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  • Play with Android (mmkv storage device)


    Reason for use: the multi-threaded value of shared preferences is invalid. A brother Xiong recommended using Xiangpiao mmkv storage sharp weapon, which won’t lose money. However, I played with the mentality of losing money. It’s really fragrant!! Mmkv advantages Using one of the zero copy technologiesmmapThe key value component of memory mapping can share the […]

  • Base-demo07 program readability 08 class variables, local variables, 09 modifiers. There is no order of precedence


    package base; public class Demo07 { public static void main(String[] args) { // int a,b,c; // int a=1,b=2,c=3; // Program readability String name =”xulei”; char x= ‘X’; double pi =3.14; } package base; public class Demo08 { //Class variable static static double salary = 2500; //Attributes: Variables //Instance variable: subordinate object; If you do not […]

  • 10 very easy to use laravel auxiliary functions


    Laravel contains various global helpers that you can use to make the development workflow easier. Here, I will list the 10 best laravel helpers, which make my development easier. They should also be considered when necessary. More auxiliary functions can be seenOfficial document of laravel array_dot() array_dot()Helper functions allow you to convert multidimensional arrays into […]

  • String in ES6


    String has always been the data with high usage in the programming language. Although the function is a first-class citizen in JS language, how can string be regarded as the second of the millennium? Let me discuss with you some new usage and features in ES6, especially in string splicing, which will liberate the eyes […]

  • JavaScript basic (2) operator


    Arithmetic operator Operators are also called operators, through which one or more values can be operatedFor example, typeof is an operator that can be used to obtain the type of a value. It returns the type of the value as a string. number string boolean undefined objectWhen operating on values of non number type, these […]

  • Boolean value of Python object


    Boolean value of the object Python all objects, all objects have a Boolean value ·Get the Boolean value of the object · use the built-in function bool() The Boolean value of the following object is false False ·Value 0 · None ·Empty symbol string ·Empty list ·Empty tuple ·Empty dictionary ·Empty set

  • How do I use semanage and avoid disabling SELinux?


    SELinux is challenging; When this security layer blocks your application or service, your first reaction is often to set it to “disable” or “allow”. At a time when security is crucial, you can’t make such changes, otherwise your whole system or network security is worrying. You don’t want that. Why not use tools that can […]

  • Set


    Set Set is similar to an array. The elements in the set set are not repeated. Find elements: it is slow to use indexof() or includes() to check the existence of elements in the array. Delete element: in set, you can delete an element by value. That is, in the array, the index based splice […]

  • JS writing specification


    JS variable naming Naming method Small hump naming Naming conventions The prefix should be a noun. (function names are prefixed with verbs to distinguish variables from functions) Naming suggestions Try to reflect the type in the variable name, such as length, count, etc., indicating the number type; The name and title are represented as string […]

  • Python data visualization: Pandas library, which can be realized in one line of code


    The text and pictures of this article come from the network, only for learning and communication, and do not have any commercial purpose. If you have any questions, please contact us in time for handling. The following article is an introduction to level 1 AI, written by little brother Wu Novices and Xiaobai who have […]

  • JavaScript data type conversion


    catalogue preface 1、 Force conversion 1. Other data types are converted to string Method 1: tostring() method Method 2: string() function 2. Other data types are converted to number Method 1: use the number() function Method 2: parseint() & parsefloat() 3. Other data types are converted to Boolean 2、 Automatic conversion 1. Automatically convert to […]

  • Use the sestatus command to view the current status of SELinux


    The sestatus command is used to view the current status of SELinux running on the system. This article describes the detailed description of sestatus command output. The security context of the selected object and all Boolean values are displayed in sestatus Sestatus command output descriptionThe sestatus command displays SELinux enabled status. Additional information about SELinux […]