• Share 29 bootstrap based HTML5 responsive web design templates


    Nowadays, free HTML5 websites based on bootstrap framework have begun to become an industry trend. Researchers have confirmed that bootstrap is the most effective way to lead the trend of design and development industry. This is an important reason why developers use HTML5 template based on bootstrap to create their websites. In this article, we […]

  • Develop wechat custom menu editing tool using asp.net MVC, bootstrap and knockout.js (recommended)


    preface Wechat’s interface debugging tool can edit custom menus, but it is very inconvenient and error prone to submit JSON format data to create menus. Online tools are not easy to use, so I wrote one myself. text First, use bootstrap to arrange a page frame. To call the user-defined menu interface, you need to […]

  • MVC + bootstrap + Draper uses pagedlist.mvc to support multi query criteria paging


    A few days ago, I did a small project and used MVC + bootstrap. In the past, paging was done by asynchronously loading MVC partial views, because this is a small project, just a little casually. For general list pages, query conditions are indispensable. Let’s share the experience of Draper + pagedlist.mvc in supporting multi […]

  • Usage Summary of bootstrap table


    This article shares the usage of bootstrap table for your reference. The specific contents are as follows Official website information design sketch: Case: html <!– Table — > <table data-toolbar=”#toolbar” data-show-columns=”true” data-show-columns-toggle-all=”true”> <%– <thead>–%> <%– <tr>–%> <%– <th data-field=”cityName”>ID</th>–%> <%– <th data-field=”cityName”>Item Name</th>–%> <%– <th data-field=”cityName”>Item Price</th>–%> <%– </tr>–%> <%– </thead>–%> </table> javascript $(document).ready(function () […]

  • Bootstrap file input file upload component


    This article describes how to use bootstrap file input (the best file upload component) to display and upload pictures, and how to save files on the server. 1、 Let’s look at the renderings first 2、 Introduce plug-in styles and scripts <link type=”text/css” rel=”stylesheet” href=”${ctx}/components/fileinput/css/fileinput.css” /> <script type=”text/javascript” src=”${ctx}/components/fileinput/js/fileinput.js”></script> <script type=”text/javascript” src=”${ctx}/components/fileinput/js/fileinput_locale_zh.js”></script> http://plugins.krajee.com/file-inputThis is the official […]

  • ASP.NET The method of using bootstrap in MVC


    As a web developer, it is very difficult to use HTML and CSS to build friendly pages from scratch without any front-end framework. Especially for the developers of windows form, it is even more difficult. It is for this reason that bootstrap was born. Twitter bootstrap provides developers with rich CSS styles, components, plug-ins, and […]

  • Bootstrap select2 code for dynamically obtaining data from background Ajax


    Effect picture display: Implementation mode: Front end code: <div> < label > dynamic multi selection <select name=”bsselect2ID” type=”text” multiple data-live-search=”true” > </select> </div> ….. <script th:inline=”javascript”> var url = ctx + “demo/form/select2”; console.log(url) $(function() { var selectedValues = []; $(“#bsselect2ID:selected”).each(function(){ selectedValues.push($(this).val()); }); $(“#bsselect2ID”).selectpicker({ Noneselectedtext: ‘please select’, // default display content //// select ‘holder’ by default […]

  • Ajax form validation after MVC meets bootstrap


    After using bootstrap, he brought his own style has error, which would be troublesome to use. Usually, when using jquery.validate, only his own style is used, and it is more convenient to use models to verify.How to solve it? Of course, you can write a jQuery plug-in for this purpose. I think it’s troublesome. I […]

  • Ajax + spring MVC realize the paging query function of bootstrap modal box


    1、 Renderings Two, JS function getManagerList(dealerId,page2){ macAddress = document.getElementById(“activeXDemo”).getMac(); $.get(“${ctxPath}/common/dealer/manager?”+Math.random(), { page2: page2, pageSize2: 9, dealerId: dealerId, macAddress:macAddress }, function(data){ if(data){ var managerList=data.managerList; var uploadDir=data.uploadDir; var rs = “”; for (var i=0;i<managerList.length;i++) { var name=managerList[i].personName; var picPath=managerList[i].picPath; if(picPath==null){ var path=”${ctxPath}/resources/assets/imgs/no_pic.png”; }else{ var path=”${ctxPath}”+uploadDir+picPath; } rs+=”<div class=’col-xs-4 demo1_box’>”; rs+=”<img width=’200px’ height=’130px’ src='”; rs+=path; rs+=”‘>”; rs=rs+”<p>”+name+”</p></div> “; […]

  • Simple blog system based on Django


    Clean Blog A blog system based on Django: Python 3.6 and Django 1.10 MySQL storage scheme Xadmin background management Ckedit editor, image upload Bootstrap front end template RSS subscription Label classification and date filing Article review Haystack article content search home page Details page Commentary published File Xadmin backstage Ckedit article editor Picture upload

  • Bootstrap 3 release


    To update New design and configurable themes In V3, we have adopted flat design. Let’s not talk about the trend – it can be completely customized. From our minimalist aesthetics, it also has configurable themes. See the examples here Mobile first and responsive Almost everything has been redesigned and created for handheld devices and scaling […]

  • How to win the Hackathon?


    The rummage team took part in the hacker marathon held by angel hack in March 2012, winning the championship of the west coast area of the United States, ranking second in the United States. Its founder Eugene Otto shared his experience of participating in the Hackathon on his blog. Let’s see what their secret is? […]