• [issue 32] spring recruit golang internship: seven cattle


    One side (ask too many questions, just remember these) 1. The difference between red black tree and binary search tree 2. The difference between red black tree and balanced binary tree is compared with balanced binary tree. 3. Methods to resolve hash conflicts 4. Consistent hash algorithm 5. LRU algorithm What is the difference between […]

  • [issue 35] recruitment of golang engineers by Huawei


    Simple sorting algorithm and project experience in College; Asked a question about IP filtering; I wrote a bubbling algorithm. I was familiar with Linux kernel and asked about congestion related knowledge on my resume; I asked MySQL and redis, worked out a data structure problem, asked golang, and tore the code by hand. Asked about […]

  • Can you fill in 2021 without volunteering?


    0x00 The college entrance examination just ended some time ago. At the end of the college entrance examination every year, how to choose a major and how to fill in a volunteer has become a hot topic. Last year, I volunteered for the children of two relatives in my hometown. This year, I also received […]

  • Using nginx request_ Tracking user behavior with ID


    Problem background: the business side may have encountered such a problem. It is difficult to get a slow query SQL through MySQL slowlog, but it is difficult to find the source of the corresponding business code (except that SQL itself has special recognition or is very familiar with the business system). If the recognition of […]

  • Kill feign and release spring cloud square components


    What is spring cloud square When talking about spring cloud ecology, you must be familiar with feign. As shown in the figure below, feign can hide the rest requests of the underlying (okhttp, httpclient) and pretend to be similar to the controller of spring MVC. You don’t have to splice URLs, splice parameters and other […]

  • Several ways to write asynchronous code | rust learning notes


    Author: Xie Jingwei, known as “brother Dao” in Jianghu, 20-year it veteran, data communication network expert and telecom network architect. At present, he is the development director of netwops. Brother Dao has many years of practical experience in the fields of operating system, network programming, high concurrency, high throughput and high availability, and has a […]

  • Core interpretation of laravel — Introduction to database (I)


    When we study and use a development framework, no matter what framework we use, how to connect the database and add, delete, modify and query the database are the focus of our study. In laravel, we can interact with the database in two ways: DB, DBIt is related to the bottom of PHPPDOThe query builder […]

  • On program exit of Java and go


    preface In development todayJavaThe exit of the program caused confusion because the subject had been written for some time beforeGo, the exit logic of these two programs is different. The following is the conclusion, and then introduced through a simple example. aboutJavaProcedures,The main thread exits. If there are currently non daemon threads, the Java program […]

  • Partition table of MySQL tuning


    Series articles: Query optimization of MySQL tuning Index optimization of MySQL tuning Partition table of MySQL tuning Show profile for MySQL tuning performance monitoring Show processlist for MySQL tuning user monitoring Performance schema for MySQL tuning performance monitoring Detailed explanation of index data structure and index optimization of MySQL tuning How to use the federated […]

  • Netty learning and sorting


    1 review NiO https://www.jianshu.com/p/b36b4e8c1343 2 overall architecture of netty image.png 2.1 network communication layer The responsibility of the network communication layer is to perform network I / O operations. It supports the connection operation of a variety of network protocols and I / O models. When the network data is read into the kernel buffer, […]

  • Principle analysis of class (Part 2)


    1.jpeg Follow the previous chapterPrinciple analysis of class (I)Let’s continue to look at the rest of the class. Differences among member variables, instance variables and attributes We create a project in main M directly create a class of zyperson, and create attributes, instance variables and member variables for it. Upper Code: #import <Foundation/Foundation.h> #import <objc/runtime.h> […]

  • The essence of OC source code analysis object


    1. Underlying implementation of class Write one firstPersonClass: @interface Person : NSObject @property (nonatomic, copy) NSString *p_name; @property (nonatomic, assign) int p_age; – (void)p_instanceMethod1; @end @implementation Person – (void)p_instanceMethod1{ NSLog(@”%s”,__func__); } @end   UseclangCompilerclang -rewrite-objc Person.m -o Person.cppWillPerson.mCompile intoPerson.cppFile, part of the code is as follows: ///1: underlying structure of person type struct NSObject_IMPL { […]