• 110_ SSM framework


    catalogue Demand analysis – > function design – > database design Environmental requirements environment requirement Database environment Basic environment construction Create Maven project pom. XML add dependency, add resource export Idea connection database Submit project to Git Create base package create profile db.properties mybatis-config.xml applicationContext.xml Create entity class Create mapper interface and mapper xml Register […]

  • Surprised! Xiuxian = programming??


    Hello, I’m Liang Xu. In my impression, the programming books we came into contact with are like this: After removing the reading attribute, such books can also be used to pad computer screens, pad table feet, cover instant noodles and smash product managers. In fact, they are necessary artifacts for home, travel and self-defense! The […]

  • Zero foundation wants to get started with Linux faster? Find the right way to make you less struggle for 10 years!


    Linux system is a set of operating system composed of Linux kernel and open source free software. It is a kind of UNIX system. Its kernel was first released by Linus tovaz on October 5, 1991. Its main features: Linux files are all files, completely open source and free, support multi-user and multi task, support […]

  • Graphic data structure pdf


    Data structure has always been a very important basic course in the field of computer science. In addition to students majoring in computer science, more and more other professionals also need to major in data structure. When programmers go to an interview, data structure is often a key topic. As developers, we must have a […]

  • Go language learning route is coming


    From time to time, people ask me some questions about go language learning route and learning resources. This article will talk about it in detail. I hope to give some help to those who are learning or want to learn go language. It should be noted that learning according to what I recommend, fully mastering […]

  • Suggestions for your C / C + + Learning Route


    *** Let me introduce you today~ C language is the first language that all people who learn programming should learn. Today, I will introduce the learning circuit of C language and subsequent programming language. I hope it will be helpful to you.   When we learn a language, we should not just follow the tide. […]

  • Spring framework and mybatis framework are integrated to solve the problem


    1. Title Description 2. Reference solution Bookcontroller.java under com.controller package package com.controller; import java.util.List; import org.springframework.beans.factory.annotation.Autowired; import org.springframework.stereotype.Controller; import com.dao.BookDao; import com.po.MyBook; @Controller(“bookController”) public class BookController { @Autowired private BookDao bookDao; public void test() { //Query a book record MyBook abook = bookDao.selectBookBySN(1); System.out.println(abook); System.out.println(“================”); //Add a book record MyBook addmb = new MyBook(); Addmb.setbookname […]

  • PHP learning route resource summary [continuous update]


    Related reading Mind map Article introduction Previously, I shared a thought map about PHP learning route, which has attracted everyone’s attention. A friend recommended sharing some relevant learning resources (learning articles, learning data or learning websites, etc.) according to the learning route. *** The resources involved can be obtained through my personal official account and […]

  • Recommend some resources for learning mysql


    preface: In daily work and learning, whether it is development, operation and maintenance, or testing, the learning of database is inevitable, and it is also one of the necessary technologies for daily work. In Internet companies, MySQL is the most widely used open source database. I believe the reason why you pay attention to me […]

  • Nodejs crawler captures ancient classics, a total of 16000 pages, experience summary and project sharing


    preface In the previous research data, I wrote some crawlers for data capture in a scattered way, but they were written casually. Many places don’t seem very reasonable now. I’m relatively idle during this period. I originally wanted to refactor the previous project.Later, using this weekend, I simply wrote a new project, Guwen spider. At […]

  • 10 Java practical books recommended by Alibaba P8 boss [must see for advanced Java development]


    As far as programmers are concerned, in addition to doing projects to improve their own technology, another way to improve their professional skills is:More! Look! Book!The ancients said that “reading breaks thousands of volumes and writing is like God”, “reading a book a hundred times shows its meaning”, and the famous saying of foreign friend […]

  • Daniel recommendation | seven books that Baidu technology Daniel is reading!


    Guide: February is coming to an end. Have you “skilled workers” completely adjusted from the holiday mode? In order to help you recharge quickly, we specially invited Baidu technology experts to recommend 7 good books at the bottom of the box to help you clear the pit,Spend the least time reading the most worthwhile book. […]