• All votes! Wechat open source project linkis enters Apache incubation


    On August 2, linkis, the open source project of Weizhong bank, officially passed the voting resolution of the international top open source organization Apache Software Foundation (ASF), and became an ASF incubator project with the excellent performance of unanimous approval. Linkis is the second project of Weizhong bank to enter ASF. Since then, Weizhong bank […]

  • Golang learning – how to determine whether the golang interface is implemented?


    Series articles: Golang learning — constants const and iota Golang learning — the difference between array pointer and pointer array Golang learning – structure (I) Golang learning – structure (II) Golang learning – Interface learning (I) Golang learning – how to determine whether the golang interface is implemented? Golang learning – Interface learning (II) Golang […]

  • K8s abandoned docker? Docker doesn’t work? Stop kidding!


    Turn frommp.weixin.qq.com/s/z6s4QliBHs08pVj… Docker probably didn’t expect that in 2020, it will become the focus of (public opinion) twice in the technology circle because of poor information (it’s not too much to say “title party”). overview 2013 Docker was first officially announced on pycon in 2013. It brings an advanced software delivery method, that is, software […]

  • [rust official language Chinese translation] Preface


    preface Although not 100% sure, rust is basically a powerful language. No matter what language you use now, trust can make you reach a higher level. Compared with before, I can confidently program in a wider field. For example, some “system level” work, such as underlying memory management, data expression and concurrency, is traditionally a […]

  • Java 8 data filtering, removeif and filter don’t use them wrong!!


    Filter is the method of java8 stream: Stream filter(Predicate super T> predicate) Returns a stream consisting of elements of this stream that match this given predicate. Removeif is a default method for Java 8 collection. default boolean removeIf(Predicate super E> filter) Deletes all elements of this collection that satisfy the given predicate. Both removeif and […]

  • Conversion principle of string and [] byte in go language


    preface Hello, everyone, I’masong。 Why is there today’s article? I saw one in a group the day before yesterdayGoIn the eight part essay of the language interview, one of the questions is “will memory copy occur when a string is converted into a byte array?”; This question is very interesting. The essence is to ask […]

  • Kubernetes is abandoning docker: what you need to know


    Kubernetes is abandoning docker?! For some time, when people think of containers, they think of docker and kubernetes. Docker has always been famous for building and running containers, and kubernetes is the de facto standard for managing and choreographing containers. It seems a bit shocking to hear that kubernetes has started to run the abandoned […]

  • The pulley scrolls to the bottom of the page, AJAX loads data, and the implementation of JSON


    Scrolling down to the bottom of the page to load data is the practice of many waterfall websites. Let’s see how to cooperate with jsonp. It’s a small dish for summarizing records. Experts don’t spray it. Of course, this example uses the jQuery library, which will be made into native JS later.The data in this […]

  • Redis learning notes (IV) jump table and integer set


    (I)Jump table Jump table is an ordered data structure. It maintains multiple pointers to other nodes in each node, so as to achieve the purpose of fast access to nodes. Redis uses the jump table as one of the underlying implementations of the ordered set key. If an ordered set contains a large number of […]

  • Four request methods of HTTP


    The net / HTTP package in golang provides the encapsulation of HTTP related operations. The further encapsulation of get method and post method is more convenient to use. Other request methods need to call the underlying implementation ourselves package main import ( “fmt” “io/ioutil” “net/http” ) func get(){ resp, err := http.Get(“http://httpbin.org/get”) if err != […]

  • Go Xiaobai’s 100000 why


    In my last article, I proposedchannelUnder what kind of operation will be triggeredpanic。 In this article, let’s summarize the 100000 why Xiaobai often asks in go. string Suppose we want to modify a character whose type is a string variable. If it is the greatest language in the world, we can do this directly (I […]

  • Ruffian Heng embedded: the first experience of MCU Xpress config tools (pins, clocks, peripherals)


    Hello, I’m ruffian Heng, a serious technical ruffian. What ruffian Heng introduced to you today isMcuxpresso config tools (pins, clocks, peripherals)。 I don’t know if you have such feelings. Now the complexity of MCU chip is getting higher and higher, with hundreds of pins, dazzling clock system, a large number of peripheral registers, and thousands […]