can be used to capture and print errors that occur in theIts subcomponents are located anywhere in the treeJavaScript error, and render the alternate UI.The wrong boundary will beDuring rendering,Declaration cycle methodAnd the whole component treeConstructorsError caught in. So the error boundary cannot […]