• A female programmer had severe dysmenorrhea and had to ask for leave, but the female leader forced her to join the league construction! Isn’t League building voluntary?


    League construction is a “benefit” of every company, but many employees say they don’t want to enjoy this benefit. Most league construction projects are childish and repetitive. The process of league construction is boring. It’s better to have a good sleep at home. However, many companies force employees to participate in league construction, even regardless […]

  • Summary of main attributes of body tag


    Bgcolor = “text color” background = “background picture” Text = “text color” Color of hyperlink text In order to highlight the hyperlink, the hyperlink text usually uses a different color from other text, and a horizontal line is added at the bottom of the hyperlink text.The hyperlink text of HTML text has default colors, which […]

  • [caption] surface area of three-dimensional body leetcode


    Title: surface area of three dimensional body   On the ﹣ n * n ﹣ grid, we put some ﹣ 1 * 1 * 1 ﹣ cubes. Each value ﹣ v = grid [i] [J] indicates that ﹣ V cubes are stacked on the corresponding cells (I, J). Please return to the surface area of […]

  • HTML5 body setting adaptive full screen


    In what code? White background is not allowed because the height of the mobile phone is different The design drawing should be confirmed as the background map (through screen base map) application scenario: mobile terminal propaganda page or activity page Wrong writing: add to div and set min height with pictures, but the page will […]

  • Put frameset in body by iframe


    Because frameset and body are on the same level, you can’t put frameset in body. You can first put an iframe in a page and then direct to a page where frameset is placed Copy code The code is as follows: <body style=”width:100%;height:100%;overflow: hidden;border:none;margin:0″ > <iframe src=”<%=basePath%>pages/main.jsp” style=”width:100%;height:100%” frameBorder=”0″></iframe> </body>

  • Example of Python batch acquisition of body content in HTML


    Now there are a number of complete HTML pages about city cuisine, scenic spots and so on. We need to extract the contents of body from them. METHODS: The content of htmlbody tag was acquired by Python plug-in beautifulSoup and processed in batches. # -*- coding:utf8 -*- from bs4 import BeautifulSoup import os import os.path […]

  • Examples of Python requests. post with head and body


    As follows: # coding = utf-8 import requests import json host = “http://47.XX.XX.XX:30000″ endpoint=r”/api/v1/carXX/addCarXX” url = ”.join([host,endpoint]) headers = \ { “X-Member-Id”: “23832170000”, “X-Region”: “1100000”, “X-Channel”: “01”, “Content-Type”: “application/json;charset=UTF-8” } body = \ { “designerId”: “1111”, “itemQuantity”: 1, “sku”: “000100000” } r = requests.post(url,headers=headers,data=json.dumps(body)) #r = requests.post(url,headers=headers,json=body) print r.text print r.url The above example of […]

  • PHP Method of Obtaining HTTP Body Content


    Sometimes we need to parse the data according to the format in the header, such as uploading a JSON instead of a text. The concept of PHP input | output stream is used here. PHP provides miscellaneous input/output (IO) streams that allow access to PHP’s input/output streams, standard input/output and error descriptors, temporary file streams […]