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  • Use the sestatus command to view the current status of SELinux


    The sestatus command is used to view the current status of SELinux running on the system. This article describes the detailed description of sestatus command output. The security context of the selected object and all Boolean values are displayed in sestatus Sestatus command output descriptionThe sestatus command displays SELinux enabled status. Additional information about SELinux […]

  • ES6 string extension method


    2019.05.27 10:14 1、 Substring identification Before ES6, judge whether the string contains substrings, and useindexOfMethod, ES6 adds a substring identification method.1、includes(): returns a Boolean value to determine whether a parameter string is found.2、startsWith(): returns a Boolean value to judge whether the parameter string is at the head of the original string.3、endsWith(): returns a Boolean value […]

  • The most rigorous Ajax request encapsulation


    1、 Encapsulating AjaxAjax, the most rigorous encapsulation, can copy references directlyajax.js function sendAjax(obj){ /First determine whether the URL is passed in if(!obj.url){ /No pass Throw new error (‘address required ‘) / throw custom error } /After the URL is passed in, you need to verify whether the URL is a string if(Object.prototype.toString.call(obj.url) !== ‘[object String]’){ […]

  • Conditions and cycles


    loop Go language only supports the circular keyword for for i := 0; i<5; i++ “>for i := 0; i<5; i++ Examples While conditional loop while(n<5) n := 0 for n < 5 { n++ fmt.Println(n) } “>n := 0 for n < 5 { n++ fmt.Println(n) } While infinite loop while(true) for { … […]

  • ES6 (personal study notes – Ruan Yifeng ES6)


    Link to the original text:Ruan Yifeng ecmascript6 introduction 1、 Introduction About Babel <script></script> 2、 Let and Const It’s too long.In brief, let.Compared with VaR, let has block level scope and local variable. Do not write in advance. Const statement cannot be changed later. 3、 Deconstruction and assignment of variables Deconstruction assignments can be applied not […]

  • JQuery tools and methods


    Collation of jQuery tools and methods Maybe some people say jQuery is out of date? But I’m going to tell you,There is no eternal library or framework, only the thought is the most precious, and it can also be combined with the game, that is, generation by generation version by generation God Summary of jQuery […]

  • Java basic syntax. 5 basic operators


    Basic operators Arithmetic operators: +, -, *, /,%, + +– Relational operators: >, =, < =, == instanceof Assignment operator:= Logical operators: & &, |,! Bitwise Operators Conditional operator Extended assignment operator Binary operator: the operator of two number operations When different operators output, if there is a long type, the output value is a […]

  • Front end date operations


    preface Although there are mature and easy-to-use libraries for date processing, such as (momentum JS and date FNS), sometimes we don’t need the whole library in actual development.So I sort out the various operations of date and time in front-end development, which is relatively complete. Some of them come from ourselves, and some from our […]

  • ES6 series 3: String extension


    The rookie official account of “Code tailor” provides technical information and a series of basic articles for front-end developers. WeChat pays close attention to the public address of “little and mountain rookie”, and gets the latest articles in time. preface Before learning, we would like to tell you that this article is an introduction to […]

  • Angular2 built in instruction


    From NG2 book 1.NgIf <div *ngIf=”false”></div> <!– never displayed –> <div *ngIf=”a > b”></div> <!– displayed if a is more than b –> <div *ngIf=”str === ‘yes'”></div> <!– displayed if str holds the string “yes” –> <div *ngIf=”myFunc()”></div> <!– displayed if myFunc returns a true value –> 2.NgSwitch When ngif judgment condition is too complex, […]

  • 3. Array. Standard library


    1. Number, string, Boolean Var a = number (1) — returns the number 1 Var B = string (false) —- return string ‘false’ Var C = Boolean (1) – ——– returns Boolean value true (5 false values: 0, Nan, ”, undefined, null) The above three declaration methods all return basic types var a = new […]

  • NSIS configuration item in electronic builder


    Use electron builder to package electron project, in which windows provides NSIS self-defined installation program. Oneclick = true Boolean – whether to create a one click setup or a secondary setup. Permachine = false Boolean – whether to display the setup mode setup page for the secondary setup (select by machine or by user). Or […]