• Dandelion · jelly technology weekly Vol.09 stackhoverflow – 2020 annual report of developers


    ascend a height to enjoy a distant view The sea is a collection of relics, which can lead to thousands of miles Basic technology Stackoverflow 2020 developer Report The annual report of stack overflow, a technology Q & a community, counts 65000 developers from all over the world. There are several shocking numbers: JQuery is […]

  • Reworld role customization


    Custom model import 1. Insert the role model in the workspace 2. It can directly adjust the body color, body shape and body hanging point of the character You can also insert actions, tops, pants, shoes and expressions Your character’s bones are made up of 15 parts 3. Select the head to edit the head […]

  • [art topic] role model production specification


    Character bones and maps 1. Unit proportion requirements Before making a character, carefully compare the head body scale of the default character in the editor. You must match the editor’s basic bone. If the character is exaggerated, you can adjust it appropriately, but you must make it according to the acceptable range of the editor’s […]