• Solution to flash problem of bootstrap modal


    The scenario here is that a JS method for modification and addition will eventually call $(‘# modalrowedit’). Modal (‘show ‘); button is used to add and modify the a tag. Modify label: < a onclick = “editrow (this)” data toggle = “modal” data target “>” modalrowedit “> Modify</a> // js function editRow(obj) { var colData […]

  • PHP combined with bootstrap and JS to realize the function of deleting, editing and searching student list


    This small project of our own will come to an end. There may be many more bugs. Excuse me Delete student function PHP: //Here is the URL from the front-end code HTML, which is obtained by $_get (see the home page for relevant HTML code and the previous blogs) If (empty ($_get [‘num ‘]) exit […]

  • Fast Start Bootstrap Vue


    Translator: Crazy Technology HouseOriginal: https://blog.logrocket.com/ge… Wechat Public Number: Front-end PioneerWelcome to pay attention and push you fresh front-end technology articles every day Vue.js is a popular JavaScript library for prototyping in a short time. This includes user interfaces, front-end applications, static web pages and native mobile applications. It is known for its easy-to-use grammar and […]