• Senior architects talk about the rise of DDD, solving problems and implementation steps


    Foreword- Why can DDD catch fire? Let’s not discuss the definition of DDD, but sort out the background of the popularity of DDD. According to the routine I learned, it is always why first, then what problems to solve, what things to use, and finally how to use. We all know that in recent years, […]

  • Horse drawn cart algorithm, in fact, is not difficult!!!


    To talk about the horse drawn cart algorithm, we must talk about this problem and find the longest palindrome substring. The horse drawn cart algorithm is one of the solutions. The cruel person doesn’t talk much. Just look down: Title Description Give you a string s and find the longest palindrome substring in S. example […]

  • Text component of ugui learning notes


    Text Text content Character Font: font Font style: font style         Normal: normal Bold: Bold Italic: italic Bold and italic: bold and italic Font size: font size Line spacing: line spacing Rich text: enable or notRich text function  Paragraph Alignment: horizontal and vertical alignment Align By Geometry: Guess (not guaranteed to be […]

  • [typescript] advanced summary of binary search algorithm (including rotating array)


    On the question type of binary search Ordinary dichotomy Lc704 binary search simple Lc34 finds the first and last positions of elements in the sorted array Variant: rotate array Lc153 find the minimum value of rotation sort array medium LC33 search rotation sort array medium General skills of dichotomy The most commonly used and basic […]

  • First meet Yolo


    What is yolo2 algorithm “You Only Look Once” The core idea of Yolo is to use the whole picture as the input of the network and directly return the location and category of the bounding box in the output layer.Yolo algorithm uses a separate CNN model to realize end-to-end target detection. The whole system is […]

  • Sorting out design concepts in DDD field


    Tools and Resource CenterHelp developers work more efficiently and provide tools and resources around the whole life cycle of developershttps://developer.aliyun.com/… Understanding of concept and description field The domain has nothing to do with the specific development technology. It’s a collection of everything related to the actual problems your software system wants to solve.Understanding by problem […]

  • Opencv maximum inscribed rectangle


    include<opencv2\opencv.hpp> include <iostream> include<vector> using namespace cv;using namespace std;/** @Brief expandedge extended boundary function @Param img: input image, single channel binary map, depth 8 @Param edge boundary array, storing 4 boundary values @Param edgeid current boundary number @Return Boolean value to determine whether the current boundary can be extended*/bool expandEdge(const Mat & img, int edge[], […]

  • 2021.12.19 brush notes — sliding window series


    The idea of window is that there is a window. When the conditions are met, change the size of the window. When the conditions are not met, move the left boundary of the window int[] check = new int[size]; //Left boundary int left =0; //Right boundary int right = 1; //The window has been initially […]

  • [mindspire: machine learning with little Mi!] Logistic regression (I)


    Little MI, learn and be positive! In the previous few weeks of study, Xiao Mi finally led everyone to complete the whole study of linear regression. At the same time, Xiao Mi also received a lot of feedback from everyone. In the follow-up study, Xiao Mi will improve one by one! Today, let’s start a […]

  • Transx is a small and exquisite Vue component switching animation library


    Tntweb – the full name of Tencent News front-end team. The small partners in the group have practiced and accumulated in large front-end fields such as web front-end, nodejs development, UI design and mobile app. At present, the team mainly supports the front-end development of Tencent News businesses. In addition to business development, it has […]

  • Support vector machine SVM and python implementation


    import numpy as npimport pandas as pdfrom sklearn.datasets import load_irisfrom sklearn.model_selection import train_test_splitimport matplotlib.pyplot as plt data def create_data(): iris = load_iris() df = pd.DataFrame(iris.data, columns=iris.feature_names) df[‘label’] = iris.target df.columns = [ ‘sepal length’, ‘sepal width’, ‘petal length’, ‘petal width’, ‘label’ ] data = np.array(df.iloc[:100, [0, 1, -1]]) for i in range(len(data)): if data[i, -1] […]

  • Java huarongdao game source code analysis


    Use Java swing programming, event monitoring and other knowledge to write a huarongdao game. The author of this game is not me, but I analyze the source code of the game according to my knowledge, so as to consolidate my learning achievements. 1 interface analysis The interface of huarongdao game is shown in the figure […]