• CSS tricks | skillfully realize the secondary bold and border of text


    This paper will explain how to implement it through an actual business requirement Text bold border effect in extreme scenes Text multi border effect Requirement background – Secondary bold text Today we have an interesting question: In the text display, the use offont-weight: boldBold the text, but I don’t think it’s thick enough. What can […]

  • Font bold and line feed in latex syntax block


    Font bold problem Use “\ mathbf {}” to bold the font in “{}”, as shown in the figure: Line feed problem Add “\ \” at the end of the line, as shown in the figure: y = x + 1\\adfca Latex blogging skills This work adoptsCC agreement, reprint must indicate the author and the link […]

  • Python No.13 exercise (shopping cart) statements while, for, list, etc


    # !/ Usr / bin / env Python # – * – Coding: UTF-8 – * – # Author: hugolinhj#ps: the character coding is UTF-8, and the font change code needs to be deleted for separate DOS operation# Exercise, define the list of goods, enter the balance (integer) for the customer, and deduct the amount […]

  • The first note of little zebra


    Let’s summarize my common usage of markdown As we all know, markdown is a lightweight markup language, which can usually be learned in the second grade of primary school. It is easy to use and suitable for taking notes. I will introduce its simple grammar below. (1) Title I’m heading number two. The label is […]

  • HTML and CSS design 01 — HTML framework and Tags


    HTML frames and Tags 1、 Framework 1. Set website Icon < link rel = “shortcut icon” a 2. Set the keywords and description of the website < meta name = “Keywords” content = “Keywords” > < meta name = “description” content = “description content” > 3. Writing scripts <script> ….. </script> 4. Writing style <style> […]

  • Oeasy teaches you to play with Linux 010207 matrix


    Let’s review What did we talk about in the last part? Steam locomotive sl Turn into a small locomotive-l Flying locomotive-f Let’s drive again sl Last time I wanted to see the matrix?! Matrix matrix `apt search matrix apt show cmatrix sudo apt install cmatrix ` Found a package called CMatrix It takes 2m to […]

  • The differences between HTML (006) – title and H1, B and strong, I and EM


    answer: ① Title is used for website information title, highlighting website title or keywords. A website can have multiple titles, and SEO weight is higher than H1; H1 summarizes the theme of the article, and it is better to use only one H1 for a page, and SEO weight is lower than title. Analysis: A. […]

  • Use markdown


    Typora should be the best artifact to use and see here.downloadYou can find it by installing Baidu. First title Enter a number and your text enter. That’s what it looks like The second introduction It’s a greater than sign>I am so handsome and unrestrained The third has a sequential list It’s input1.plusSpaceIt’s in order Fourth […]

  • My blog development (010)


    Through the background to operate on the text: such as bold, line feed, the method is as follows: Modify blog_ detail.html …… <ul class=”blog-info-description”>     <li>Author:{{ blog.author }}</li>     <li>Classification: < a http://www.url.com/blogs_ with_ type’ blog.blog_ type.pk %}”>{{ blog.blog_ type }}</a></li>     <li>Date of publication:{{ blog.created_ time|date:”Y-m-d H:n:s” }}</li> </ul> <div class=”blog-content”>{{ blog.content|safe }}</div> …… Enter admin, select […]

  • Introduction to markdown syntax


    objective The most basic and simple introduction to markdown’s syntax can meet the basic use in all aspects. explain There are two kinds of markdown syntax at present. I will choose one that I think is relatively simple in practice to make a brief introduction. If you need to check, you can read the end […]

  • Some basic knowledge about H5


      HTMLHyper text markup language means: hypertext markup language; HTML5 represents the fifth version of the fifth major revision of HTML (and HTML5 is the result of W3C and whatwg cooperation) Whatwg refers to the web hypertext application technology group, an organization established to promote the Internet HTML5 as the standard. In 2004, it was composed […]

  • Improve and perfect the tic tac toe, the official course of react


    Real tic tac toe tutorial address Improvements: Display the coordinates of each move in the game history list in the format of (column number, line number). Bold the currently selected item in the history list. Two loops are used to render the chessboard’s lattice, instead of hardcode. Add a button that displays history in ascending […]