• [programming deer] learning vue.js is enough


    1540394364528 Routing Vue router Scene simulation Now let’s implement this function: A page, including login and registration, click different buttons to switch the login and registration pages. Write parent component In order to make the next function more clear, let’s create a new folder: Src Then create a new HTML file as the entry: index. […]

  • Flexible use of ORM query in Sqlalchemy


    Before doing the query, I always thought it was convenient to spell SQL directly. After using Sqlalchemy’s ORM query, I found that it was OK and the readability was improved. This article mainly talks about the ORM query method commonly used by Sqlalchemy, which is more practical. After reading it, I think it can meet […]

  • Hand to hand integrated SSM framework


    preface If you read the previous articles, rightSpringandMyBatisIf you have a certain understanding, you must want to have a try. This article from 0 to 1, hand to hand integrationSSM (Spring、Spring MVC、MyBatis)。 This is the code, in the PC side to browse better, the source code at the end of the article [toc] Building HelloWorld […]

  • [boutique source code] small and exquisite online bookstore source code


    Project description Hi, everyone, today’s shared project is “small and beautiful online bookstore source code“. This system is developed by spring MVC + Spring + mybatis, with exquisite page design and comprehensive functions, including: User registrationUser loginLibrary managementBook list displayguest book Shopping CartOrder managementThis project is very suitable for beginners of SSM or graduation design! […]

  • A brief discussion on the application of “science distributed + Jingdong” as an example


    The example of “science distributed + Jingdong” Learning objectives: Distributed concept and usage scenarios On the elimination of duplication Discussion on the breakpoint continued climbing Distributed crawler writing process Based on sketch_ Distributed crawler of redis Environmental preparation: Download redis cli (client) and redis server (server) Install the other redis Desktop Manager visualizer Link:pan.baidu.com/s/1rl8IUY7Lq54aePT54…Extraction code: […]

  • Issue 17 – what is MySQL database? It’s enough to read this dry article!


    preface Why studyMySQLWhat about it? becauseMySQLIt’s the most popularRelational database management systemOne, inwebIn terms of application,MySQLIt’s the best software.MySQLUsedsqlLanguage is the most commonly used standardized language for accessing databases. Rest assured, read this content friends are suitable for: website development, software development or enthusiasts. 1. Introduction to MySQL What is a database? Database, which is […]

  • Django — model creation of multi table operation, one to many add records, many to many add, modify, delete records, many to many other APIs


    1Model creation of multi table operation 1. Book list, author list, author detail list, publishing list, (the third intermediate table) 2. Author and author details: it’s one-to-one. You can write the associated field on either side Books and publishers: one to many. Once the one to many relationship is established, the related fields are written […]

  • Learning from scratch (2) laravel integration swagger


    I was transferred from Java to PHP, and I started to learn PHP these two days. However, I started to build the larravel framework in three days because I was in a hurry. I just said that I knew it but I didn’t know why. It was equivalent to learning from scratch that the source […]

  • C / C + + project development: do library management system with C + +, Xiaobai can also learn!


    Today for you to introduce a commonly used management system – library management system, I hope you can personally practice it. Book information includes: login number, book name, author name, classification number, publishing unit, publishing time, price, etc. A book information management system is designed to provide the following functions: (1) Book information input function […]

  • Book: come on, it’s time to prove you love me!


    Project experience address: http://at.iunitv.cn/ Effect preview: Trivia: A lot of kids can’t learn from each other. In fact, they are honest. After all, there are still many benefits of reading: for example, it can let your brain radiate the light of wisdom, or it can give you reason to say that there is no girlfriend […]

  • Caution


    realExaminationdayPeriod:   2019 year  09 month  24  day Test report date:   2019  year  09 month  28 day   First,Experimental purpose Familiar with Oracle environment; Master and use PL-SQL to build basic database tables. Use PL / SQL developer to operate the database. Master SQL to establish relationship, add, delete and modify data. Two.Experimental environment Windows 10 professional Oracle […]

  • Oracle view


    Oracle view In project development, multi table query is sometimes used. There are many methods, such as association, such as view, but for query, view query is the fastest. If you have a lot of field information in your database, you need to query the whole table, such as two table query. We can extract […]