• Deep understanding of php7 and spool


    Php7 is known as a new generation of PHP. The official development team has made a lot of changes to the bottom of Zend engine to optimize the performance of PHP. It can be said that the theme of this version of php7 isperformance optimization。 In the past, PHP has been known for its fast […]

  • IOS leak detection – performselector


    performSelectorSeries of functions are not unfamiliar to us, but for its different variants and underlying principles, it is easy to be confused in many cases, so I hope to pass theruntimeSource code andGUNStepSource code to one by one, the different varieties of theperformSelectorStraighten out, and make clear the underlying implementation of each method, if there […]

  • Responsive web application in springboot


    brief introduction In spring 5, spring MVC introduces the concept of Webflux. The bottom layer of Webflux is based on reactor netty, which uses the reactor library. This article will introduce the use of reactive in Webflux in spring boot. Reactive in Spring As we mentioned earlier, the foundation of Webflux is reactor. So spring […]

  • Some learning process of PHP to go


    php My first contact with programming was in 2016. At that time, I learned PHP out of my personal hobbies and in order to subsidize some living expenses. I was responsible for the construction and maintenance of the school’s websites, large and small. During this period, I was basically working in the UniversityimoocIt took half […]

  • BSN started global business, and FISCO bcos became the first domestic blockchain bottom layer to complete the adaptation


    On April 25, the global business launch conference of block chain service network (BSN), sponsored by the state information center and co sponsored by China Mobile Communications Group Corporation, China UnionPay Co., Ltd. and the blockchain service network development alliance, was held. At the meeting, BSN announced that it was officially open to global commerce. […]

  • BSN official announced that Baidu super chain self-developed open source technology helps the construction of network infrastructure


    Recently, hosted by the state information center and co sponsored by China Mobile Communications Group Co., Ltd., China UnionPay Co., Ltd. and the blockchain service network development alliance, the blockchain service network (BSN) business launch conference was held in Beijing. Since April 25, BSN has been officially launched for commercial use, and will work with […]

  • Official version of spool 4.1.0 is released, supporting native redis / PDO / mysqli collaboration


    Major new features Support redis / PDO / mysqli from4.1.0Version started to support thePHPOriginalRedis、PDO、MySQLiSupport of collaborative process. AvailableSwoole\Runtime::enableCorotuine()Block the normal synchronizationRedis、PDO、MySQLiThe operation becomes asynchronous non blocking for cooperative schedulingIO Swoole\Runtime::enableCoroutine(); go(function () { $redis = new redis; $retval = $redis->connect(“”, 6379); var_dump($retval, $redis->getLastError()); var_dump($redis->get(“key”)); var_dump($redis->set(“key”, “value”)); $redis->close(); }); Process tracking In the new version, two […]

  • Some feelings of PHP transferring to go to employment


    It’s been half a month since I started working in PHP to golangAlways want to leave their so-called experience and feelings, but the previous period is really too busy, has no time and energy to code words In fact, it is not only a change of language, but also a change of environment. From a […]

  • [computer basis] database system (3) bottom layer implementation


    Author: logm This paper was originally published at https://segmentfault.com/u/logm/articles , reprint is not allowed~ This paper is a note of MOOC course database system. 1. Storage 2. Index 3. Bottom layer implementation

  • The pit and cool of lua + libuv


    Libuv is the base library of nodejs. C implementation, code is not large, but the five viscera. I prefer its simple API interface to libevent. Compared with libevent, httpserver is less and subprocess function is more. The package is very good, and the traditional fork and pipe are not intuitive. Lua can be said to […]

  • Springboot integrates mybatis framework


    Using the tool springtoolsuite4 First, add the dependency to the POM file of the spring projectland http://mybatis.org/spring/ Official website, through spring boot nodeFind the dependency corresponding to the Maven project <dependency> <groupId>org.mybatis.spring.boot</groupId> <artifactId>mybatis-spring-boot-starter</artifactId> <version>2.1.3</version> </dependency> The current version of the official website is 2.1.3. If it is lower than this version, the subsequent use will […]

  • There are new extension methods under enumerable. Let’s have a look


    1: Background 1. Tell a story Some time ago, we upgraded a project of the company from 4.5 to framework 4.8. During coding, we found that there are three extension methods in enumerable:Append, Prepend, ToHashSetFriends who have played jQuery can see the use of these three methods at a glance. This article will talk about […]