• [regular expression] basic reference book about boundary


    Write before: all the following metacharacters match not the actual character, but a “virtual” position. 1. Overall boundary 1. Matching the starting position^ ^Written after the first square bracket in the character set to indicate “not”.^If it is written at the front of the whole regular expression, it indicates the starting position of the matching […]

  • Detailed explanation of binary search algorithm


    Binary search [toc] The most basic binary search int binarySearch(int[] nums, int target) { int left = 0; int right = nums.length -1; // Note while(left <= right) { Int mid = left + (right – left) / 2; // Note: if (right + left) / 2 is used, overflow will occur if(nums[mid] == target) […]

  • Vue drag element instruction


    Recording simple and practical Vue drag element instructions drag.js (JS instruction) //Binding events function _addEvent(el, eventName, fn){ if(document.addEventListener){ el.addEventListener(eventName, fn, false); }else if(window.attachEvent){ el.attactEvent(‘on’ + eventName, fn); } }; //Unbinding event function _offEvent(el, eventName, fn){ if(document.removeEventListener){ el.removeEventListener(eventName, fn, false); }else if(window.detachEvent){ el.detachEvent(‘on’ + eventName, fn); } }; export default { bind(el, binding, vnode) { if(!binding.value.dragElSelector){ […]

  • LoadRunner 11 manual Association


    General steps of manual Association: 1. Record the same script twice; 2. Use wdiff (Tools > compare with script) tool of LoadRunner to find out the difference between the two scripts and judge whether it needs Association; 3. The position of inserting association is determined; 4. Insert web in script view_ reg_ save_ Param function […]

  • Algorithm – how to understand recursion, write recursive function


    Not every programmer is born with a deep understanding of recursion. When he was a freshman, when others wrote the first recursive function to find the greatest common divisor, he was amazed that there was no loop and the code could be so concise. It is true that when recursion is implemented in most cases, […]

  • Flink learning — Flink SQL window function


    The Flink window function includes scrolling window, sliding window, session window and over window scroll window Tumble assigns each element to a window of a specified size. Generally, scrolling windows have a fixed size and do not overlap. For example, if a 5-minute scrolling window is specified, the data of the infinite stream will be […]

  • It’s not easy to build a good microservice architecture!!


    concept Microservices architecture is a kind of architecture style. A large complex software application is composed of one or more microservices. Each micro service in the system can be deployed independently, and each micro service is loosely coupled. Each microservice only focuses on completing one task and accomplishing it well. In all cases, each microservice […]

  • Borderdet: greatly improve the detection accuracy through boundary features, plug and play, and the speed is not slow | ECCV 2020 oral


    Boundary is very important for location problem. Borderalign, the core idea of borderdet, is ingenious and effective. It not only integrates boundary features into target location prediction, but also can be easily integrated into various target detection algorithms, which brings great performance improvement. In the open source implementation, the efficient CUDA implementation of borderalign will […]

  • Perceptron: tutorial, implementation and visual examples


    By Dorian LazarCompile | VKSource: toward Data Science Perceptron is a component of artificial neural network, which is a simplified model of biological neurons in the brain. Perceptron is the simplest neural network, which consists of only one neuron. The perceptron algorithm was invented by Frank Rosenblatt in 1958. Here is a picture of a […]

  • Detr of Facebook AI, a target detection method based on transformer


    By prateek JoshiCompile | VKSource | analytics vidhya introduce Machine learning frameworks or libraries sometimes change the landscape of the field. Today, Facebook has open source such a framework, Detr (detection transformer) In this paper, we will quickly understand the concept of target detection, and then directly study Detr and its benefits. object detection In […]

  • Front end programmer learn algorithm series (1) array


    How can front-end programmers learn algorithms well? At present, the excellent video of algorithm is concentrated in C + +, Java and python. I have mastered the basic idea of the algorithm through watching the video of C + + for several months. All of them are translated into front-end code and written one by […]

  • Two ways to drag content position randomly


    Creation time: March 1, 2020; test: chrome v80.0.3987.122 normal There are two ways: drag the normal label position or drag the text box position in canvas 1. Drag the label element to any position by mouse Demo address CSS code #range { position: relative; width: 600px; height: 400px; margin: 10px; background-color: rgb(133, 246, 250); } […]